Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 6

We are now at the end of the Zodiac. The last four signs are the most serious and philosophical. We need attention to understand and approach these signs. Let’s proceed:

The native from this zodiacal sign is generally a very friendly and jovial person and from this point of view it is very easy to begin a friendship with him, unless you are a pessimistic person or too reticent in your relationships with the others.

He is not the person to annoy you if you don’t show him openly you want to communicate with him, because for him the principle of individual liberty is very important and he will not interfere with you against your will.

But pay attention not to do the mistake of misinterpret his general open-disposition and open-mindedness with a special affectivity pointed to your person, because the Sagittarius has the tendency to treat the others, even when first meeting them, as if they were friends for years, being very warm and kind.

This doesn’t mean that he loves you, but only that he generally loves people and what life offers to him. He likes very much travelling, meeting new people, seeing new places, new countries.

If you are a person very attached to your house and to your intimity, he is not the person you need, because his ideal is one of perpetual moving and changing of the surroundings, and, due to his adaptability, he will feel at ease everywhere and with almost everybody.

When approaching a Sagittarius it is very important to be prepared for all kind of surprises, because he doesn’t like the persons who are rigid in their expectations in a relationship. Your life with a Sagittarius can seem an expedition and you have to be always prepared to assume the risk of a new adventure.

He likes animals very much and he wouldn’t be delighted to find out that you hate his pets and that you don’t care about the ecological issues.
He also likes philosophy and he doesn’t appreciate the persons who don’t have an ideal in their lives.

For him, the idea of liberty is very important and he can’t stand being controlled. You would rather not try to impose him a program or ask him to swear about doing something, unless you want to make him get away in a great hurry.

He has his principles, which guide his life, and if you interfere with them he will disappear, and is not specific to him to come back.

If you want to please him, you can invite him to a journey or simply to a walk in the middle of the nature. You can also bring him to your country house even if it is a very unsophisticated one, or if you don’t have one, you can invite him to a horse racing!

In spite of his superficial disposition, he can prove to be very faithful if you gain his respect by letting him free and trusting him, because he is in fact an honest person.

If you want to attract this native, you should be sincere, optimistic, dynamic, communicative, to have a good sense of humor and to fully enjoy life.

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