Masculine Zodiac – Sagittarius

The last of the fire signs is the Sagittarius. Ruling planet: Jupiter. His symbol is the archer half man and half centaur. This makes one think that the native of this sign is half human and half freedom-loving animal that jumps over any obstacle to be free again.

Ruled by the generous planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius man has a deep love for life and a carefree, confident attitude, which bring him many friends. Few are those who are a match for his generosity.

He is always ready to jump out of bed at 2 a.m. to give a friend assistance in an unpleasant or difficult situation. He is considered the best friend of the whole zodiac and usually all the love stories that begin with a beautiful friendship promise to last a long time.

You probably discovered that the Sagittariuss favourite way of spending time is making sport. And you will probably have to tend to many injured wrists, or ankles, or tensed ligaments. You also need to know that sport is related to his positive manner of looking to the world.

So if you are not into sports, you would better start considering this. Anyhow, you will need to learn a great deal about soccer, football, or any other of his preoccupations of important man.

In the end, whether he comes out of it as a winner or not, important is that those beautiful muscles will come out from the sport court into your bedroom. Get ready for a great deal of exciting games.

This man, if he is one of the positive representatives of the sign will have to be in a great physical and mental form. The body of a Sagittarius who takes good care of himself is indeed a wonderful picture to admire and even touch and caress. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius is not easy to conquer. For this, we need to elaborate a clear and definite strategy.

This might sound pervert, but the woman who turns the Sagittarius on is the one who would do well without him. She needs to be independent and not to hand on him on any occasion. The Sagittarius loves his freedom and you need to give him at least the illusions of this freedom. Step easily and he will never notice that you placed his freedom in your pocket with his car keys.

Do you love to spend time in the open? If your lover is in great shape, find yourselves a tennis court, or if he is not in his best day, go for a walk on a country road. He does not like to feel trapped emotionally or physically.

If you cannot share his love for sports and outdoor movement, then you simply invite another lady, wearing sport snickers. Even more, this man is willing to expand his consciousness on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual.

So let him know that you own what he looks for: a nice physical aspect, a beautiful personality and a fascinating mind. And if you own only two out of three, they certainly need to be the last two.


The Sagittarius is very well-known to have his bags prepared all the time and looks yearningly towards the open horizon. You can expect the most wonderful adventures with this man in love with travels. For a romantic interlude into the future you could pick up a ranch with horses.

You could even take up some riding lessons. So just let your fantasy wonder about and imagine your cowboy and yourself leaving your guests and heading into the woods on the back of two wonderful horses.

Late in the afternoon you will find an intimate place in the shadow of a tree, near a lake. Your Sagittarius will do then what he enjoys most – talking about the world. The sun is almost ready to set and you gather woods for the fire.

The smell of nature, horses, and earth is an impetuous combination and it will determine the two of you to come close together. He kisses you and you rest your hand on his thigh. From there you know where to go.

Even before finishing your dinner at home or in a restaurant, you can tell him that you know a place where you can make love in the middle of nature, and that this would be an unbelievable spiritual experience.

Your Sagittarius loves to be incited by the words and the images the words recall. If you are shy, turn off the light and start whispering into his ear. Remember that the ears are some of the most erogenous areas. Whisper in your lovers ear and this will certainly double his pleasure.

Prepare for this man that loves to spend so much time outdoors a night in the wilderness of your own bedroom. He will have the chance to find the joys of nature in your bed.

Making love in the sound of the waves crushing against the shores, or the singing of the birds is paradise-like for the Sagittarius man, especially if the moaning of his beloved can be heard along. You can chose among a great variety of musical themes.


The Sagittarius man loves oral sex. But again, what man does not like oral sex?! If you are a beginner in the art of fellatio, let your enthusiasm supply for the skills. Most men are happy to find a woman who really enjoys oral sex.

Most of the less lucky Sagittarius men will find a woman who will indulge their pleasures, with a gloomy face.

Therefore, they will never forget a woman who loves kissing them down there and who looked so passionate when doing it.

Now, after offering him the experience of nature simulated inside the house, satisfy his real fantasy and get ready to make love to him outside the house. All you need to do is to offer him the possibility of experiencing this.

For the adventurous ones, now it is time to experience ecstasy, outside, in the nature, under the blue-velvet sky, on the smooth leaves, enchanted by the sound of the birds.

Another fantasy of the Sagittarius is to make love to a total stranger. Only that you get to be the stranger, if you indeed like to play the game. All you need is a wig, to make it spicier.