Love Transfer in Tantra




This theme has been treated with sentimentalism, lack of experience and superstition for a long time.

Now we have to bring in a new light, opening and lucidity onto it, to see this subject regarding love transfer in its ineffable bright nature.

We often encounter the expression “love exchange” regarding a love interaction between two human beings of opposite sex.
The majority of people live with the feeling that a love relation necessarily involves a kind of exchange between the two, a kind of barter based on the idea “you give me, so I give you” or in the other words “you love me, so I love you”.

In the case of a veritable love, there is in fact a non-exchange based on implicit ideas like “I love you not for what you offer me, but for what you are” (for the divine self hidden inside you).

The one who really loves expects nothing in exchange and doesn’t depend on his love with regard to the other’s behaviour or love.
Such a relation is favoured by a perfect integration of the two lovers in the sexual fusion.

The bigger is the liberation of love from conditions, the more intense and profoundly transforming are the experiences of the two lovers during the love fusion.

The love interaction implies a very subtle energetic and informational transfer between the two lovers. This transfer promotes in time the reaching of the Androgynous State.

This transfer takes place in all the planes of the human being – physical, psychic, mental and spiritual – and leads to an enrichment of the being, a completion with the other’s qualities and affinities. In this way the Plenitude State occurs.

When there is a veritable love feeling between the man and the woman involved in a sexual relation, only the beneficial aspects and qualities are transferred. But if during the fusion there is only physical attraction and there is no love between the two, not only the qualities but also the less beneficial aspects, defects and imperfections are exchanged.

The harmony of a tantric couple can be compared with the harmony of a rhythmic dance. This harmony finds its best reflection during the love fusion. Love becomes the joy of spiritual transforming. The couple experiences that eternal and immutable moment when they discover together the Divine Reality.

From the emotional point of view, love is a resonance that can appear between two human beings of opposite sex. This resonance potentially exists here in an undefined form and emerges like a state of profound spiritual communion.

In itself, it has the possibilities to bloom and to offer the Infinity to the two lovers, but if this resonance is not directed to the higher, superior frequencies, to the pure spiritual dimensions, it will lose its brilliancy in time.

The love that was at first a potential way to the perfection will become an experimental residue of their tumultuous way of life.
This is the greatest drama of the majority of modern couples, because they have little or no idea on how they should develop their love or what real love means.

Reaching the highest point of the human condition, the ones who practice Tantra live the love of the most pure and subtle ideas. This way of living induces an ineffable and continuous joy – and we are not speaking about intellectual, dialectic counterfeits; we are speaking about an abstract, conceptual world of ideas.

By the nature of the ideal love, there is no fanaticism possible, the love fusion being lived as an impersonal meeting, a Living Word, a celestial message of a New Dimension.

In fact, the love transfer is now “out of any changing movement” of the forms and appearances. As it is previously mentioned, the problem of an “exchange” of “barter” type: “I give you because you give me” appears at the dualistic level of the mental.

This is the expression of a gross and very limited level of conscience. But from the spiritual point of view, only the transpersonal (spiritual) dimension of the human being permits the apparition of such a mutual sublime transfer. This mutual transfer becomes a source of evolutionary potential for the both lovers.

We are no longer speaking about a simple date or a usual relationship that is only a common and superficial form of “exchange “. Now there appears a superior trans-substantial transfer, that makes the two lovers become the living incarnation of the two universal complementary principles: the male and the female, the solar and the lunar, and in the tantric acceptation, Shiva and Shakti.