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First of all, pay close attention to the place in which you are about to practice pranayama, to your diet and to the behavior you need to have in order to obtain the promised effects of this technique.

The place should be nice, pleasant, even, and neither too high nor too low. Do not go into the wilderness, as you might get anxious because of this.

Also, chose a place that is protected, so that you will not have to deal with wild animals. Also avoid the bank of a river, or a crowded area, or a waterfall, or a windy place.

All these places might prove frightful, or induce a state of anxiety that is not desirable when attempting to practice pranayama.

Pranayama is a practice for the quiet mind. Consequently, the place should be pleasant to the eye and relaxing for the mind.

If possible, you may also practice pranayama in a special ventilated, room, destined for this practice alone. Keep this room always clean, pure, holly, without dust, dirt, smoke, or various insects.

When entering that room, clear any negative, disturbing thoughts and always wear clean clothes. This spiritual atmosphere that we created inside this room will help us in our spiritual practice and will automatically elevate our inner energetic vibration.

Tantra Magazine

Such a purified environment will have the power to calm your mind, to influence it in a beneficial manner, and to direct our energy towards refined, elevated aspects of the universe.

The food should be pure, natural and nutritious. You should eat it not too warm, neither too cold, hot, spicy, sour, bitter, or sweet. Eat slowly, chewing each bite until it becomes almost liquid.

Also do not eat too much, as you should fill your stomach half with food, a quarter with water and the remaining quarter should stay empty. This is the correct way of eating according to the rules of the yogic system.

As an important rule, do not leave the stomach without any food for more than 3 or 4 hours, because if there is nothing in the stomach to nourish the gastric fire amplified through the pranayama, this will affect your health.

Consequently, if you decide to begin your pranayama practice, you should also consider eating nutritious meals every 3 or 4 hours.

Behavior: avoid feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, lethargy, dizziness, and too much or too little sleep. Be consistent and methodic in organizing your work, practice and rest.

Avoid futile discussions, the company of perverted people. Avoid also walk a lot and too many exhausting physical exercises, to keep in good shape.

Tantra Magazine

Practice simultaneously and rigorously the sexual continence during the time when you prepare for the awakening, increasing and control of the sexual energy through pranayama.

In case you find it impossible to abstain from ejaculation (in men’s case) and “normal” orgasm (in women’s case), you should definitely try a period of sexual abstinence.

If these rules are not observed thoroughly, the practice of pranayama is dangerous and you will know failure in your attempts. In such a case, instead of helping you, the practice of pranayama is quite dangerous.

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