Masculine Zodiac – Capricorn, Part 1

Congratulations! You found a lover who will always take care of problems, both from the bedroom and outside of it.

Capricorn is an earth sign, ruled by the powerful planet Saturn. Its symbol is the goat, indicating that these men are endowed with the greatest tenacity when they want something or someone they desire.

The Capricorn spends a lot of time climbing that mountain, aiming at what he wants, making plans and arranging scenarios for the next moves. He will do his next move only if he feels he is on solid ground.

This lover who takes no rush always uses his diplomatic skills to get what he wants. In fact, what he wants may be a career in politics or showbiz, because he will never mind if he is in the centre of attention.

One aspect you need to consider is that for your Capricorn his ambition will always come first, at least during the first interval of his life. If he is not married to his career, he is definitely in love with it.

This man is hungry for power and his need to control everything comes up in his personal life as well. Control, discipline, a time for everything. This is the Capricorn man. It may sound a little rigid, but keep in mind that the Capricorn is also a man in love and as usually he looks for a gateway for his passion.

He wants a woman who can see beyond his reticence, to break the shell and to touch the depths of his souls. However, seeking his lover becomes harder as the Capricorn man is pretentious.

This happens especially because he judges the model of the wife through the eyes of his audience. He is indeed very pragmatic. He is very preoccupied with his image when it comes to social relationships that may help him or may hurt his ambitions.

So as soon as this man is ready to show you to his friends and to his business associates, consider yourself half at the target. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you still need to seduce this Capricorn man, including his heart and his body.

As most men, the Capricorn man would also like to find someone able to play at least two parts: the main one is the eternal, loving, wifely woman, and the second is the Madonna mother, not necessarily the entertaining Madonna.

The Capricorn man keeps these things to himself, but your lover really needs someone to help him in what he wants to achieve, and for this, you need to be motherly. He might behave as if he can eat wood for breakfast, but in fact he is more sensitive and unsecure and things as such may cause him depressions.

However, make no mistake! He will get on top, on the mountain he aimed, even if it would take one year, ten years or a lifetime. This may be why the Capricorns have a long life, to be able to fulfil their grandiose dreams.

This earth sign has his feet well into the ground. He is not interested in a woman who is frivol, strange or unusual. Remember that he is very preoccupied with his image. So if you are interested in metaphysics or astrology don’t expect to understand you. Certainly that you could find an evolved Capricorn man with a rich spiritual experience, who surely will know more astrology than you.

Nonetheless, these men raise a critical eyebrow when the conversation enters on a path that they cannot understand, touch or put in a bank. Take a closer look and you will understand the importance social rituals hold for them.

“Oh, well how important can these be?” you might ask. You will definitely find that out. Try at least to show up at a party with a daring dress and you will find that out.

Dare to go to a business dinner and embarrass him drinking an extra glass or God forbid to play with your feet underneath the table because this just might prove the end of a wonderful love story.

Yes, it is very important to be conservative in public and keep any sexual daringness for the bedroom, where the sensual Capricorn can truly appreciate it. Keep in mind that underneath his controlled exterior there is an erotic person.

The Capricorn man is a long-distance runner. He is a man who respects his commitments and who wants everything, remember his tenacity so that his marriage works. Happily for you, the Capricorn man is so busy building an empire, that his energy left after satisfying you is almost over.

So even if he has ideas of leaving the established road, he will not have the energy to do it. One important thing: the Capricorn man will be faithful to you as long as you manage to satisfy his hunger for a sexual life full of fantasy.

If he ends up in having a second marriage, this is because his frustration or because he still seeks the ideal achievement into a sexual union.