ETYMOLOGY: VATA is an Ayurvedic term used for the description of the expulsion of air through different orifices of the body.

Such toxic gas may disturb the body generating headache, stomachache, pain in the area of the heart, as well as aches of the muscles or of the bones.

In some traditional writings, VATTA has the same meaning with Pavana, although this latter means ‘wind’. ‘PAVANA’ is a term used in yogic writings referring to the elimination of the gases through the rectum.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: This asana may be performed by anybody, be it a child, woman, old person. The famous yogi DIRENDRA BRAHMACHARY mentions:
‘VATAYANASANA appears to many as being a simple asana, but in fact its occult mysteries are mastered only by those who practice systematically, under the direct guidance of an authentic GURU.’