In translation VAJRA means literally “Lightning”. So you might say that it means, “The position of thunder” or “The position of lightning”. In other Yogi texts it is also known as “the position of the diamond”.

GHERANDA SAMHITA says, in chapter II, sutra 12, “VAJRASANA, which is realized by maintaining your legs on both sides of your anus, makes your hips as diamonds and gives many powers and paranormal abilities (SIDDHIS) to the yogi who uses it”.







  • Due to a mutual interaction of the two force centers this position lets us free a state of MIND INTO YOUR HEART and one of HEART INTO YOUR MIND.
  • By simultaneously and equally stimulating Ajna and Anahata you will perceive an extraordinary state of huge inner force. This is because you put together the energies of the two force centers.
  • When there is no pain, later on, when this position is “stable and comfortable”, Vajrasana can help you as the fundament for focus exercises (DHARANA), meditation exercises (DHYANA) or breathing exercises (PRANAYAMA). It can even replace PADMASANA (the lotus position) or SIDHASANA (the perfect position) if they are not completely comfortable for a long time.
  • Compressing the leg muscles stops considerably the blood from flowing through your legs. Thus the blood that was supposed to go through you legs is sent to the abdominal organs. It will influence the digestive cavity. SWAMI SIVANANDA recommends this position to the ones with dyspepsia, hepatic affections or digestive disturbing.
  • It is also recommended to all those who have to stand a lot because of their job. It will heal rheumatic affections and also the gout. It is indicated to the ones with flat feet. It eliminates heel aches because it leads to stretching the ankles and feet. Legs and thighs’ nerves and muscles are enhanced. The myalgia (muscular pain in legs and thighs) will shortly and miraculously disappears.
  • Vajrasana brings back the equilibrium to the status of the backbone. It regenerates and relaxes the lumbar area of the back. MERU DANDA (the vital axe of the being), also called the backbone, becomes thus firm and strong. The sciatica is gradually eliminated.
  • Due to the pelvis’ position, of the lumbar and sacral area, and also to the subtle energetic circulation from the inferior area of the belly, Vajrasana contributes to eliminating certain disturbing characteristics of the period or of the menopause (in women’s case). It also leads to irrigating the gonads and producing male hormones (in men’s case). Thus this position has an important role in maintaining a normal sexual activity, without tension and super – excitement.
  • The ones who will use this position long enough will have a firm attitude.
  • The practice of Vajrasana stimulates beneficially the point (KANDA) where the 72000 NADIS of being come from.
  • This position can be practiced even immediately after meals. Along with profound breaths Vajrasana secures an excellent and very easy digestion. Only 10 minutes of Vajrasana, after each meal, are enough to accelerate your digestion. (The subtle explanation of this phenomenon is in relation with the direction of the flow of the subtle energy). Immediately after you eat, the flow of energies through NADIS is most commonly oriented downwards. Vajrasana inverses this circulation and turns it upwards and thus accelerates digestion).
  • This position is extremely useful for the ones who have the tendency of sleeping too much. By practicing it you reduce considerably the period of sleeping time. It is useful to those who work late at nigh too.
  • Your body becomes strong and firm by practicing Vajrasana. Because of that Yogis have called it the diamond position.