Masculine Zodiac – Capricorn, Part 2


The problem here is not if you have what it takes to seduce him, but if you have what it takes to keep him. This requires a powerful sexual nature. The Capricorn man seems reserved on the outside, but in fact he suffers from an invisible and incurable sexual “itch”.

His powerful passions are not for the conservative erotic play. Probably that precisely because he is usually so in control of everything that he wants so much to explode, to come out and experiment intense sensations.

In short, the Capricorn wants a primitive, passionate erotic encounter, which will make you spin around in bed. If you should imagine that after the honeymoon sex will fall down on the second place, you can kiss you lover good-bye from now.

Such a relationship will not last. But this steady man will not divorce because he will think “what will my boss, neighbour, aunt and the rest of the world say?”. Under such circumstances, he will become depressive and unhappy, if he is kept in this miserable relationship.

You are advised to have many social connections that will help you form this mans image. He loves intelligent women.


When time comes, it is necessary that you and your lover are in an intimate place. Tell him that there is a little surprise party for him, at a certain place. He loves surprise parties.

When he asks who and what, trying to get into more details, just tell him to be at the exact address at the exact time. Then get ready, because he will not be a minute late.

Meet him in your sexiest underwear, or in whatever makes you feel feminine and comfortable. You could meet him naked, wearing some high-heels and jewels. Then tell him that the surprise party was in fact arranged for the two of you only.

Before going to the party, let us know what you already found out about the Capricorn man. You know he loves to take over and that he can prove passion much easier than other emotions he keeps hidden. Another thing is that he loves anal sex.

Surely you will have to deal with an adventure full of surprises. You probably know quite a few things about your Capricorn by now, but one important thing you do not know is that he is terrified at the thought that he might lose the control he has over other people and in the same time he is fascinated by this thought.

In fact, he reaches the point when he no longer wants to control anything, he simply surrenders to the desires that drive a man in love. He thinks about this all the time and imagines all kinds of scenarios, but believe us, this is the time when he gets everything accomplished.

Now is the time for you to take over. From the moment he walks into the door, take over. The force you will have to face is his sense of the formal things and they will pull him back. This is the only considerable opposing force.

The first tactic you need to apply is to separate the person he is during the day from what he is in fact. Begin with the beginning. Take off his fancy suit, his fancy polished shoes, which will certainly prove quite an experience.

For a man such as the Capricorn walking around with bare feet will be quite an experience. He might feel disarmed and the signal may be : “play along or run away”. If he wants to play along, take off his socks and tell him about the surprise party.

Dim the lights and light the candles. While you move around the room, setting the right ambiance, bend over from the waist as much and as often as you get the chance. Is the music right? If you have never undressed a guy, remember two things: do it very, very slowly and keep the eye contact all this time.

The best thing to take off from a Capricorn man are his jewels. Strip him off this image, this social status, the armour that protects his image and he will feel vulnerable. Whatever you do, do not become too passionate, do not tear his clothes off because he will panic.

Unbutton his shirt one by one, slowly, very, very slowly and when you pull of his sleeves, let the shirt hang on his wrists. This is the first taste in losing the control. If you have a natural talent for this, you will be able to undo his belt with one hand only.

This is risky, nonetheless, as he might take you for a pro, so just take your time. You are close to the most delightful part. So take your time. Linger on the belt.

Make your Capricorn lover stand next to a chair and pull his pants off. Do not take them off completely. Stop and control his bodily image. All other women would probably go right to the next step.

Remember that in a seduction game, nothing needs to be forced, not even the underwear. Take them down slowly and tell him to keep him hands on the chair or otherwise he will be punished. If he does not listen to you, he still has not separated the man from the boy.

You will have to get him to this point, otherwise he will not be able to relax and you will have to postpone your game because of his panic.

If at his point he dares you to undress him, and he believes you are not capable of doing it, you may understand from his voice if he wants you to undress him. Tell him to hang on to the chair, bend over a little and spread his legs, as this will strengthen your control over him and gives him a very sexy feeling.

Imagine: you have your Capricorn lover naked, in your living room or in your lobby. The lights are dim, the music is beautiful and his body is relaxed, except one hard part. The most wonderful thing is that for the first time in his sexual life, he is controlled.

This man, who does everything according to a well-established program, is now in the situation when he does not know what to expect. He is again a child and everything is possible.

You have many fascinating options, you can pull over his shirt and kiss his most vulnerable part, or take him to the bedroom, make him sit on the bed, and then stick his face on your hot body. He will be dazzled.