“Here, in this body, there are the sacred rivers. Here lie the sun and the moon and also all the holy pilgrimage places. I have never met another temple fuller with happiness as my own body.”

Saraha Doha


The physical body represents the temple of the spirit, a true microcosm, the copy of the entire Universe. Inside this temple there can be identified all the cosmic principles. The Tantrism teaches us that there is no temple more sacred than the “Temple of the Body”.

Inside the body there are five elements: space, air, water, fire and earth, along with their properties. This temple of the body has its own “gardens”, “rivers”, “sanctuaries” and “gates”. By definition the temple represents a place of adoration, dedicated to God.

But God, according to the Tantric learning, represents our Supreme Self that has to be known and adored in the body-temple.

Tantra also teaches us that there are nine “gates” to the temple of the body. They lie in the upper and in the lower parts of the body. “The lower gates” are the anal orifice and the one of the sexual organ.

“The upper gates” are the mouth, the nose, the eyes, the ears and the opening from the top of the head (fontanel). The fontanel is clearly visible at the moment of birth as a little hole, but it closes up gradually during the first year of living.

The esoteric Eastern tradition says that this hole under the scalp, also called as “The Brahma‘s Gate”, is the place where the Spirit goes in and out the Temple of the Body. Though the spirit in its successive subtle journeys can use other gates, the one that lies on top of the head leads always to the high spiritual level.

The Temple of the Subtle Body contains three main “rivers” and other affluent one flows from them. The Great River or the “psychical channel” starts from the inferior gate region, the perineum. It goes up the spine to the high gate situated on top of the head. This channel is also called the Great Axe, the Meru Sacred Mountain or the Great Way. It connects the human to the universe.

On each part of the Great River there are other two “rivers” that spring from the same source and go to the superior gates. They are associated with solar energies and lunar energies; on the right side of the Central Channel is the channel through which the solar energies flow and on the left side of the Central Channel is the channel through which the lunar energies flow.

They are represented as spiral lines round the Great River just like two snakes surround a tree trunk. This symbol is known as the caduceus, or the “Mercury Sceptre”. It was used as a symbol by modern medicine.

The adoring of the Body Temple consists in focusing the attention in order to guide the sexual energy along the spine towards the crown. This evolutionary process is experienced as an ecstatic thrill. It goes up from the sexual region and lights up the solar plexus.

The fire of love floods the three rivers and the solar and lunar energies get together and, in this way, enlighten the entire temple. This psychic and cosmic process also looks like an ecstatic emotion that words cannot describe.

By understanding the psychic ways, the sexual experience can become a real force. By practicing the Tantric techniques the human can experience consciously the orgasm and the transcendental bliss.
It is extremely important to see the body exactly as a temple.

This temple of the body must be kept clean, healthy and harmonious. Thus he shows respect to the God inside. Do not be afraid to go as far as you can to visualize your body as a temple. Sincere adoration represents, first of all, a spontaneous and total act of love.

Such an act of adoring, during intercourse, will make all your desires become real. One of the cardinal principles of Tantra is that love is an act of great magical and spiritual potency.

“When my lover comes back home I will turn my body into a Temple of Joy. I will give him this body as an altar of happiness and I will clean him totally with my long hair. Then my lover will dedicate this temple to divine love.”

Vaishnav Baul’s Song