flammes-jumelles-5As any other art, the erotic art has its apprentice hood as well. Therefore, the first and very important step in any training is to understand the principles it is based upon.


Surprise! Now we will learn together nothing more and nothing less than some famous SEXercises!

First of all, ladies, you will learn how to contract your muscles. It sounds easy, but we can assure you it is not so. Many women hear this for the first time. They are as astonished as if one told them to move the tip of their nose.

Any woman may become an expert in the art of the contractions, but as any other muscles, the vaginal muscles also need persevering training in order to become more toned and dynamic.

Where are these muscles we discuss about? Close your eyes and imagine that you are now inside your vagina. Courage, allow yourself to do this at least in your imagination.

Go deeper now. There they are. They are circular, apt to perform very powerful movements. These muscles can be the source of unsuspected pleasures for both you and your lover.

Once you’ve learned the concentration on these muscles, you will be able to control them better. Constant repetition will help you memorize the path through which a certain muscle is activated or only a part of it.

Now contract your anal muscles as strongly as possible. Then contract your vagina as if you wanted to prevent something from coming out of it. Now contract your urethra as if you cannot urinate.

Then contract all these muscles in the same time. Make sure that the muscles of the buttocks and of the abdomen are relaxed.

If you find it difficult to find the muscles to contract, this is a sign that you are not yet very familiar with those muscles.

However, you may analyze your inner structure.

In the following, you will learn the classical contractions that a long-term training is based upon. They are the already famous Kegel contractions.

Master them and you will definitely master the art of lovemaking. Contract the pelvic muscles and remain like this for 5 seconds. Then relax these muscles completely.

Inhale deeply and place your hand on your abdomen during the following contraction. Thus you make sure that the abdomen is relaxed.

You may even insert one finger inside your vagina in order to detect the contraction of your intimate muscles. Try to obtain long contractions, up to ten seconds.

Begin with 15 repetitions of this exercise and then increase the number gradually, until you reach one hundred repetitions per day. You may perform these exercises in the morning, before getting up, or anytime during the day, even in the car or at work, in front of your boss.

Since it is crucial for a woman to perform these exercises, you may begin with short and easy movements.

These short and easy contractions are definitely better than nothing, but if you do aspire to a greater achievement, perform the exercises as we described them. And since the master is made by (S)exercise…get to work!