A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 3

The persons who have Venus in Leo like very much to be admired, to be in the center of everybody’s attention and they manifest their presence in a very expansive way, needing much room in order to appear in their spectacular way.

Because of their constant preoccupation for their glamour they can often seem empathic and even artificial.

They have strong passions, but they don’t display them, letting the other perceive them only in a noble, dignified disposition.

They can be conquered by adoring them, praising their qualities and offering them gifts, and they can be approached by giving them the opportunity of manifesting their generosity.

When they feel in love, they use all their talents to seduce the person they love, looking better than ever, but they would not do anything explicitly because they can’t accept the fact of being refused. They just shine and expect the others to pay their homage.

When they agree to begin a relationship, they have the pretension to become the center of the other’s life, but in their turn they are very devoted to their relationship and want to make the other feel their regal nobility and generosity.

They are generally too proud to show their problems and they prefer to solve them alone. But if you are the lucky person of whom they fall in love, then you would transform your life into a great feast.

The feelings are more reserved, discrete, the person being rather predisposed to censure his emotions and rationalize them.

Sometimes they manifest a strong aspiration towards purity. They tend not to manifest either their feelings or emotions or their eroticism because they have a powerful need to mentally control the situation.

Even when they fall in love they don’t want to loose their control, compensating their feelings by a continuous analysis of their relationships, by a very keen criticism and an ironical behavior.

They have to understand that love can’t be understood with the limited mental abilities, it can’t be rationalized. Because of their reticence, they need much time to trust someone, but when they assume a relationship they tend to be faithful.

They don’t like the superficialities of the love play and they are not quite the romantic type, but with them you can be sure you’ll have someone to get you on earth and they have a very good capacity of sublimating low impulses into mental understanding.

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