In Sanskrit, Bujanga means cobra. Thus, the translation of the term Bhujangasana is the “posture of the cobra”. Its name derives from the resemblance of this asana with the position of the cobra when it is ready to attack.

This asana keeps the spine flexible and young. It rapidly eliminates hunchback, pains in the back, lumbago crisis, mialgia, etc.

Its perseverent practice brings to normal misplaced vertebras and ameliorates the irrigation of the spine and of the two rows of ganglions belonging to sympatic nervous system. Thus, this asana cures many functional disorders and even organic lesions.

The function of the thyroid and suprarenal capsules is normalised, causing benefits in certain cases of rheumatism.

This asana eliminates constipation, relieves indigestion and intestinal gas.

Liver, bile, pancreas, spleen, kidneys are favoured by this posture.

It also strengthens the uterus and eggs in the case of women, relieving menstrual pain and curing the lack of menstruation and dismenorea, as well as other genital disorders.

The practice of this asana makes a thin waist, develops harmoniously the muscles of the back and reduces fat. The body has wonderful proportions.

From a psychic point of view the practice of this asana: eliminates the feelings of uncertainty and inferiority, generates a tonic, spiritual, confident, loving attitude.

This asana awakens the fundamental energy of the human being, Kundalini.