Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius & Pisces


Your Aquarius lover loves the latest news, but we are not talking about latest inventions in kitchen robots. This man is thirsty for anything that will bring him new exciting sensations.

To obtain this, you need to take a walk into a shop where you never dreamed of setting foot. Your destination is one of those places where they sell black leather garments, vibrators, electric balls, and which comes first on your list is the dildo.

Although you may have never set foot into such a store, I can assure you that you have a good idea of what this means. You can tell your lover what toys you have in the closet and ask him to help you to play with it. Or you can do it yourself.

PISCES (February 20th – March 20th)
The ruling planet: Neptune. Neptune governs and inspires poetry, music, and art in general. The native of this sign has a tendency of being a little round, which does not take any of his natural charm, on the contrary.

His penis is quite impressive and seems endowed with a life of its own. Sometimes the Pisces man is considered an ideal partner maybe the only lover worthy of this name.

Ten times more generous than the Scorpion, he is capable of anything to give pleasure. He is romantic, sensitive, generous, affectionate, sensual, passionate and ardent. In him everything is erotic and erogenous.

His dream is to melt with his lover to create an unique androginal, perfect being. He prefers complete sexual encounters, satisfying from physical, psychic, mental and spiritual points of view.

He does not like passenger sexual encounters, which make him a bad customers for company agencies. The Pisces needs to feel secure and therefore he requires attention, care, and love.

He is an impressionable creator and his fantasies go far beyond what a regular person might imagine. Famous Pisces are Harry Belafonte, Ted Kennedy, Rudolf Noureyev and Rex Harrison.

The native of Pisces can be the lover we would like to have next to us for the rest of our lives, if it werent for his instability and fluctuations. The Pisces, disregarding their sex, almost never say no.

He is on an eternal quest, aspiring always for what is difficult to obtain; he may never meet the lady of his dreams, but he will surely give a lot of pleasure in his search for her.

The ideal woman: The Virgo woman will manage to inspire security to the Pisces man, more than any other woman of the zodiac does. She will have the patience and understanding to satisfy his lover from all the perspectives we mentioned above.

The Pisces man may feel attracted to the Aquarius woman as well, but there is the risk of him finding her confusing. No matter what she does to calm him down, his emotive nature added to the inherent sexual tension of such a combination may even predispose him to a difficult control over his sexual energy, maybe even premature ejaculation.