Do daily the Kegel exercises as they are described in the following. According to the goal you have in mind, practice contractions of 10-30 seconds without relaxing deeply each time.

Practice also the controlled contractions correlated with relaxations; start with 100-150 per session, until you reach 300 per session, twice a week.

Keep in mind that in the beginning you may not be able to do as much as 100 contractions per session, and you must not become discouraged. Begin with 20 and set you goal to increase the number of contractions with each session of exercises.

Then continue to practice until you reach the number you need. Practice also a static “grasp”, until you will be able to keep a 60 seconds contraction without the relaxation of the pelvic muscles.

These are the classical contractions, and the rest of your practice is based on them. If you practiced these contractions previously, then you should go through them once more, to refresh your memory.

You can practice these movements in any position, but most likely you will find that the most comfortable position is when lying back.

Contract the pelvic muscles and keep the contraction for 3 to 5 seconds, then relax completely. Breathe and place a hand on the abdomen during the following contraction, to make sure the abdomen stays relaxed.

You can even insert a finger or two into the vagina to detect the movement, or you can place your palm on top of the vagina for the same purpose. Try to obtain 10 seconds contractions. Repeat this exercise for 15 to 20 times.

The most of the Kegel exercises prescribed by the doctors and psychotherapists recommend fewer contractions and the survey of the movement’s succession without variations and difficulties. This is only for the practical purposes they have in mind.

Since it is crucial that the women do these exercises, it is most likely that they will choose the short and easy ones. In such cases, something is better than nothing, but for the quick and significant strengthening of the pelvic muscles, a more “aggressive” series of exercises would be more appropriate and effective.

Consequently, the following variations of the standard Kegel exercises will ease your way to intense levels of pleasure during lovemaking.

During the first trimester it would help if you practiced the Kegel exercises lying back. After the fourth month, it is no longer recommendable to lay on your back, as this position can obstruct the fetus’ blood circulation, so it is better to practice these contractions on a chair or standing.

If you ever had an episiotomy, the Kegel exercises right after delivery practiced for at least 6 months will help you stimulate the circulation and to help regain the health and muscular tonus.

Do not get worried if you do not see the improvements right away. After delivery, this area is practically inert. The perineal sensations will appear gradually, after several weeks. For the other recovery exercises, seek the advice of specialists.