A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 4

This position gives much charm and attractiveness, grace and kindness. The lovers of the person with Venus in Libra will be delighted by the way this native know to offer them peace, harmony and refined pleasures.

The natives love very much the courteous persons and they have a good sense of the human relationships.

Sometimes they use intuition and empathy in order to make the others feel well to such an extent that they can give the impression of a complete affective participation although they only want to create a harmonious atmosphere.

They know very well how to enjoy every movement and they fully live their privacy with their lovers.
They are predisposed to a comfortable life and they like to live in a luxurious environment.

They are remarkable by their aesthetic sense, their general sensibility to beauty and their life with their beloved and they are expert in bringing happiness into their couple. They seem to be created for union and marriage.

In this case the lethal attractions are the keyword. The person has very strong emotions, and their intensity may determine her not to take care of the social conveniences and becoming unscrupulous when speaking about erotic issues.

They generally have very much sex appeal, but they are not a model in what love is concerned. They are full of passion, they live very intensely their lives and they are often extremist, passing very easily from love to hate and the way round.

They tend to become jealous and they have a revengeful disposition.
They don’t know any inhibition in lovemaking and they expect from the others to behave in the same way.

They are endowed with an inborn sense of eroticism and they are generally precocious in this field. For them, the erotic life is extremely important in a relationship and they tend to mix up the attraction with the love.

They can be attracted up to the point of becoming erotically obsessed and they like the relationships that can produce them very intense and unusual experiences in their erotic life.

For the persons they really love, they can be very good allies, sustaining them with the same passion with which they make love.

This position of Venus predisposes the natives to guide their relationships according to a high spiritual ideal, love being for them a way of manifesting the universal laws.

The principles and the intentions are more important for them than the exterior actions, and they guide themselves according to the moral values they accept and understand.

Sometimes they manifest their liberty as a disposition to adventure, and they assume the risk of experiencing new aspects of life they haven’t yet known, fully enjoying what life offers to them.

Other times their lives can be devoted to a principle in which they believe and to which they devote their whole being.

The physical relationships are not important for them unless it is based on a deeper soul communication and the sharing of the same ideals, although they are passionate and enjoy living intensely.

They have a very developed sense of friendship, and although they like the flirtation, they don’t guide their live on the erotic criteria.

They don’t like the possessive people or those too attached to the physical relationships and they aspire after a free and idealized relationship.

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