Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 2

Let’s continue our study about how to begin a relationship with a person from a certain zodiacal sign. Here are two more signs, quite different from the previous.

Don’t you forget that these are only general tendencies. Do not apply them blindly! Sometime an obvious thing doesn’t work because people are different. So…

You can begin a relationship with a native of this sign in a very simple and natural way: communicating. Talk with him about no matter what subject, which proved to be interesting for him in that moment (but be attentive, Gemini means ‘eternal change’; don’t bore him, is lethal!)

Generally speaking he likes to talk about books or other way of communication, about every interesting subject you can imagine.

In order to impress this native you have to prove a certain all-round education and to display it in an interesting and captivating way. You have to bring new ideas, to be in a continuous movement (mentally speaking) and incite his curiosity.

He appreciates if you really are a specialist in a certain field (because he knows all sort of things from various fields, but few perfectly).

You don’t have to be stupid, boring, slow-witted, conventionalist, rigid, extremely serious or severe.

You can invite him to a book exhibition, to a bookstore, a technical stand or simply give him your e-mail address (by the way don’t forget to send him from time to time a short and interesting message).

You would rather not say to him your problems (especially if they imply physical effort don’t count on him…).

When you have a meeting or a date with him, be prepared, almost for sure he will be late. But he is charming, you can not be angry on him. He’s like a butterfly!

You should approach him in a very romantic way. Prepare an intimate dinner, with candle lights and a discrete, slow music.

You can also go out for a walk on a board of a river and, if possible, crossing a bridge or rowing to a boat under the moonlight.

You can write a poem especially for him, you can go with him in a park full of children or you can take him to a museum or to some romantic ruins.

You should pay attention to what he is telling to you and to the way prepared for your meeting (sometimes he can be so delicate that his efforts can pass unnoticed).

He feels very good if you ask for his advice. Let him know he has a unique place in your heart and in your life and that you want to share everything with him (but pay attention that this must be really true, because he is very empathetic and if he feels you are lying to him, he withdraws into himself and you can not approach him anymore).

He is so sensible that one single hurt can be forever.

If you are very independent, if you don’t care about your house and kids seem annoying to you, you would better chose another zodiacal sign, because Cancer is very fond about these.

Be sure that you pay enough time to him and that you don’t criticize his actions or defame his family.

Don’t remove the objects in his house from their places and don’t throw his ‘ old things ‘ that make him remember same past emotional events and above all don’t mock at his (deep) feelings!

Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 3

Now we will continue the study of the twelve zodiacal signs and their specific modes of being. Here there are the main trends of the following two signs and the ways of beginning a relationship with people from these signs. And again don’t you forget they are only tendencies not established laws.

In order to draw the attention of a person born in this zodiacal sign, you should really admire him, be impressed by his personality and make sure you express your admiration in a very dignified way, meaning by that he can be impressed by an ode but not by a romantic poem which may seem to him a sort of denigration. You should treat him as a king both in his rights and in his value.

If you are mean, stingy or extremely extravagant you would rather not try to approach him.
Don’t expect from him to be very accessible, but if you try to approach him many times and he don’t even bother to answer you, you should rather let him alone, because he is not the type of person who appreciates your insistence and you risk to definitively estrange him from you.

It is a matter of prestige for him to be appreciated by persons whom he appreciate and proved to be independent and vertical.
You can’t ‘force’ him to appreciate you. If he does, you are very lucky because he will protect you, if not you rather retire in time, in a dignified way.

Let him hold the field and feel to have the main part in entourage, praise him and thank him many times he helps you, let him feel important and unique in your life and give him presents. But pay attention: prove him your generosity not your amount of money. The way you give him the present is very important: he should feel you give it with a great affection and admiration.

You would rather refrain from criticizing him, especially when he is in the middle of his admirers. Don’t try to monopolize the discussion and be friendly with his protegees.

You can invite him to a play or to the opera or in another place where he can manifest in his full splendor.
Pay attention not to hurt him in his dignity, listen to him when he says anything about his life. When talking to him you should prove a certain education, but pay attention not to be too emphatic or too proud of you.

You should prove you have confidence in yourself but not to such an extent that he became unimportant.
And by the way: don’t you ever take his place in any situation!

First of all you should prove to be a very discrete person, but at the same time intelligent; you should respect his intimacy, meaning by that not to try to approach her too easy and let her establish the distance from which you will interact.

If you try to become suddenly intimate with her, she could have the feeling of a violation of her privacy and a lack of decency of your part.

Be sure that you don’t force her to comment upon her feelings and emotions and keep the discussion to mental subjects.

Make sure also you don’t spoil her plans when making her a surprise because she doesn’t like being take by surprise.
She wants to know exactly the plan and to evaluate it. She is not the type who ‘throws herself’ into unknown and you must be very attentive if you are a more adventurous person.

She appreciates the order, the cleanness and can’t stand the other to use her things.
She is rather cool and mental and shows very rarely her feelings and then in a very reserved way, which doesn’t mean she is indifferent to your demands.

If you are a very romantic person, or you like surprises and want to live your life in a very intense rhythm, almost illogical, you are not her ideal of companion unless you want someone to bring you ‘on earth’ and strictly analyze your every detail through a looking glass.

You can invite her to a conference, to a book exhibition, you can ask for his opinion about a scientific theory or a literary work or to help you in some business affair.

You can count on her when evaluating a situation objectively or realizing a statistic study.
If you want to invite her to a dinner, be sure you choose a very clean restaurant with mannered stuff, but not extremely expensive because she is very fond of economy.

In the case above be also sure that the food are healthy and light because she has a bad digestion and an acute sense of diet.
With a native from this sign you must be attentive, reserved, objective and you must keep always your word, because Virgo is the clock of the Zodiac.

Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 6

We are now at the end of the Zodiac. The last four signs are the most serious and philosophical. We need attention to understand and approach these signs. Let’s proceed:

The native from this zodiacal sign is generally a very friendly and jovial person and from this point of view it is very easy to begin a friendship with him, unless you are a pessimistic person or too reticent in your relationships with the others.

He is not the person to annoy you if you don’t show him openly you want to communicate with him, because for him the principle of individual liberty is very important and he will not interfere with you against your will.

But pay attention not to do the mistake of misinterpret his general open-disposition and open-mindedness with a special affectivity pointed to your person, because the Sagittarius has the tendency to treat the others, even when first meeting them, as if they were friends for years, being very warm and kind.

This doesn’t mean that he loves you, but only that he generally loves people and what life offers to him. He likes very much travelling, meeting new people, seeing new places, new countries.

If you are a person very attached to your house and to your intimity, he is not the person you need, because his ideal is one of perpetual moving and changing of the surroundings, and, due to his adaptability, he will feel at ease everywhere and with almost everybody.

When approaching a Sagittarius it is very important to be prepared for all kind of surprises, because he doesn’t like the persons who are rigid in their expectations in a relationship. Your life with a Sagittarius can seem an expedition and you have to be always prepared to assume the risk of a new adventure.

He likes animals very much and he wouldn’t be delighted to find out that you hate his pets and that you don’t care about the ecological issues.
He also likes philosophy and he doesn’t appreciate the persons who don’t have an ideal in their lives.

For him, the idea of liberty is very important and he can’t stand being controlled. You would rather not try to impose him a program or ask him to swear about doing something, unless you want to make him get away in a great hurry.

He has his principles, which guide his life, and if you interfere with them he will disappear, and is not specific to him to come back.

If you want to please him, you can invite him to a journey or simply to a walk in the middle of the nature. You can also bring him to your country house even if it is a very unsophisticated one, or if you don’t have one, you can invite him to a horse racing!

In spite of his superficial disposition, he can prove to be very faithful if you gain his respect by letting him free and trusting him, because he is in fact an honest person.

If you want to attract this native, you should be sincere, optimistic, dynamic, communicative, to have a good sense of humor and to fully enjoy life.

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 7

First of all, before decide to approach a Capricorn, think seriously if you really want to get involved in a relationship with him, because he doesn’t like jokes and is not the kind of person to play with his life. And one more thing: he is very patient, but you would rather not try to see the limits of his patience.

You have to prove loyal to him for a longer time in order to be taken seriously, and if he is not yet in love with you, you must be very cautious with your feelings, because he is very distant and you may be hurt.

If you want to approach him, you would rather pay him services, because for him this is a prove of your affection. He is very pretentious and asks very much from a relationship, but he will also reward you with his fidelity.

You should also be attentive to what you say to him, because he will take you very seriously and if he wants to meet you and you agree, pay attention not to be late, because he will consider this a serious act of disrespect.

If you promise him something, you must keep your promise or else he will not trust you anymore.
It takes time to him to fall in love with somebody, but if he does, he may do it for the whole life.

If he promises to be with you, even if he suffers, he will stay with you, because he has a very strong sense of duty. But if you disappoint him, he suddenly turns into a very distant person and it is very hard (if not almost impossible) to make him open his heart again.

He is extremely devoted to a relationship, but if you want to separate from him, you must only ask him seriously to leave and you will never see him again.

He is the kind of person who can even change the city, the country if necessary, in order to respect his promise of not seeing you again. So, if you are not sure you want him to leave, don’t ask him this even in a joke, because you may risk to be taken seriously.

He is also interested in the social status of the person whom he is involved and he appreciates the persons who manifest a great deal of ambition and are endowed with a strong will and self determination.

If you don’t have a high social position, you must at least prove to be hard working in order to draw his attention. When meeting a Capricorn pay attention not to appear dressed in a parrot-like fashion, but rather in an elegant, classic style, and during your meeting don’t be exaggerate in anything: don’t talk neither too much, nor too little, don’t eat without measure, etc.

For him, any exaggeration is a form of lack of self-control, which he detests. And also, don’t be surprised if he wants to see your family tree, not because he would be very interested in the family life (which he is not, by the way), but because he wants to assure himself that he will be surrounded in your family by decent and honorable people.

The Capricorn is the type of person who prefer you not to have relatives than to find out that you have a bar dancer, for instance, in your family.

But if you want a person who is extremely correct, who assumes all possible duties, who keeps his promises up to his death, here is your man!

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 8

The Aquarius is attracted by the persons who are spontaneous, original in what they are doing and saying, cultivated, open-minded, friendly, with a constant preoccupation for the humanitary issues, flexible in their opinions, idealistic.

If you want to approach a native from this zodiacal sign, you should be a communicative person, unselfish and concerned about the problems of the other people around you.

He generally likes people and is surrounded by many friends to whom he pays attention to such an extent that he can neglect his family, because in his vision upon life the priority is given to the persons who are in trouble, no matter if they are or not his relatives.

For him, the entire humanity is like a large family and the human beings are equally important when he can help them. In his idealistic vision upon life is originated his general lack of interest for his belongings as well as the fact that he tends to consider his house and other properties as a place open to everybody.

The reverse is that he tends to conduct the same way when being on the property of the others, because in his vision there is no property that can’t be shared with the friends.

We can say that he is a living image of the idea of democracy: all humans have equal rights and liberties and they are free to express their liberty as far as they don’t hurt the others.

If you know yourself as being a selfish, pragmatic person, if you need very much privacy or you can’t stand the fact that someone uses your things, if you want a person who should pay you all his attentions, this native is very far of your expectations.

If you approach a native from this sign, you should be prepared not to sleep, or eat, or drink if one of your friends is in trouble, to take part in marches for peace or for ecological rights, or spend your days meeting all sorts of people with the most unusual preoccupations.

The Aquarius has a very special art of being wherever might happen something unusual, this proving sometimes a great quality but sometimes you have to be a really flexible person to resist his rhythm, because he will always find something unusual to present you.

One of the most important things, which you shouldn’t do when being with an Aquarius, is to restrain his liberty, because he can’t stand being enchained. He also can’t stand the rigid and narrow-minded people, those who don’t have the courage to risk, to live the adventure.

He appreciates the people with whom he can talk about various topics, especially those which are related to new fields of activity and he likes being in tune with every thing which happens in the modern life.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you see him at your first meeting wearing extravagant clothes and you should be prepared to be brought in an original place.

Don’t be afraid about his incoherence, which might appear a little crazy, jumping from one topic to another, being romantic, than in a few minutes telling you the latest news in politics or the most advanced technologies of nowadays society, finishing by taking off his shoes to better feel the grass, etc.

If you are a conservative person he may seem you raving mad, but in fact he is only original in his expectations, wanting to experience all aspects life offers him, being always open to new possibilities, which may improve his knowledge.

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 9



The natives of this sign are generally as fluid as the water, which is their element. It is hard to say that you have really caught them, because they are as slippery as an eel, and when you think you have understood them, they aren’t anymore as you know them.

They are very sensitive and live in a world of emotions and intuitions, which are very hard to understand if you are not endowed, as they are, with the sixth sense. Sometimes they live in a reality that seems not to have anything in common with the reality as you know it.

They are fascinated by the mystery of the invisible world and they will be very delighted if they meet someone who can really understand them, because they are generally not taken seriously when they speak about the world as seen through their hyper-sensitive eyes.

They generally avoid speaking about their emotions because there are many people who mock at them, and thus, they can seem shy, but if you prove yourself to be really interested in their feelings, they can become even communicative.


They also like very much water, so you can invite them to the seaside, or on a cruise or at least to the swimming pool (although they prefer the romanticism of the natural scenery).

They will be delighted to share with you their dreams and fantasies and to hear yours, you can write them love poetry or listen with them romantic music. They generally like art, especially music and you can invite them to dance in a slow, sensual rhythm.

You should also pay attention to the tone of your voice, which is better to be slower and to your appearance, because they generally don’t like the loud colors (except for those of blue and greenish-blue). They are also very sensitive to the environment, which must be relaxing, romantic and filled with magic.

When you meet them you would rather refrain from discussing your affairs or from solving some pragmatic problems that are too down on the earth. They prefer dreaming and living in their invisible world and for them love is one of the most important ways of evading from reality.

They are very idealistic and they don’t like to know the concrete data of the existence.
They are generally accused of infidelity because for them the real fidelity is a soul condition, which doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they can meet many other people.


They can be surprising by their power of sacrifice, although they may seem rather superficial.
They have a great power of empathy and a lot of compassion, and they can’t stand the insensible, indifferent and cold people.

Their ideal is to ever help the old, the poor, the ill, the suffering people and their house can often become a charity place.

Those who are selfish, stingy, extremely logical and pragmatical, insensitive, materialistic, atheist, who lack kindness or compassion have much to learn from these natives before being good enough to approach the Pisces.

But those who really want to learn these values can approach them, because they have a great power to forgive and won’t abandon a person if they see he has good intentions and is sincere in his quest.


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Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman at Awaken Visions Galleries.

Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 1

Taking into consideration that every person is such a complex individuality, there are no astrological prefabricated recipes, but there are certain general tendencies and predominance, which should have in mind when we take to somebody from a certain zodiacal sign and if we don’t have yet the necessary qualities, we can at least not to manifest the attitudes which make the respective sign to tear along.

Here are some ‘conduct landmarks’, so that we don’t drop a brick from our first meeting.

It must be understood that every person is a distinct reality and we can more easily approach to that human being when we know and understand the specificity given by the solar zodiacal sign.

So let’s begin our travel among the twelve signs:

If you want a native from that sign to notice you, you must avoid to be inactive (Aries loves very much action), lazy, heavy, apathetic.

You must prove a dynamic attitude, to have the initiative (but, of course, not too much, because he will be frustrated; after all, he must have enough place to act!).

You must display a lot of physical energy (if you don’t you can not keep the pace with him). You must be independent, competitive (but letting him to be the leader).

You can draw his attention by having a trained body and being in fine form, if possible to be a performer, having a lot of courage and assuming risks, proving to be a fighter (but an honest one, because Aries does not like felony!) and being enthusiastic to his initiatives and proposals.

You don’t have to take great pains in beginning a relationship with him, because, if he wants this, he is the first to act.

A little friendly dispute can sometimes fire his passion, but pay attention not to exaggerate in contradicting him. After all he is a good man, candid as a child. But his specificity is ‘energy in action’. This is the keyword for this sign!

A relationship with Aries is not so difficult to begin, but rather difficult to maintain.

Be honest, active and full of energy and he is your friend. How long? This is another problem…

It is very recommendable to approach him in a serene, peaceful and pleasurable setting. If is possible invite him in a rustic environment to go for a walk in the country, in a park, to a dinner (but make sure that the table is full of savoury food!).

You can also invite him at an art exhibition (sculpture is high esteemed by this sign). If any of these doesn’t work, try your chance giving him an expensive gift.

You shouldn’t annoy him with your problems or with a too speculative, abstract discussion. Better talk with him about art or more pragmatic pursuit.

You should prove to be a reliable, stable, down-on-earth person, a calm, relaxed and agreeable company.

The native of this sign is generally reserved in beginning a relationship so you must think twice if you really want to interact with him, because generally takes you very seriously and he leaves only if you systematically hurt or frustrate him not paying attention to his needs (especially the vital ones).

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 4

We are finishing now the first half of the zodiac. We meet till now all the elements (Air – as Gemini, Fire – as Aries and Lion, Water – as Cancer and Earth – as Taurus and Virgo) and all the vibration modes (Cardinal – as Aries and Cancer, Fixed – as Taurus and Leo and Mutable – as Gemini and Virgo).

As you see there are more six signs, which cover the remained combination. And the following is:

If you meet a Libra for the first time, you must pay attention to be very polite, but in a courteous manner, paying her compliments as far as possible, but in a subtle and delicate way.

If you are a woman meeting a man born in this sign, you should be very feminine, even inciting, but without any vulgar nuance. He is very sensitive when seeing beauty, but you can put him out of mood if you prove to be too jarring or even worse, vulgar.

The natives from that sign are very receptive to the esthetic values, to soul communication, as well as to any activity that may please and bring peace and harmony.

They will be flattered if you ask for their opinion when you don’t know to choose a present or if you must take a decision with regard to a relational problem.

They can be good advisors even if they are not the best example of objectivity, tending sometime to make a resolution that can calm down the conflict without really solving it, considering that peace and harmony are more important than the elucidation of a personal problem.

In your communication with them, you must prove a great deal of diplomacy, letting them find your point of view in an indirect and non-aggressive way because they don’t like to impose their point of view, preferring to indirectly convince you that it is you who want or think what they intend to do.

If you are a person all of a piece and you can’t stand too much indirectness, you would rather not choose this sign to associate with.

You can talk with them about your problems but don’t be too sad in your account because the next time they will politely obviate you.

They can’t stand the disorder, the sordidness, the lack of style, cheapness, the glaring injustice, the useless agitation and the aggression of all kinds.

If you are stingy, it is hard to live with them, not because they are such wasters, but because they will feel very frustrated if you prevent them from buying something they really like and which is generally very expensive.

They also can’t stand the perpetual reproaches and the fact of justifying or even counting their actions, starting from the reason that it is better not to express something if it can cause a conflict.

You can take them to an exhibition or in a stylish place (if possible with some discrete music) or you can bring them with you to important meetings, because they are a very pleasant company.

They like to be put in contact with refined and cultured people, with artistic milieus or at least with well-mannered persons, in the presence of whom to feel themselves praised.

It is also necessary to remind that you can rather count on their advice than on their sincerity.

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 5

First of all, when tempting to approach a Scorpio, think twice if you really want to assume the risk, because they can prove to be very harmful if you don’t know what to do with their venom.

If you are sure you want to meet them be attentive, never to play the victim, because they can’t stand the weak people unless you are a one of the few exceptions who are his favorites to which he applies other criteria of evaluation.

Be sure that your life with him will never be a calm and peaceful experience, because he doesn’t feel he really lives if he doesn’t experience the tension and the suspense.

For him the intensity is the most important value and he can do many things as far as they can provide him these exciting experiences. He cannot stay calm and live the half-hearted life of the average people.

If you can see a peaceful Scorpio pay attention, because this is the tranquility before the storm or the vulcano which is on the point of erupting. Too much inactivity is disturbing for the Scorpio.

In order to draw his attention you should prove really good in a certain field, he must have reasons for really admiring and respecting you.

If you don’t succeed in impressing or fascinating him, you would rather renounce and let him alone, because he can’t stand the annoying admirers.

Don’t you think that if you insist he will change his mind. He usually does not. The reverse of the situation is that if he really admires you, you can be sure that you have a powerful ally, who never abandons you if you don’t really disappoint him.

He is able even to die for the persons he love, but is also able to destroy them or in the best case to leave them without any word when they disappoint him.

If you are a very sensitive people, if you want a very calm life or if you just want to play with the idea of relationship you didn’t find the right person.

He needs to feel you really appreciate him and can be extremely annoyed when you pay him insincere compliments. He respects your decisions, but asks for his decision to be seriously taken in consideration.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to lie him or to betray him. He cannot stand irresponsibility, the lack of courage and the non-observance of one’s promises.

You can kill him manifesting apathy, incapacity of acting and assuming decisions, lack of intensity in your feelings and in your life as well as a general lack of horizons of expectation.

He can’t live without passion and without freedom. We must remember here that the scorpion (the animal with this name) cannot stand captivity and in the most cases it kills itself with his own venom in response of it.

When a native of the Scorpio really wants to do something, he takes care not to harm the others. He uses his venom only when he is constrained to do something against his will.

If you really want to communicate with him, you would rather convince him than constraint him, unless you don’t want to have a perpetual adversary who finally turns into an enemy.

If you know how to communicate with him, you can be surprised by the sudden turning of his venom into nectar. And it is preferably if you have a Scorpio around you to be your friend and not your enemy.

Scorpio is generally a wonderful and passionate lover. If you are not, it is better not to approach him in this way. It has a very high erotic standard. But don’t worry, his magnetism will contaminate you. Scorpio is a sign you cannot sleep too much with.

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Love Nuances and the Main Powers of the Signs

In every Zodiacal Sign love is reflected in a particular way. Let’s see how:

ARIES: love at first sight (flashing love)

TAURUS: sensual, stable love

GEMINI: ‘teenage’ love

CANCER: intimate love (the joy of being together)

LEO: protective, kind-hearted love

VIRGO: pure, platonic love

LIBRA: soul-to-soul love (love for love’s sake)

SCORPIO: deep, passionate love

SAGITTARIUS: spiritualised love

CAPRICORN: responsible, mature love (love as conscious assumption)

AQUARIUS: friendly, detached love

PISCES: compassionate, mystic love

Knowing the sign of our lover, we can learn another aspect of the Divine Love, which overflow through all of us and understand that we are only a part of a big Whole.

Also every sign has a main power, expression of its main inner nature. So let’s see now the fields in which every zodiacal sign manifests its power:

ARIES: power to begin an action

TAURUS: power to support

GEMINI: power to communicate

CANCER: power to feel

LEO: power to rule

VIRGO: power to analyse

LIBRA: power to harmonize

SCORPIO: power to transform

SAGITTARIUS: power to spiritually guide

CAPRICORN: power to organize, power of detachment

AQUARIUS: power of knowledge

PISCES: power of faith and Divine sacrifice

These powers are (briefly speaking) the Divine gifts of each sign. We can learn from our beloved and friends these lessons, becoming complete in our knowledge, more powerful (in a Divine sense), more affectionate.

We have to understand these powers of the signs and also we have to understand the way other people will love us so as we can have more profound and close-to-God relationships.