Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 5

First of all, when tempting to approach a Scorpio, think twice if you really want to assume the risk, because they can prove to be very harmful if you don’t know what to do with their venom.

If you are sure you want to meet them be attentive, never to play the victim, because they can’t stand the weak people unless you are a one of the few exceptions who are his favorites to which he applies other criteria of evaluation.

Be sure that your life with him will never be a calm and peaceful experience, because he doesn’t feel he really lives if he doesn’t experience the tension and the suspense.

For him the intensity is the most important value and he can do many things as far as they can provide him these exciting experiences. He cannot stay calm and live the half-hearted life of the average people.

If you can see a peaceful Scorpio pay attention, because this is the tranquility before the storm or the vulcano which is on the point of erupting. Too much inactivity is disturbing for the Scorpio.

In order to draw his attention you should prove really good in a certain field, he must have reasons for really admiring and respecting you.

If you don’t succeed in impressing or fascinating him, you would rather renounce and let him alone, because he can’t stand the annoying admirers.

Don’t you think that if you insist he will change his mind. He usually does not. The reverse of the situation is that if he really admires you, you can be sure that you have a powerful ally, who never abandons you if you don’t really disappoint him.

He is able even to die for the persons he love, but is also able to destroy them or in the best case to leave them without any word when they disappoint him.

If you are a very sensitive people, if you want a very calm life or if you just want to play with the idea of relationship you didn’t find the right person.

He needs to feel you really appreciate him and can be extremely annoyed when you pay him insincere compliments. He respects your decisions, but asks for his decision to be seriously taken in consideration.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to lie him or to betray him. He cannot stand irresponsibility, the lack of courage and the non-observance of one’s promises.

You can kill him manifesting apathy, incapacity of acting and assuming decisions, lack of intensity in your feelings and in your life as well as a general lack of horizons of expectation.

He can’t live without passion and without freedom. We must remember here that the scorpion (the animal with this name) cannot stand captivity and in the most cases it kills itself with his own venom in response of it.

When a native of the Scorpio really wants to do something, he takes care not to harm the others. He uses his venom only when he is constrained to do something against his will.

If you really want to communicate with him, you would rather convince him than constraint him, unless you don’t want to have a perpetual adversary who finally turns into an enemy.

If you know how to communicate with him, you can be surprised by the sudden turning of his venom into nectar. And it is preferably if you have a Scorpio around you to be your friend and not your enemy.

Scorpio is generally a wonderful and passionate lover. If you are not, it is better not to approach him in this way. It has a very high erotic standard. But don’t worry, his magnetism will contaminate you. Scorpio is a sign you cannot sleep too much with.

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