0053d442e37ebb51efd3be2ac5e0d790In his book “Love Play”, dr. David Devlin describes a region named by him the S area, at the vaginal opening. He also claims that the women reach orgasm much easier if this area is stimulated.


He even recommends certain techniques using the fingers to stimulate this area. If this theory is correct, the weakened muscles are the cause for a faint friction and consequently a faint interaction and faint pleasure by this stimulation.

The manual stimulation of this area might give a plus of sensations. However, this stimulation would be useless if the muscles would remain toned and tight.

There are other ways in which powerful pelvic muscles can improve the erotic sensations. When you are aroused, the flow of blood towards the clitoris is bigger, allowing you to have more intense sensations.

Consequently, during lovemaking an intense muscular activity leads to an increased flow of blood in the area and enhancement of all sensations.

Moreover, the more you are able to control your muscles, the easiest it will be for you to arrange your body in such a manner that you obtain maximum pleasure during lovemaking. You will be able also to control the intensity of the sensation, according to your own desire and needs.

The sexual exercises can:

  • Improve the traction during the intra-vaginal movements, for the stimulation of the C area.
  • To enhance the pleasure and the pressure in the case of using a condom.
  • To determine the pumping of blood in the vaginal area to increase the sensitivity.
  • To increase the sexual tension according to your desire
  • To decrease the sexual tension when you feel your lover comes closer to the point of non return
  • To make the old sexual positions more interesting
  • To eliminate the urinary incontinence
  • To help the recovery of the muscles and tissues after birth
  • To help the rejuvenation of aged tissue


The men will also benefit because of your stronger and trained sexual muscles. The penis is more stimulated by a tight vagina. And a firmer grasp of the vagina on the penis means a greater pressure during the rhythmical movements.

The various sexual positions are more relaxed or tighter. In sexual positions that open up the vagina due to the spread position of the legs, stronger sexual muscles can help the woman feel “filled” and can increase the friction and the pressure for the man.

Especially the persons who do not like to use condoms, as compared to the direct, unhindered contact, the increased muscular tonus can help build up the pressure.

The active contractions of these muscles especially during lovemaking using a condom can definitely enhance the erotic sensations of both lovers.

As we grow older, or we give birth or we comply to the western and sedentary way of life, or maybe all of these combined in various ways, the pelvic muscles may be considerably weakened, even in the case of relatively young women.

If your sexual muscles are weak and untrained, you will soon discover that after a while of practice your lovemaking becomes definitely improved.

Furthermore, even if your pelvic muscles are in a good shape, you will still have to benefit because of this practice. As in the case of any other muscle in the body, the tonus and strengthening can only have salutary results.

Performing these exercises before the manifestation of any problem, you can benefit of a good preventive “treatment”.