Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 7

First of all, before decide to approach a Capricorn, think seriously if you really want to get involved in a relationship with him, because he doesn’t like jokes and is not the kind of person to play with his life. And one more thing: he is very patient, but you would rather not try to see the limits of his patience.

You have to prove loyal to him for a longer time in order to be taken seriously, and if he is not yet in love with you, you must be very cautious with your feelings, because he is very distant and you may be hurt.

If you want to approach him, you would rather pay him services, because for him this is a prove of your affection. He is very pretentious and asks very much from a relationship, but he will also reward you with his fidelity.

You should also be attentive to what you say to him, because he will take you very seriously and if he wants to meet you and you agree, pay attention not to be late, because he will consider this a serious act of disrespect.

If you promise him something, you must keep your promise or else he will not trust you anymore.
It takes time to him to fall in love with somebody, but if he does, he may do it for the whole life.

If he promises to be with you, even if he suffers, he will stay with you, because he has a very strong sense of duty. But if you disappoint him, he suddenly turns into a very distant person and it is very hard (if not almost impossible) to make him open his heart again.

He is extremely devoted to a relationship, but if you want to separate from him, you must only ask him seriously to leave and you will never see him again.

He is the kind of person who can even change the city, the country if necessary, in order to respect his promise of not seeing you again. So, if you are not sure you want him to leave, don’t ask him this even in a joke, because you may risk to be taken seriously.

He is also interested in the social status of the person whom he is involved and he appreciates the persons who manifest a great deal of ambition and are endowed with a strong will and self determination.

If you don’t have a high social position, you must at least prove to be hard working in order to draw his attention. When meeting a Capricorn pay attention not to appear dressed in a parrot-like fashion, but rather in an elegant, classic style, and during your meeting don’t be exaggerate in anything: don’t talk neither too much, nor too little, don’t eat without measure, etc.

For him, any exaggeration is a form of lack of self-control, which he detests. And also, don’t be surprised if he wants to see your family tree, not because he would be very interested in the family life (which he is not, by the way), but because he wants to assure himself that he will be surrounded in your family by decent and honorable people.

The Capricorn is the type of person who prefer you not to have relatives than to find out that you have a bar dancer, for instance, in your family.

But if you want a person who is extremely correct, who assumes all possible duties, who keeps his promises up to his death, here is your man!

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