The English, for ARDHA is “half”, and CHANDRA is the name of the moon goddess. Consequently, ARDHA-CHANDRASANA may be approximated as the “pose of the crescent moon”.

This pose is a standing pose. The weight of the trunk and head determine a backward flexion of the spine, by means of the gravitational force, which helps and naturally enhances the flexibility of the spine.



  • Systematic practice of this asana restores perfect verticality to the spine, determining the correct position of the spine and the normal position of the pelvis. Thus, exaggerated curves of the spine are gradually eliminated.
  • Consequently, ARDHA-CHANDRASANA is one of the most efficient poses of backward flexion which realise correct verticality and static of the spine. It is not an accidental fact that this asana is integrated in SURYA NAMASKARA, “The Sun Salute.”
  • ARDHA-CHANDRASANA is a great help in learning the correct bodily attitude which eases and cures disorders of the spine.
  • The practice of this asana determines the irrigation of the spine and the two chains of ganglions belonging to the sympathetic nervous system, and which are placed on both sides of the spine. This is the process by which numerous functional disorders and organic lesions are cured.
  • The abdominal muscles becomes stronger and consequently the waist is thinner.
  • Pregnant women will benefit from the practice of this asana, as it guarantees an almost painless labour.