Love Nuances and the Main Powers of the Signs

In every Zodiacal Sign love is reflected in a particular way. Let’s see how:

ARIES: love at first sight (flashing love)

TAURUS: sensual, stable love

GEMINI: ‘teenage’ love

CANCER: intimate love (the joy of being together)

LEO: protective, kind-hearted love

VIRGO: pure, platonic love

LIBRA: soul-to-soul love (love for love’s sake)

SCORPIO: deep, passionate love

SAGITTARIUS: spiritualised love

CAPRICORN: responsible, mature love (love as conscious assumption)

AQUARIUS: friendly, detached love

PISCES: compassionate, mystic love

Knowing the sign of our lover, we can learn another aspect of the Divine Love, which overflow through all of us and understand that we are only a part of a big Whole.

Also every sign has a main power, expression of its main inner nature. So let’s see now the fields in which every zodiacal sign manifests its power:

ARIES: power to begin an action

TAURUS: power to support

GEMINI: power to communicate

CANCER: power to feel

LEO: power to rule

VIRGO: power to analyse

LIBRA: power to harmonize

SCORPIO: power to transform

SAGITTARIUS: power to spiritually guide

CAPRICORN: power to organize, power of detachment

AQUARIUS: power of knowledge

PISCES: power of faith and Divine sacrifice

These powers are (briefly speaking) the Divine gifts of each sign. We can learn from our beloved and friends these lessons, becoming complete in our knowledge, more powerful (in a Divine sense), more affectionate.

We have to understand these powers of the signs and also we have to understand the way other people will love us so as we can have more profound and close-to-God relationships.