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The control of the pranic currents of energy, their direction through Sushumna nadi grants the practitioner the capacity of controlling the mind and thoughts.

Through the control of the mind, prana, and also through the purification of the nadis, the practitioner may easily sublimate the sexual energy.

Pranayama teaches us the perfect control over the mind and thoughts, and consequently the control of the currents of energy that flow through the nadis.

The thoughts and desires are pranic manifestations that are more subtle than the currents of energy flowing through the nadis. Through the control of the breath we may achieve the control of the subtle currents of energy, and of the nadis.

Controlling the nadis, we may then control our thoughts and desires, and the control of our thoughts and desires is crucial in controlling our minds.

The control of the mind and of the prana is an essential condition for sublimating the energies from the vital and sexual levels to the levels of volition, affection, mind, and spirit.

We may assimilate the example of the breath in a living organism to the wheel of a car. The network of the nadis, the mind, thoughts and wishes may be compared to the finest devices of a sophisticated machinery.

Whenever the wheel turns to right or left, the whole car turns that direction. This is a good analogy for exemplifying the relationship between breath and the other bodily functions.

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The most “obvious” proof for the presence of the prana in the process of breathing is the movement of the lungs in the process of breathing. If this function ceases, all other functions of the body cease as well.

You can control your inner forces and energies through the control of the prana. The focus and direction of the prana is a necessity for the balance of the energy, including even techniques for the direction of the excessive prana to other areas lacking is known by the name of pranayama.

Any imbalance in the prana, be it excessive or lacking facilitates the appearance of all kinds of diseases and affections. An even distribution of the prana in the body usually guarantees the slowing down of the aging and degenerative processes.

The purification of the nadis is compulsory for having a healthy body, and a clear mind. You may easily obtain this purification of the body, mind and nadis through pranayama.

It is also important that you are aware of the fact that all impurities present in the physical, mental and ethereal bodies makes the processes of transmuting and sublimating the vital energy more difficult.

The sexual energy is a huge force of the human being. The sexual potential is in fact the deposit of an immense reserve of energy. A person should transform this energy and then sublimate the resulting energy to the superior level.

One should preserve the sexual energy and convert it into refined forms of energy for spiritual purposes, instead of wasting it through ejaculation.

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Once the tensions, obsessions, and stresses originated in the various imbalances of the prana are released, the mind is freed from its strongest attachment.

It is very important to know that mind, prana and sexual energy are in close connection and interaction, influencing one another.

The control of prana-vayu leads to the purification and the control of sexual energy and of the mind. Likewise, when the sexual energy is under control the mind and the prana can be easily controlled.

The seed, the sperm is spread all through the organism, in a subtle way. Influencing sexual desires, thoughts, and actions meant to satisfy one’s libido determines the prana to transform into seed and be located at the level of the sexual organs.


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