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A man focused on sexual continence controls and transforms the sexual energy into subtler, psychosomatic energy that spreads through the body.

This process stops the physical forming and manifestation of the sperm. Pranayama helps the sublimation of the sexual energy and its transformation into psychosomatic energy that spreads through the body, helping the access to elevated states of consciousness.

This process of control of the prana, mind and sexual energy ultimately leads to the awakening of the fundamental energy, Kundalini Shakti and its rising to the upper chakras.

A healthy person breathes in and out about 21,600 times a day. Regular breath comes out of the body at about 16 widths of fingers from the body.

During walking, sleep, sexual intercourse, etc, one may perceive breath at about 20, 24 and respectively 30 widths of fingers. Violent physical exercises make this distance about 96 widths of fingers.

When this distance of the breath out of the body stays in the regular limit, that person will benefit of a long and healthy life. If the breath goes beyond that distance, the person in question will life less.

Minerals, vegetal bodies, and animals are made of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen. Of all these, the most important is the oxygen. Usually, the air we inhale has 21% oxygen. The air we exhale has only 12% oxygen.

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Usually we use only 1/6 of our lungs’ capacity. And especially the upper parts of the lungs are left unused. Pranayama may help develop the maximum capacity of the lungs activating areas that are usually inactive.

Activating the lungs to their maximum capacity may help a person gain immense vitality and force, as well as excellent health.

The great majority of the people breathe irregularly, and we may add even erratic/chaotic.

The breath is different in the case of men, women, young and old. Irregularities in the diet generate irregularities in the process of breathing.

Fear, anxiety, tension, passion, violent emotions, diseases, troubles of all kinds, lead to a superficial, erratic breath. These things affect directly the breath, determining an abnormal flow of the prana.

The unbalanced prance energy will circulate through the nadis and will determine chaotic lung movements, which in their turn will influence the breath changing it into an irregular process.

Consequently, an irregular breath is the sign of an unbalanced activity of the energies. A person with regular prana circulation is safe from any diseases. Diseases are in fact energy unbalances manifested at the level of the physical body.

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The control of the prana through the nadis will make the breath and the lungs’ movements regular and under control. Moreover, if the breath becomes regular, the flow of prana circulating through the nadis will become regular.

Pranayama gives us the tools to normalize and to control the breath in order to reach physical, energetic, and subtle purification.

Such purification leads to mental control and balance of the energies from each level of manifestation: vital, sexual, volitional, affective, intuitive, mental and spiritual.


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