Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius, Part 1

AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)
Some men walk in life according to different rhythms and this is also the case of the Aquarius, air sign ruled by the planet Uranus, indicates how exciting this sign can be.

The Aquarius symbol is a man carrying a bowl of water. Many people are intrigued by this, because it is an air sign, after all. However, the man carrying the water symbolizes your lovers need to share his knowledge, to pour from the river of life for humanity.

If things look a little too ambitious for an ordinary person, remember that your lover is not an ordinary man. He desires to change the world; the Aquarius remains a dreamer, an eternal idealist.

This does not mean that he will actually get the chance of changing the world for the better, yet he will not stop from his attempt, from his dream of dreaming the impossible.

Here is why it has been said that your lover is detached and that the liaisons with other people go better in groups than individually. Unlike the Capricorn who is so concerned with his image and social status, the Aquarius man is not at all interested with this.

He is more the type: “take me as I am or do not take me at all”. This will be very clearly heard from him. Your lover is a progressist and the Uranus planet, capable to produce changes into the world, will make him impossible to represent.

He is the reformer. The one who changes the old into the new. His actions may be electric. If you have never experienced sexual beatitude, of melting your mind and body alike completely at the same time, then your love story with the Aquarius will open up new horizons towards an incredibly new world.

He wishes a total, emotional and spiritual participation and he wants it now. The Aquarius seeks beatitude and ecstasy through lovemaking, but both of you will have intense memories trying to reach these heights.

So cancel all your dates and appointments for an year or so, because there are a lot of things to experiment in the erotic realms, with the great experimenter who is the Aquarius. You are a lucky woman to have found such a lover.


Like Don Quijote dreaming the impossible dream, your Aquarius has visions that few are capable of even imagining, ideals that many of us have forgotten about and abandoned. He is an intellectual whose mind needs to be stimulated before his body has a first startle.

When we use the word intellectual, this does not mean that your lover is educated in the traditional mean of the word, it simply means that his intellect is in a constant search of knowledge. Besides these, nothing is more appealing in a man than the mixture of street and library cleverness.

Do you have a cause to fight for? Is your altruism a little rusty, do you consider yourself a humanitarian, or are you the adept of the proverb “I pity you, but my heart breaks when I think of me?”. The Aquarius is the one looking out after his brother, and the best way to seduce him is to think more of other people than you think of you.


Do you remember the lady nicknamed the “liana” because all she knew was to hang on to the men she met? Well, youd better not try your luck with such a man if you think of trying such a thing.

The Aquarius needs to feel free, he wants a comrade, not someone who would tie him up in laws and rules. The Aquarius men who marry and who do not feel discouraged to continue their marriage are quite rare.

These men need a wise woman, who is very much aware of the fact that the wind is impossible to be tied down. Let your lover know that all you desire is to be his partner and spiritual companion and that you are not the guardian who will derive him of his freedom.

This means that he wants to take a few days off and head into the desert by himself, you are not angry, and you do not start to make threats. The Aquarius needs space literally, space to collect his thoughts and to become focused again.

The Aquarius does not seek another womans touch he wants to get in touch with himself. It is also important that you keep the promises you make to him. A persons word is sacred for the Aquarius and once it is broken, the relationship cannot last.