Masculine Zodiac – Aries & Taurus

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
The ruling planet is Mars. The man born under this sign usually has great muscles, and is very resistant.

His penis, although is far from having amazing proportions, is endowed with the ambition of developing the most extraordinary strategies. One can note its proverbial impetuousness in the erotic affairs.

The native man of this sign is magnetic and approaches all the problems of life frankly and directly. The same tendencies are valid in the erotic aspects of his life. He is aiming at the target, because all he cares about is the result.

Tenderness and its ways of expression are agreeable, yet they are not necessary. If a person produces as much as a hint to laziness, he becomes irascible.

He goes over the “preliminaries” without paying a special attention, even manifesting anxiousness, restlessness.

He is the kind of man who prefers to enter the battlefield right away, without wasting any time on preparations and strategies.

Usually, the native of this sign has a paternal attitude towards his lovers, but when appropriately stimulated, he gets straight to the core of things. Then, lovemaking becomes a well-established strategy, always accompanied by impressive physical effort.

Although he will never admit it, not even to himself, the Aries man is sometimes the victim of crises of power, due to frustrations at work or in his love life. In the later situation, he will always tend to blame his lover for his own mistakes and limitations.

He does not like aggressive women, yet he is quite fond of an active, dynamic response. He simply loves to see the obstacles going down before him, one by one. He also prefers to have the initiative and to have the control during lovemaking.

One cannot say that an Aries man is masochistic, yet he rejoices at the sight of his biting marks or scratches, considering them as the sweet wounds of the “battle” in which he is, of course, the absolute winner.

The sight offers an Aries the most powerful erotic sensations, but all the methods are appropriate to bring him to orgasm, a state that he experiences in an explosive manner.

The ideal woman: the Sagittarius women fascinate the native of Aries. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius woman will have to oppose the Aries enough to attract and stimulate him with her resistance.

Once a bond created, the Sagittarius woman will be able to response to his passionate aptitudes with great sensuality and ardour. The Pisces woman can also enflame an Aries. She is capable of adapting very easily to his desires.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
Dominating planet: Venus.

The man born under the constellation of the Taurus is well built, proportioned, with a powerful neck and shoulders, and a vigorous penis that he uses with tact and intelligence.

The Taurus symbolizes the physical force and yet emotionally he is affectionate, kind, and gentle as a baby. The Taurus is a man full of originality and sensuality, and his body is a gigantic erogenous area, sensitive to the tenderest stimulation.

During lovemaking, he likes the most the touch, caress, but the perfumes and odours from the room of from his lovers hair and body have great importance. His affectionate nature is doubled by his resistance and tenacity, and his force is doubled by his patience.

He begins to make love as slowly as a turtle, only to end lovemaking with the energy of a genuine bull. He experiences the sensations of lovemaking intensely, yet he is not the “prey” of his emotions.

On the other hand, you may be interested in the fact that once you started a Taurus, you cannot stop him easily. In other words, you are facing hours on end of pleasure, love, and tenderness.

However, as his lover, you need to be endowed with the art of awakening him form an erotic point of view, in order to be able to savour afterwards the fruits of your attempt.

The sexual desire of a Taurus is constant, and no incident from the social sphere can influence it. However, despite these exceptional qualities, he does have the tendency to establish certain rules in lovemaking, in rhythm, caresses, or erotic positions.

The not so good news is that it may happen that he is inflexible on the above-mentioned points he clearly established. This factor of stability makes him a faithful, but possessive lover.

He has an exceptional appetite and he might want to eat either before or after lovemaking, sometimes even in both cases, so be prepared. The native of Taurus is always an excellent lover.

The ideal woman: the Scorpion woman irresistibly attracts the Taurus. Together they can start erotic fireworks for real. The Cancer woman also appreciates the sensuality of the Taurus and is capable of answering back just as he likes it. Because of his faithfulness, a Taurus man may spend an entire lifetime with a Scorpion or Cancer woman, preferably in bed.