The English for the Sanskrit SIMHA is lion. Simhasana is consequently the lion pose.
Symbolically, the roaring lion reveals the mysteries of Life. The lion is glorified under different forms in all traditional Eastern texts. In India, for example, it represents both the country and the people.

The lion is generally considered as the noblest and the strongest, an example of virtue, greatness, fidelity and morality.

It is rightfully considered the king of the animals.

It also represents the image of the father, of paternal power and also of the Supreme Divine Force, God.

Every human being has to deal with the impetuosity, ferocity and dynamism of its own “animal” nature in interaction with pure love and devotion.
The practice of this asana sublimates the “animal” nature, the human being is thus able to discover his/her profound, supreme nature.

The practice of this asana endows the practitioner with the psychic, moral and spiritual force he/she needs in order to easily overcome the brutal forces and the animalc passions he/she might still have. From a spiritual point of view, this asana may be said to confer a great inner discrimination, easily discerning between the false and the true.

This pose makes the practitioner resonate with the essential characteristics of the lion: virtue, greatness and courage!





It acts efficiently on the muscles of the neck, face, and jaw. The focus of the eyes towards the middle of the forehead determines a harmonious development of the muscles of the ocular globes, and at the same time this area is flooded with an additional flow of blood, determining the regeneration of the optical nerves. This kind of look sharpens the eyesight and improves their state of health.
The practice of this asana progressively establishes a good function of the thyroid, but it is forbidden in cases of hyperthyroidism.
The imitation of yawning, through the opening of the mouth induces a state of relaxation shortly after.
The stretching of the tongue acts on the pharynx-plexus, and on the vocal cords, rendering a sweet tonality to the voice.
Its practice restores the elasticity to the ankles, hips and knees, and the dorsal area is relaxed and elasticized.
The genitalia regain their good functioning. Through the practice of this asana, virility is highly amplified and the sexual efficiency is also higher.
Through its practice, you may also achieve a better degree of control and mastery to what sexual continence is concerned.
It cures flu and cold.
It is recommended that shy persons practice this asana, as it awakens and increases courage.

The great contemporary Yogi said about Simhasana: “the body of its practitioner will radiate a strong energy, like that of a lion. And just as the lion, one of the most powerful and courageous beings, yet self-disciplined, the yogi practitioner of this asana will develop his/her strength and virility. They will soon become more in control of themselves and more disciplined in their actions as well as reactions.”

The famous yogic treatise the GHERANDHA SAMHITA states: “Simhasana was often praised by the enlightened yogis as it helps in the practice of the three fundamental contractions in Yoga – MULA BANDHA, JALANDARA BANDHA and UDDIYANA BANDHA, and it guarantees the appearance and strengthening of the paranormal capacities (SIDDHI).”

This asana has as fundamental effect the destruction of the ego.
It annihilates the vanity, gradually awakening pure love and devotion.
Through the practice of this asana the perseverant practitioner will find physical, psychical, and spiritual balance, gaining at the same time strength, inner force, self-confidence and sense of duty.
From a “subtle” point of view, the practice of this asana generates fidelity, devotion and humility in the practitioner.