Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 4

We are finishing now the first half of the zodiac. We meet till now all the elements (Air – as Gemini, Fire – as Aries and Lion, Water – as Cancer and Earth – as Taurus and Virgo) and all the vibration modes (Cardinal – as Aries and Cancer, Fixed – as Taurus and Leo and Mutable – as Gemini and Virgo).

As you see there are more six signs, which cover the remained combination. And the following is:

If you meet a Libra for the first time, you must pay attention to be very polite, but in a courteous manner, paying her compliments as far as possible, but in a subtle and delicate way.

If you are a woman meeting a man born in this sign, you should be very feminine, even inciting, but without any vulgar nuance. He is very sensitive when seeing beauty, but you can put him out of mood if you prove to be too jarring or even worse, vulgar.

The natives from that sign are very receptive to the esthetic values, to soul communication, as well as to any activity that may please and bring peace and harmony.

They will be flattered if you ask for their opinion when you don’t know to choose a present or if you must take a decision with regard to a relational problem.

They can be good advisors even if they are not the best example of objectivity, tending sometime to make a resolution that can calm down the conflict without really solving it, considering that peace and harmony are more important than the elucidation of a personal problem.

In your communication with them, you must prove a great deal of diplomacy, letting them find your point of view in an indirect and non-aggressive way because they don’t like to impose their point of view, preferring to indirectly convince you that it is you who want or think what they intend to do.

If you are a person all of a piece and you can’t stand too much indirectness, you would rather not choose this sign to associate with.

You can talk with them about your problems but don’t be too sad in your account because the next time they will politely obviate you.

They can’t stand the disorder, the sordidness, the lack of style, cheapness, the glaring injustice, the useless agitation and the aggression of all kinds.

If you are stingy, it is hard to live with them, not because they are such wasters, but because they will feel very frustrated if you prevent them from buying something they really like and which is generally very expensive.

They also can’t stand the perpetual reproaches and the fact of justifying or even counting their actions, starting from the reason that it is better not to express something if it can cause a conflict.

You can take them to an exhibition or in a stylish place (if possible with some discrete music) or you can bring them with you to important meetings, because they are a very pleasant company.

They like to be put in contact with refined and cultured people, with artistic milieus or at least with well-mannered persons, in the presence of whom to feel themselves praised.

It is also necessary to remind that you can rather count on their advice than on their sincerity.

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