Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius, Part 2

Now it is the time for a truth test. Are you really a non-conformist person as your Aquarius wants, or you are secretly scared by the romantic rebellions that say “the rules were made to be broken”?

Deep down, your Aquarius lover is this type of person and if you do not have what it takes to plug into his system, or at least to give him the big cheer he needs, you might prove too mild to capture his interest.

Next question: Are you open towards new ways of thinking in your personal life? The Aquarius has read hundreds of books on metaphysics. Just mention the word occult and you will see the sparkle in his eyes. All that is new and strange is fascinating to him, not at all scary.

Do you also have this type of tireless curiosity, or do you find that traditional ways are more comfortable, while you slip into your nightgown? Get ready for this game named “what if”. The subject may be philosophy, religion, or even the colour of your hair.

Keep in mind that this man has the sense of adventure, he knows to find and see for himself how different and exciting life can be. Only faith or chance can provide the money he needs to explore the world and its fascinating psychic as he would like to.mild

He will always dream of “what if”?. And now is the time for the Aquarius to add “what if not” to the “what if”? at this point he will start to express a different opinion from what other people usually believe and this disturbs them.

The Aquarius man loves landscapes never touched by the mans foot, wild and perfect in their primitive beauty. The places where they often wander are the deserts. A week or a month in the south-west of the American continent is what his fantasy asks for.

You can head for the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, and you can definitely try this place especially if you have never been here. This unbelievable landscape offers you more than a chance to feel very sensuous.

What could be better to ensure your lover of well-planned unique experiences that will touch both your souls? The magic in the earth is a magnet that will draw the two of you closer together.

The Aquarius is an amateur of new experiences. And there is no better guide in erotic experiences than the Kama Sutra. In the candle-light intimacy of your bedroom or any other room of your house, play some suave music of Hindu flute and have at hand pillows and body-oil.

The thought alone of an unusual, extraordinary experience is enough for your Aquarius lover to get excited. Looking at your reflexion in the mirror, in the candle light will give your Aquarius the feeling of something forbidden.

Now it is time to take the oil and slowly rub it on your breasts while he watches you in the mirror. Rub the oil on your abdomen, go lower, in between your legs, then bend over and oil your toes and your thighs.

Next take his sensitive jewels and massage them with your oily hands. Now follows the part that separates the girls from the women who truly understand the erotic aspect of life. Take the perfume and pour a few drops on your fingers. Let your hand slide slowly in between your legs.

Spread your legs and let your intimate sensitive part come closer to his face. Support your weight on your hands and then let your body slide down, on his chest. At this point, you can touch him, like a gentle massage all over, with your precious feminity.

Do lower, on the abdomen and let the anticipation of what is about to come get all over him. Move slowly and while you feel his penis almost ready to penetrate you, go lower.

Now wrap your legs around him. Take your time; savour the moment and not necessarily the movement. In this position, the ideal would be to feel him inside of you, not only physically, but also spiritually.

The moment is almost meditative. In this position your can use your muscles to squeeze him like in a clench. In order to obtain the correct effect, you will have to try hard.

This thought alone should determine you to cancel all invitations for the following month. If you are a meticulous student, and practice real hard and dedicated, one day you will manage to obtain the correct effect and thus you can graduate and become an expert. This way you can transmute your sexual energy and then sublimate it along the spine, to the crown of the head.