Masculine Zodiac – Leo & Virgo

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

The ruling planet: Sun.

Men born under this constellation are endowed with a powerful magnetism, are very generous and expansive. Napoleon was indeed a remarkable Leo.

The Leo man has large shoulders, thin hips and hmmm … his sex is as generous as his character. Careful now, because the Leo is the King of the bedroom and those who will share his bedroom with him will remember him a very long time.

But who says so? First of all, he, of course. The Leo is very aware of his beauty and of his body, which makes him very self assured. He does not really care if his lover thinks of him as the greatest lover of all, because he is persuasive and self-confident in any way.

Leo is an incendiary and highly dramatic sign, and those born under this sign have a great sense of the dramatic. He loves luxury, pomp and greatness under all their forms.

The Leo man is convinced that he is the Napoleon of sexuality, and this fact may make him inflexible in terms of diversifying the pleasures of lovemaking and experimenting with it. For the Leo it is very exciting to look at his lover’s naked body.

No matter which may be the positions adopted, he feels as if he is always on top, because he needs to keep his image of nobility and dignity.

He needs to feel he is dominant, to feel he is in control, and to produce in the others the effect he desires. He loves to be touched and kissed, especially on the sex. If you were to add to this a touch of respect and adoration, your Leo will be quite happy.

However, to be completely honest, we need to say that the man born under this constellation has an amazing sexual power and he is well-endowed to give and receive pleasure.

Nonetheless, this is not an effect of his love for the woman he is with, but rather because thus he sustains his image as a brilliant guy.

If he manages to overcome these egotistic and dominating tendencies, he can become a man who is a living embodiment of those qualities that fascinate any woman: virile strength, sensitivity, love, generosity, and self-sacrifice.

Thus, he manages to win the heart of the woman he loves and he will enjoy her undivided admiration, love, self-abandon and adoration.

The ideal woman: the Libra woman will seduce him with her elegance. Her admiration for him may even determine him to surpass his sexual limitations. The Scorpio woman is also very appealing to the Leo, however the shock of the encounter of two such powerful sexualities has some risks.

If the Leo is up to the challenge, the greater will be the ecstasy, if not, the tougher the fall. And a Leo with a wounded ego is ten times more dangerous.

VIRGO (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Ruling planet: Mercury. The man native of this sign is usually tall and slim. His penis is medium and is usually the beneficiary of an irreproachable hygiene.

The native of Virgo is the undisputed king of cleanness and order. He is very reserved in his attitudes and hated public displays of affection. He does not like to attract attention and sometimes gives the impression that his sexuality is inexistent.

Make no mistake: he is easily aroused, especially in his fantasies, which would amaze even the most experienced and refined lover.

He loves and makes love great and for a long time when he has the opportunity, materializing his fantasies the best possible way. However, for him each thing has to have a time and a place, including lovemaking.

He loves to make love. He is also a maniac of cleanness and the way he rushes to the bathroom after a torrid session in the bedroom might shock some of you.

Nonetheless, you need to understand that this is his nature. It is nothing personal or offending. He just wont take any chances when it comes to his health.

Time is always tight and organized for him: for instance, Monday and Thursday fitness or yoga, from 8 to 11. Tuesday and Friday, it is either concert or cinema. Wednesday and Saturday must be lovemaking.

The Virgo’s love variety and originality when it comes to lovemaking, with the condition that they obey their moral principles. His sexual drive is relatively strong and constant, but the tendency towards the actual act is often missing.

Erotic pictures or movies easily arouse him, but at certain moments, something drives him to avoid any physical contact. This may deeply hurt his lover, unless she understands it is not about her. If he manages to overcome his shyness, his lover will be very pleased with him.

The ideal woman: the Virgo man gets along quite fine with the Capricorn woman, with whom he has in common a similar attitude towards sex. They are both meticulous, organized, an tempted to plan even the most spontaneous events.

The Sagittarius woman can add some spice into the Virgo mans life. However, her ardour risks to disturbe the pretty balance of the Virgo man, which may not be so bad after all, as she can help him find back his balance, both with himself and in relation to other people.