Masculine Zodiac – Libra

LIBRA (September 24th – October 23rd)
Ruling Planet: Venus. The men born under this constellation are very handsome. Their body is well proportioned and they have a lovely penis. The Libra men are very romantic as well, and they create an aura of refinement, elegance, and charm around them.

The Venus planet grants them an irresistible power of seduction, inflaming sensuality and a perpetual taste of pleasure. They prefer to make love in an atmosphere of luxury.

The Libra man may find himself in the position of being incapable of engaging in an erotic adventure, if he is in a sordid place, or in a place that strongly attacks his aesthetic sense.

He is the type of man that brings flowers to the prostitute at the brothel. He also loves the unusual and often seeks the most sophisticated erotic positions.

Nonetheless, he arranges everything with superb aesthetic sense, and awkward experiences become completely pleasant and well-worth remembering. He does not approve of the vulgar language and gestures. He would rather engage in endless foreplay than to go straight to bed with his beloved.

Regardless of his age, the Libra man is sensitive to all that is a romantic setting – candle lights, beautiful music, exquisite underwear. In this atmosphere, he surpasses himself. To the Libra man, the tactile sense is the one offering the most vivid erotic sensations.

The ideal woman: the man born under the Libra stars loves the grace of the Leo woman, who through her apparent indifference produces an explosive sensuality in the Libra man. He likes a little resistance on the part of the woman, but he will never recourse to violence. The Aquarius woman may also charm him, as she has that erotic aura that infallibly attracts the Libra man.

The Libra man likes teasing. Oh, wait! Did we say “likes”? Correction: he LOVES teasing.

He loves to keep you boiling and when you are on the verge of explosion, he pours over you a little cold water and keeps on boiling. Well, besides loving to tease, he also loves to be teased.

This means that he is a very good spectator in the art of seduction and you, of course, have to be the beautiful who seduces him. There is no sign more sensitive to the atmosphere, to the environment than the Libra.

Consider carefully this aspect and take the first step in creating an elegant atmosphere, with satin sheets, as the sensuality of this fabric cannot be underestimated. You will slide, roll, and turn in a more delicious manner under these glamorous satin sheets than in any other.

A very good surprise could be a large mirror on the wall, so, let your imagination run wild and free, creating a genuine boudoir for the practice of the sublime art of seduction. Always keep in mind that the candle light works magic for the Libra man.

Now that you have him caught in your trap, give the Libra man a dose of his own medicine. Tease him as much as possible, but within the limits he can stand. For this you need to be very sensitive.

The fun begins after he has played his part of the game. He touched and kissed you, he played with your body while the music enveloped you both in its rhythm, and while the candles burnt down.

He is ready to explode and you know that one touch of yours will set him clearly on the course. Yet, do not touch him! Look for the massage oil, pour some oil on your hands, and caress him gently, like the touch of a butterfly.

Touch all his muscles; when you feel that electric thrill, touch him even more gently and teasingly. Caress him with the tips of your fingers. He is not very used to being teased and therefore he experiences a delicious and tormenting sensation.

Bring him close to orgasm, and keep him there for as long as possible. Even when you feel that next you should simply give yourself to him, because you teased him enough, do not do that just yet.

Tell your Libra that you have a surprise for him. Stretch your hand under the pillow and pull out a small vibrator. Charmed and excited by the idea, he will let you use it.

Slowly, slowly, touch him gently with the vibrator on the insides of his thighs, and if he can stand this ecstasy, continue then pause, they do it again and then again pause. Only after you are completely sure that you have teased him properly, give yourself to him with all your love.