Masculine Zodiac – Scorpio, Part 2


If you are able to satisfy the emotional and sexual needs of a Scorpio man, then you have him at the tip of your finger. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as it may sound.

You will need to enjoy lovemaking just as much as he does, and keep in mind that for a Scorpio making love is as important as breathing, if not even more important.

He also wants a woman who is open minded to explore together in the fascinating realm of physical love, so you need to be ready to travel on unknown paths and to explore all the dark and forbidden things.

However, have no fear. Do not think that a Scorpio will be confined to the borders of your bedroom. He can make love just as passionately in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway, or in the closet.

We need to underline here the fact that for a Scorpio, what happens in your mind is just as important as the act of love itself. Unlike the Gemini man, who is often satisfied to know a little about many things, the Scorpio goes into the intellectual depths of things.

One of his strongest interests is the occult and all things connected to it. This leads him into the vast world of psychic phenomena, including telepathy, astral projections, clairvoyance, and so on. The unknown and the mysterious fascinate the Scorpio and he always wants to know why, why do all things happen?

In fact, this man wants to go deep into everything, you included.


This may sound strange to you. Only because it really is strange. Tell your lover that you have planned a weekend away. Find a motel that has fantasy bedrooms and take him there, not only for one weekend, but also for several weekends in a row.

The Scorpio will love to seduce you in places with exotic surroundings. A white apartment, decorated for a honeymoon. In a dark and mysterious boudoir, with mirrors all over the walls. This is a perfect place for the most loving zodiacal sign and for the ever-smiling woman at his side.


Let the games begin! Games of the body and soul, and most importantly of the mind…which you are about to lose, with the greatest delight of all.

Offer your lover a gambling game, a game of chance. It is up to you to deicide which game will stimulate his competitive spirit and his libido. Maybe his favorite game is darts, or poker, or scrabble, or any other game you can think of.

You will tell him that the one who looses the game will have to strip for the other, or makes the bets on a hot oral session. There could be nothing more inciting for the erotic nature of the Scorpio.

Make sure you lose the game and that you wear your sexiest and hottest underwear. Sure, we also need to consider that your Scorpio might want to take your clothes off himself. In this case, relax and enjoy.

If you are daring enough and if you feel comfortable, you may add more spice to the game, proposing to your Scorpio that the one who would lose the game will have to masturbate in front of the other.

You will tell him that you are determined to win, and that soon you will watch him making love to himself with the greatest delight, when in fact your intention is to lose and offer him the possibility of seeing one of his most secret dreams coming true before his amazed and charmed eyes.

You also need to know that showing him how you masturbate; he will have access to your most intimate being, unseen by anyone else before.

You also know how much the Scorpio loves to be on top of things. What can be more exciting than a wonderful show of submission with the most intimate and sexual act ever done?