Masculine Zodiac – Gemini & Cancer

GEMINI (May 21st-June 21st)
The ruling planet: Mercury. The man born under the Gemini constellation is often a tall person. They often have long hands and feet, and this can be valid also in the case of his virile member.

The Gemini man is an expert in the art of conversation, and he is the type of the intellectual who knows how to speak with a woman. He is never silent when making love to a woman, because he murmurs sensual words into her ear.

Seriousness is no part of his character, nor of his sexual life. He is rather cerebral than psychic and his body gladly responds to mental stimulations, such as erotic movies, erotic books, and so on.

He is intelligent, lively, curious, and highly imaginative in lovemaking. He loves new experiments in bed. If you are bored or if you think you already know all there is to know about sex, we recommend a Gemini man.

An affair with the Gemini, be it in a tent or in the elevator, hung upon the lamp or in the trial cabin of a fancy shop, you will definitely change your opinion on your life and your sexual experience. He loves to be intrigued, excited, and fascinated by new, mysterious things.

He often is slightly masochistic and he also has an inclination towards threesomes. Unfortunately, he is nervous and agitated, which sometimes may diminish his qualities as a lover. Fortunately, with proper stimulation and strength, these shortcomings can easily be overcome.

The Gemini man does not appreciate the noisy emotional manifestations and everything he does is charged with equal detachment. For him the ideal woman should have something else besides great breasts and curvy hips.

He does not like to make love with uncommunicative, unintelligent lovers. He is very attracted to new ideas in sexuality. Those born under the Gemini constellation have an impressive sensitivity of the hands, which makes them two wonderful instruments of pleasure.

The tactile sense, the touch create the Gemini man the most intense erotic sensations. If the Gemini man will know how to bring to a harmony his mental force with his sexual energy, then he will have all the attributes of a truly admired man.

The ideal woman: the Gemini man appreciates the dynamism of the Aries woman, whose originality in seeking pleasure in the erotic game sometimes surpasses his own.

Then comes the Virgo woman, but this combination risks to replace lovemaking with interminable analytical conversations, which is not disliked by the Gemini man. Nonetheless, these discussions take up the time for their practice. Together they may even end up in writing a book on sexuality.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 22nd)
The ruling planet: Moon. The native man of this sign has a tendency of being a little fat. This is valid to what his penis is concerned, which is impressive in diameter rather than length.

The native man of Cancer is deeply impressed with the image of his mother, with whom he will tend to compare each woman he meets. However, do not be discouraged or dismayed.

His sexuality is oriented towards women with a powerful maternal sense, and his relationships with women are very influenced by the Oedipus complex. He loves voluptuous breasts, and he is always tempted to caress, touch or look at them.

He is moody and changeable and he definitely prefers a woman for whom he has profound feelings rather than a blind date. If he is hurt in his love, if he feels he is not appreciated at his real value, he may even suffer from temporary impotence, which will make him grumpy.

Nonetheless, a kind, gentle and loving woman will be able to raise his morale, as well as other things. The native of Cancer will see no problem in the fact that his lover takes on the initiative, quite the opposite, because he prefers the passive role.

This does not mean that when the times comes he will be any less than impressive and skilful. His nature is very sensual, and his erogenous areas are the back, chest and buttocks. Therefore, he will not refuse a gentle stimulation from time to time in these areas.

He likes to masturbate alone, or in two, under his lovers amazed and charmed look and he is very pleased when he is hugged, kissed, and touched all over his body. For him the taste creates the most intense erotic sensations.

He has the tendency to act as a pet, prefers to stay in his comfortable bed rather than head out and seek adventure. The Moon has a significant influence on the native of Cancer.

His erotic desires are stronger in the two weeks between new moon and full moon than in the rest of the month. If the Cancer man will know how to develop his masculinity and solar characteristics, then the combination with the famous Cancer sensibility will make him quite a catch for any woman.

The ideal woman: the Taurus woman is more than any other capable of bringing to reality the Cancers fantasies and desires. He loves to caress the generous curves of her body. The Pisces woman will also fascinate him especially because the differences and contrasts between their natures will bring about agreeable sparks of fulfilment.