Masculine Zodiac – Scorpio, Part 1

Ruled by Pluto, your lover belongs to the most complex water sign of the zodiac. However, before accepting to be his half, you need to make sure that he has reached maturity.

Regardless of his witness, charm, and amazing lovemaking skills, you would most surely regret immensely if your lover would be emotionally of about 12 years old. If you are lucky and your Scorpio is an evolved soul, then you have fond a man who has strikingly powerful purpose and control in his life.

Nonetheless, if he still has some karma-ic lessons to learn, you have to expect breath-taking extremes, which can lift you up to the skies and then crush you down to the ground. The saying goes that the Scorpio is either a saint or a sinner.

Think only that he is even capable of stinging himself deadly with his own needle. This example clearly shows the dangerous extremes to which your lover may get. Also, consider that a vulture symbolizes the passionate Scorpio.

Meditate on the unbelievable image of the Phoenix bird coming out and up its own ashes and regenerating. Regardless of his self-destructiveness, your Scorpio is always capable of rebirth and can spread his wings and embark into adventurous flights, even if they may seem on the verge of disaster.

Even when your lover is up in the skies or down on the ground, you should expect from him nothing less than his entire being.

You need very intense experiences in order to satisfy the Scorpios powerful appetite, and you need to be a very powerful woman in order to satisfy his hunger of love and lovemaking. By the way, did you know that the Scorpio is renowned as the sex sign?

This also means that the Scorpio will not be satisfied with a half-relationship or half-commitment from you.

If you have what it takes to satisfy a Scorpio, then be ready to give him everything. Then give him a dream, and another, and again everything it takes for him to look deeply into your eyes with that hypnotizing and breath-taking gaze.


The answer to this question is a woman who does not have hesitations in her life, who is ready to taste any pleasure, any sensation, because this is what the Scorpio really wants.

Moreover, he is not an easy person to impress. You will need more than a good game to keep his attention alert to you. In addition, the Scorpios private life is very important to him. He surely appreciates a woman who can keep the intimacy of their private life for herself.

Do you think your relationship is fascinating enough to interest you? Then you should restrain from telling it to someone else. The more he will be sure he can confide in you and reveal himself to you, the more he will open up to you.

The last thing your lover wants is someone who really believes he can be changed. Do you want him to quit smoking or drinking? Do his manners really and badly need improvement? He could not iron a shirt and remove the stains on it before meeting your mom?

Well, if this is the case, do not interfere with his habits, because the Scorpio will interpret this action as a brutal attack and when he feels he is attacked, he will ferociously fight you back.

Suggest him once the changes you would like, or maybe twice, and then drop it. The moment you become a missionary, or even worse a nagging woman waiting for him at home, this is definitely be the end of your relationship.

Remember also that your lover is so secretive to the point of being mysterious. This is the image he tends to create about himself; he likes dark corners and shadowy places in which he can hide.

You will have to bite your tongue and wait until he is ready to trust you. If you try to dig to deep into the past, he will only feel frustrated, no matter how nicely you do it.

The Scorpio man is the man who belongs to one woman only. If you did not discover so far, your lover is a very jealous man and very possessive as well. He would be able to paint his initials on the insides of your thighs, if the thought would cross his mind.

He is definitely the man you just want to fool around, if you know what we mean. If you might think about flirting a little with someone else, at a party, just to make him jealous, you would better forget this idea and not play this game, because the Scorpio man will hurt you much more than you could possibly bear.

He will strike back with such accuracy, that you would think he used to be a surgeon. it is better thus to tell him that you are his lover, and that no man, regardless of his overwhelming and impressive qualities, will ever be able to get close to you.