Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 1

Taking into consideration that every person is such a complex individuality, there are no astrological prefabricated recipes, but there are certain general tendencies and predominance, which should have in mind when we take to somebody from a certain zodiacal sign and if we don’t have yet the necessary qualities, we can at least not to manifest the attitudes which make the respective sign to tear along.

Here are some ‘conduct landmarks’, so that we don’t drop a brick from our first meeting.

It must be understood that every person is a distinct reality and we can more easily approach to that human being when we know and understand the specificity given by the solar zodiacal sign.

So let’s begin our travel among the twelve signs:

If you want a native from that sign to notice you, you must avoid to be inactive (Aries loves very much action), lazy, heavy, apathetic.

You must prove a dynamic attitude, to have the initiative (but, of course, not too much, because he will be frustrated; after all, he must have enough place to act!).

You must display a lot of physical energy (if you don’t you can not keep the pace with him). You must be independent, competitive (but letting him to be the leader).

You can draw his attention by having a trained body and being in fine form, if possible to be a performer, having a lot of courage and assuming risks, proving to be a fighter (but an honest one, because Aries does not like felony!) and being enthusiastic to his initiatives and proposals.

You don’t have to take great pains in beginning a relationship with him, because, if he wants this, he is the first to act.

A little friendly dispute can sometimes fire his passion, but pay attention not to exaggerate in contradicting him. After all he is a good man, candid as a child. But his specificity is ‘energy in action’. This is the keyword for this sign!

A relationship with Aries is not so difficult to begin, but rather difficult to maintain.

Be honest, active and full of energy and he is your friend. How long? This is another problem…

It is very recommendable to approach him in a serene, peaceful and pleasurable setting. If is possible invite him in a rustic environment to go for a walk in the country, in a park, to a dinner (but make sure that the table is full of savoury food!).

You can also invite him at an art exhibition (sculpture is high esteemed by this sign). If any of these doesn’t work, try your chance giving him an expensive gift.

You shouldn’t annoy him with your problems or with a too speculative, abstract discussion. Better talk with him about art or more pragmatic pursuit.

You should prove to be a reliable, stable, down-on-earth person, a calm, relaxed and agreeable company.

The native of this sign is generally reserved in beginning a relationship so you must think twice if you really want to interact with him, because generally takes you very seriously and he leaves only if you systematically hurt or frustrate him not paying attention to his needs (especially the vital ones).

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