A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 1

The study of Venus’s position into the Zodiac gives us very important information about the way a human being manifests her feelings and preferences, what she likes most, what she is attracted of, the type of eroticism she presents, who she express herself into a relationship and what she expect from it.

When speaking about a man’s natal chart, Venus’s position gives us also important information about the woman he prefers as a lover.

Let’s now proceed studying the twelve position of Venus into the Zodiac:

The natives who have this astrological position tend to have many experiences in the sentimental and erotic field, falling in love unexpectedly and sometimes even at the first sight.

The person can seem very unstable and unfaithful but in fact she/he only wants to live the relationship to a high intensity and, as by the time passing the intensity usually diminishes, they prefer to fall in love again than to fight for an old relationship.

The persons who don’t have the courage to throw themselves in an adventure annoy them and they don’t like to elaborate plans.

They have a fiery and passionate disposition and a very direct way of expressing their feelings.

This position predisposes them to be heart-brokers and for enjoying love-fights. They also have the tendency to resume old love affaires.

Their lives are very adventurous and they don’t like the idea of marriage, or if they get married they do it unexpectedly.

They can be impressed if they meet a person more passionate than they are, and in this case they can surprise us by their unexpected faithfulness.

This position gives a very strong predisposition to enjoy life, to taste the carnal pleasures, and makes them very sensitive to the physical attraction and physical contact, to the smell, to the tone of the voice and generally to whatever detail might rise their hyper-sensuous senses.

Their feelings take time to grow and each time a person attracts them, their desire increase up to one point when they turn into a passion.

When their hearts are trapped in this net of the attraction, they generally go on till they fulfill their desires and if the physical relationship is not possible they can become very frustrated.

If they are satisfied they prove to be very good lovers, offering much pleasure and attention to the persons they are with, taking care of their lovers’ needs and fulfilling their desires.

When they are in a relationship they tend to attach themselves, they often become possessive and tend to ask for exclusivity but in their turn they tend to be faithful to their relationships.

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