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The Five Tantric Nectars

“Here, in this body, there are the sacred rivers. Here dwell the sun and the moon, and all the holly pilgrimage places. I have never encountered a more joyous temple than my own body.” (Saraha Doha)

In the Tantric vision, the human body represents the temple of the spirit, a veritable microcosm, an exact copy of the entire universe.

The incarnation in a human form represents the peak of the creation, and in the whole of the various life forms, the human body represents the highest physical form. The initiates say that this form is the most
difficult to obtain of all life forms.

Consequently, this physical body that we “wear” in the physical world is of an inestimable sacredness, as it “shelters” the divinity under the hidden form of the divine Self – Atman and therefore the temple of the spirit has become a traditional Tantric concept when referring to the physical body.

It is known that all that comes from a temple is sacred, with the condition that the temple itself is treated as a sacred place, with a permanent attitude of spiritual awareness from the part of the one
dwelling in it.

The temple is, by definition, a place of worship, an edifice dedicated to the service of God. However, according to the Tantric tradition, God represents our Supreme Self, Atman or in other words the divine spark
within, which needs to be worshipped right in the “temple of the body”.

Clean or dirty, good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable – all these are relative notions that regard the culture and the vision on things;
nonetheless, they may act as a barrier against the quick spiritual evolution the Tantric people usually seek.

Unlike the traditional Hinduism, obsessed with that which is pure or impure, in the authentic Tantric traditions there is no such concept.

“Chandamaharosana Tantra” expresses this aspect as clearly as possible: “the practitioner must never think in terms of pure and impure;” he must never think in terms of “worthy being achieved” or “unworthy
of being achieved”, “fit for loving” or “unfit for loving”. The yogi who will not respect this advice will lose all his or her siddhis“.

The great majority of western cultures usually sustain the idea that perspiration, saliva, urine, sexual secretions and menstrual blood are impure.

Nevertheless, the Tantric teachings say that when the body is well nourished, healthy and clean, all that is produced within represents a sacred thing that can have for us a special utility.

The Tantrics sought to discover the special properties of all our body products.

Therefore, they searched to discover the properties of perspiration, tears, pieces of cut fingernails, the earwax, the hair, the beard, the eyelashes and eyebrows, or the pubic hair, and so on.

They explored each part of the body, and all the materials it produces, finding magic uses for each of these. They focused their research mainly on five bodily secretions, which are referred to in the Tantric and Buddhist texts as “the five nectars”.

These are: saliva, urine, sexual secretions (sperm and vaginal secretions) menstrual blood and excretions. In the highest Tantric teachings, these are spiritual, sacred elements, that are used in the mystical rites as they help a person’s evolution.

These “five nectars” are often referred to in both the Tantric and the Buddhist tradition; they are well-kept secrets of the Tantrics.

Their use as spiritual elements is somehow opposed to the vision exposed in the traditional Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Tantrics argue that if we truly consider our body a temple, and if we eat right and take care properly of our body, than all the products resulted from the internal processes are sacred substances, endowed with divine qualities.

Bhakti And Shakti – Two Important Aspects for Tantric Lovers



Shakti is the essence of Bliss; it is the power of love. BHAKTI, or devotion, is the impetuous force of faith.”

Devi Purana


For the one who enters the path of self-discovery, there are two important things that are required. They are the basis for the journey he has started. First of these two things is bhakti, which means faith and devotion. This quality makes the impossible become possible.

On the spiritual path, faith makes doubt disappear, while devotion helps him come closer to the final aim. Keeping faith in divine ideals, the human being will be able to overcome any obstacle. Faith is not a substance, it is a profound feeling; generally people cannot say why they believe, they simply feel (or do not feel) that.

The erotic feeling stimulates faith. Eros, as a state, can create the conscience of a state without relation to time, a non-dual one. One of the Eastern affirmations asserts that “Time lives inside a troubled mind.”

Faith is an experience that is outside the limits of time, a stable one, that can transform physical love into super-sensorial union between the “god” and the “goddess”, the highest attributes of our being.

A true erotic experience exists somewhere outside time. The two lovers evoke their faith in the other, reaching the non-dual essence within them. Test your faith through self-analysis; open up your heart so that this faith can increase and last.

Be devoted to everything that you believe in and, especially, to the colossal power of your sexual energy, that can be awakened and elevated through sublimation. A couple united by their faith and devotion to each other can experiment their essential nature, as god and goddess.

The second extremely important thing on the spiritual path is Shakti, the Divine Energy of creation, which is the feminine manifestation principle, the one that penetrates and conquers all. The term has lots of meanings, but all of them refer to the energy of creation.

This energy is situated first of all in the genital area of the human being. It represents the power of transformation, an extraordinary , ascendant and liberating force that can lead to complete ecstasy.

It is also the power of the orgasm, the thrill of pleasure , and the sudden inner vision. Shakti exists on several levels of manifestation at the same time, from the physical to the subtle one.

When Shakti is evoked during sexual union, the couple can awake in their bodies a powerful creative energy. The recognition and adoration of Shakti opens up the path to real love.

There is a well-known tantric affirmation that says “The lover without Shakti is nothing but a corpse.” Shakti concentrates herself especially in woman and she is the one who gives her the power of giving life to another being.

But there’s a “tantric feminine side” in every man and it manifests especially as sexual energy. This natural (bisexual) quality, which every human being possesses, subsists from our origin till the complete, transcendent union, of both sexes.

Trying to suppress this natural androgynous in order to create a perfect “male” or a perfect “female” lead to serious psychological disturbance in the West.

The Taoist as well as the Tantric learning says that it is very important to recognize the reversed parts when practicing mystical sexual practices. This does not mean that the man has to become “effeminate” and the woman “aggressive”.

It talks about the freedom of thought, of allowing the erotic game be more spontaneous and blissful. Admire and adore equally the feminine and the masculine qualities. Try to understand the mystery of life through the subtle game of masculine and feminine principles.

Everything that exists in this infinite creation is nothing but a Natural Creative Force emanation. In this phenomenal world, the feminine principle, or Adi Shakti (the Original Shakti), is everywhere and this is why it has to be adored as such.

The man’s attitude towards a woman reflects directly his own attitude towards life. Thus the man will always pay attention to adoring the feminine principle in his lover, in any other woman, or in him.

The woman will also have to admit her goddess qualities and try to embody them as much as possible. When the man has the spontaneous vision of his lover as the embodiment of the Supreme Shakti, the Creation Goddess, the women will respond with BHAKTI, pure faith and devotion. Thus she will become his highest priestess and the initiator in the mysteries of love; then he reveals himself to her as the Master and Supreme Lover.

An Introduction to Sexual Continence



Unfortunately most people when thinking about “making love” envisage one thing only – the intimate, genital contact. In case of a harmonious couple, when the two know and love each other, “making love” is not strictly limited to the physical, immediate act. On the contrary, “making love” becomes a common state of mind and spirit, state that they may share even for more than one day or two. Such a couple reaches the point in which they are able to communicate rapidly and so profoundly that they may even give birth to ecstatic passion by means of a glance.
Kissing, passionate embracing and caressing are very important for a complete erotic fusion. Loving and caring couples who act this way in their intimate lives use every single opportunity to express thus their affection and adoration.
An affectionate touch or a tender caress is often much more important than thousands of words; we all had the practical experience of a passionate embrace at the right time which made words futile. All these amplify the mutual appreciation and, not at all surprisingly, the erotic aspect of their lives gains in importance and enthusiasm. Sometimes these intimate, apparently insignificant things can express a simple “I love you” or, other times, they are obviously and plainly prelude to an erotic act. Such a couple communicates even without words because the two lovers reach the point in which they are able to recognize precisely the meaning of each manifestation of the other, and are also able to use these manifestations spontaneously, as means of preparing for the awaited lovemaking.

This delicious way of initiating/engaging an erotic fusion becomes a longer and more profound anticipation of the act that will take place at a certain time in the near future.
Now you have the opportunity to see the difference for yourselves – and your partners as well, because this approach to sexuality will certainly generate beneficial changes in your lives, and these changes will not go on unrecognized. On the other hand, this approach endows you with the means of handling more practically and intelligently the ups and downs of sexual appetite and desire. You will also note that owing to the harmony established between the two partners, the erotic interest appears a lot sooner, together with the ability to act suitably. Thus, when the actual fusion occurs, the sexual intercourse will be more profound and successful because it will take place on the basis of a complete awakening of the partners’ erotic interest to each other.
Thus you may deal a lot easier with the variations in your sexual appetite, even with a potential failure viewed form a different perspective grounded on the opinion that the erotic relationship between two lovers may be sensual even if not physically sexual. It is interesting to note that the couple gets free of the tensions and stress due to the obsession with sex. Consequently, the partners experience an increase as regards erotic pleasure and even make love a longer period of time and more intensely.

In a steady and long-term relationship lovers can reach a non-verbal level of communication and sense the feelings and thoughts of their partner.
Revealing a secret to your partner will preserve and moreover, it will intensify the mystery and communion between you two.
For instance, the woman whispers into her lover’s ear, while dancing together, that she is wearing his favorite piece of lingerie. Touching “by accident” certain parts of his body can have an extraordinary effect. Some couples have such magic impression on each other through a look, plain and simple.
Another secret revealed here is connected to the use of a mysterious language of lovers, characteristic to each couple, in which they communicate even in public. Thus they have the possibility to share with each other their exact feelings, their erotic moods and expectations, feeling consequently a lot better and intimate.

These are the reasons why such couples are less predisposed to jealousy-sufferings. They flirt almost all the time, trying to respond the other’s mysterious love-calls.
They no longer consider others persons as a possible threat because they know at this point that all that they have together is worth a lot more than any superficial relationship.
If all these sound like a dream to you or appear too difficult to be acquired, you are given here some simple solutions that will empower you to improve your situation.
Start by going back to the way you behaved in the beginning of your relationship, when you were flirting naturally (most couples did not flirt and that’s why they hadn’t found any opportunity of expressing their love outside intercourse). Offer one another gifts, with no reason. There is no need for them to be expensive, what really matters are only your thoughts and feelings when you offer them.
Kiss her more. Call her at least once a day to tell her that you love her. Leave love-notes in unexpected places where you are sure she will find them. Date as if you were teenagers, and this was your first date. Don’t forget that there’s always another option, another possibility to choose.
There are many people in love but miss a lot of chances to be really happy for years. A lot of them realize that they forgot how to behave, and that only when they go back to the first stage of their relationship, they really felt happy when they were courting each other constantly. However, you know that practice makes you perfect and following these guidelines, you will soon see that you become an expert in the art of flirting and courtship.
Try, be patient, keep in mind your own experience of life and the results will soon amaze you.


A very simple and efficient method to obtain such wonderful results is to organize sensual vacations. Such “erotic mini-vacations” may last one night, a weekend or even longer. The main goal is to get out of the routine, regardless of the fact that you are in bed or out of it, to flirt with and really court your partner.
You can arrange this vacation in advance.
Thus you can talk about: an aphrodisiac breakfast in bed, a sensual massage, making love in unusual places, a new erotic position or any other kind of erotic fusion that you are certain your lover will fully enjoy. Or, why not, a whole night for making all your shared fantasies come true. Naturally, every couple has a specific idea about what is good for them, what suits them, what they had always loved to do.
It is preferable that you send these signs a couple of days before the event so that your partner is surprised, but not surpassed by the events. Acting this way will also permit your partner to anticipate and even fantasize about what is going to happen. It doesn’t have to be too expensive – you can put it all together in your house or you can have a special dinner or a picnic in two.
Whatever you do and wherever you are, what really matters is abandoning yourself completely to your partner and trying to do wonderful things together.
Then take the time to discuss what happened, describe in details your feelings, in order to see what went right and what didn’t. It would be best if each of you organizes these vacations in turns, so that each of you has the opportunity to choose, act and decide according to own preferences.


Don’t miss any opportunity to learn to be a better kisser. Spend a lot of time practicing the art of kissing when you are turned on or whenever you feel horny. As a result of erotic massage, you may learn to caress your lover in an extremely erotic way. Grant yourself a whole night and announce your lover that you will not make love in an ordinary manner. Then get creative, use your imagination and be happy.
Some couples become highly aroused even if they do not intend to have sexual intercourse, while for other couples it is very hard, maybe out of the question. Of course you could end by touching each other or one of you could help the other have an orgasm but without ejaculation. Yet it is not necessary that the erotic fusion end with an orgasm with ejaculation for both of you, even if this was the way you used to make love. Oral excitation without ejaculation-orgasm is well known and also preferred by most people.


It is regrettable that nowadays many men think strongly that any form of physical love must end with intercourse. Many women (maybe most of them) have repeatedly said that they would prefer more kisses and embraces before and during an intimate moment. Generally almost all men think that a “real man” has sex for hours and never plays like a teenager. This determines that a fairly large number of women who do not want an intimate relation yet refuse men and the kind of actions that could lead to lovemaking.
On the other hand, for many men touching and embracing are unfortunately considered as leading to sexual intercourse. They have become accustomed to this pattern of thinking to such a degree that they are unable to distinguish between the physical act and other forms of fusing with their beloved. A change in this pattern of thought requires a lot of time and effort. Such a man needs encouragement, help and taught to enjoy sensual, erotic experiences without intercourse. It will probably seem strange to him in the beginning, but in time he will become more self-assured, will-powered and virile.


Why shouldn’t a couple want to have sex? There are a lot of reasons. Few of us want or can make love all the time or, to be more precise, exactly when the person we love wants to. This is why sex is not an optimal solution, applicable no matter when, which could help maintain intimacy and harmony of a couple.
Thus, in a long-term relationship, there are a lot of situations in which both partners would like to express their mutual love. For different reasons though, the intimate contact can not take place: during last months of pregnancy, immediately after birth, after a surgical procedure, in between stages of an illness etc. All these situations pled in favor of the method presented above, because even in such cases you will be able to make love to your beloved in the absence of the physical act itself.
For many loving, strong couples making love without sex plays a special part in day-to-day life, even if none of the previous situations exists. Acting like this, the couples bring into their lives the missing element and express their love in unusual, yet appealing manner, enriching their relationship.
But, as in the case of any other problem, this one also depends on the harmony and equilibrium between sex and erotic manifestations that exclude the physical contact. The goal should be to reach and maintain that ideal state in which both of you are exceptionally satisfied, fulfilled and happy about your love life.

Strengthen Your Sexual Muscles!

xxThe ancient masters of lovemaking from India and China viewed the human body-mind “mechanism” as a bucket full of energy with holes in the bottom where life energy leaked out. These holes are the urethral opening and anal opening and, in the woman, the vaginal opening also. It was believed that when the sexual muscles were strengthened through special exercises they sealed the bottom of the bucket.
The Eastern sexual exercises that we are about to present in the following lines were developed in cultures that placed less emphasis on the genital orgasm. The development of sexual muscles represents a way to achieve, intensify, prolong and control the pleasure in both sexes and also contributes to your growth as a human being.

What kind of sexual muscle do you have to strengthen?
Before you start sexual muscle squeezing, it is most important that you locate the exact muscle involved. The anatomical name of this muscle is the pubococcygeus muscle. It’s called the PC muscle.

How do you find your PC muscle?
It stretches between your legs, from your genitals and your anus. It is part of the pelvic floor in both sexes.
The standard way to find your PC muscle is to stop and start as you urinate. Do this several times. Women need to keep the legs open wide so that the muscles in the buttocks don’t add confusing signals. Another way is to pretend to hold back a bowel movement and tighten anal muscles or you can try the direct approach. Insert a well-lubricated (use vegetable oil) finger into the anus and squeeze. You will feel the anal muscles as well as the PC muscle. Women can gently place their index finger or middle finger in the vagina and squeeze. The vagina will grasp the finger, perhaps quite firmly. It may even push them out. The PC muscle itself can be felt in the vagina as a ribbed muscle about one and a half inches in.

How do you strengthen your PC muscle?
Once you get the hang of it, you can do squeezes writing, reading, walking, sitting, working watching TV, listening to music and so on. You may find that a tightening of the muscles in the stomach and thighs happens no matter what you do at first. This is common. But after the first few days or weeks, when you have completely isolated the muscle, these extra contractions should be hardly noticeable.
Once you have definitely found the PC muscle, start with quick or short squeezes. Contract the muscle 30 times at about one a second or faster as one session. Do two sessions your first day. Gradually build up to 100 twice a day. When you can comfortably do 100 quickie contractions twice a day, add sustained or long movements.
Long squeezes are simple. Instead of holding the muscle contraction for a count of one, hold it for a count of three. Start with 30 of these per session, two sessions a day. Build up to 100 each session twice a day. Take your time. Avoid straining. The PC muscle is just like any other muscle. If you overdo it, it will become sore.
Make the contractions focused and concentrate on the physical sensations. You may find this easier if you close your eyes. Learn to relax between contractions. Relaxation is just as important to your control as the contraction itself. If a man learns how to relax the sexual muscles during intercourse, he can prolong the lovemaking as long as he wants. In other words, the man will control the sexual energy and he will be able to make love for hours without having ejaculatory orgasm.

Use the power of imagination
You can use precise mental images to guide the strengthening of your PC muscle. Mind, energy and body are intimately connected. So, use the power of your mind to strengthen the sexual muscles.
Women can imagine that their vagina is a tunnel made up of several muscular bands that can contract or expand at will. These circular bands of muscle are seen growing in size and strength with each contraction.
Men can imagine that the PC muscle is a steel cable running between their legs, which they can tighten or loosen at, will. The steel cable should be seen as growing thicker and stronger with each repetition.

Use positive affirmation
Don’t be surprised if the exercises stimulate erotic feelings while you are doing them. The contractions of the sexual muscles produce the growth of sexual energy. This is the reason for which these exercises have to be accompanied by other methods for sublimating the sexual energy. Otherwise, you will become irritated, nervous and irascible. A simple method is to use positive affirmation during each contraction. With a quick PC muscle squeeze say a short positive affirmation such as “Love” or “Beauty”. With a long PC muscle squeeze you can say a longer affirmation such as “Love is my religion”.

Benefits of the PC muscle exercises:

  • Make you get more in touch with your genitals and sexual feelings
  • Improve the blood flow to these areas (which can be quite healing in itself)
  • Make orgasm voluntary
  • Eliminate frigidity


Virtuoso status is achieved and maintained only by working out daily.

Caring for Yourself

It is important and rewarding to have another person’s love and attention, but at least equally important is to gain that caring and respect for yourself. We are encouraged to put our own well being in second place in order to consider others.

However, building up your own self-esteem will empower your life and enable you to become less dependent on another person for acknowledging your value.

This power will sustain you in time of loneliness, but equally important it will add new aspects to any relationship you already have.

The start is simple: a lifestyle that indicates concern for yourself: healthy diet, exercise, rest, and relaxation.

The extra energy that comes from all these actions will help you manage the daily life and the inherent stresses so that those tensions become power for positive actions rather than a negative force that blocks and withholds your energy.

Having the enthusiasm and confidence required for facing the daily issues, as well as a new and demanding relationship requires that you feel good about yourself. In most cases, this feeling good about yourself refers to take care of your real, deep needs and to fulfill them.

The process of self-appreciation begins with feeling good, both internally and externally. Your body will then be relaxed, full of energy and vitality, your complexion clear and glowing, your whole person radiating happiness and fulfillment – things that will only attract the others towards you.

Now: feeling good about your body is important as your contentment sense of humor and merriness depends on this. You could not possibly be merry and happy if you were constantly worrying about the way you look.

The concern for your physical body is also important because of its connection with the fact that a healthy body fights disease much better and effectively than a weakened organism.

Health is important, as ill or health is not only a state of the physical condition, but a state of the mind as well. Enthusiasm and self-confidence are much easily scattered when weakened by disease.

Sleep and rest are important issues in the process of gaining self-esteem. Neglecting your sleep, relaxation and rest can only have negative effects upon your building confidence, as your body is unable to replenish its resources.

A person lacking resources is very unlikely to have the mental harmony and inner balance required to face in a dignified manner the every-day challenges, both in the social life and in one’s intimate, love life.

The most direct effect on your health, and the most visible one are through the diet.

This is also the aspect that we most often neglect. Nonetheless, we all know (or at least should) that a healthy body starts with a healthy diet.

The ancient saying “we are what we eat” is still valid these days, and will endure as long as there is life, as the molecules in the food we ingest constantly replace the cells in our body.

Mental Concentration During Lovemaking, Part 1

In 1970, Masters and Johnson made popular a new technique that they called “sexual focusing”. This technique simply consists in focusing one’s attention on the sensations that occurr during lovemaking, without letting one’s mind to loaf.

Applying this technique during foreplay or during massage exercises was the first step in curing sexual dysfunctions for both men and women.

Similar to the Concentration (Dharana) phase in Yoga, the sexual concentration is an absolutely necessary phase for reaching the perfect harmony in couple, by favouring the focusing of the very powerful energies that take place during lovemaking and guiding them to the high levels of the human being.

We don’t have to see the method of achieving a meditative attitude during lovemaking as an exercise, as an instrument or as a technique performed in order to obtain a purpose in the future – the sexual performance, the mystique experience or anything else.

It is better to see it only as a way to go deep inside of us, in the present moment, in what we are doing and in what we are experiencing, therefore a way to stop our thoughts.

There are more aspects of eros we can firmly focus our attention on, in order to eliminate any other thought, in this way driving ourselves close to the subtle plans of the mystique conscience. These aspects of the lovemaking can be active or passive.

Let’s take as an example, the touch: we can either concentrate our attention on given touches that represent the active aspect of touch, or on received touches that represent the passive aspect of touch. Also, the aspects of erotism can be general or specified, depending on how many sensations are perceived in the same time.

Yet, the most beautiful feeling is the feeling of merging with the lover and with the entire Universe. This phenomenon appears step by step through continuously refining of the transfiguring act.


The stopping of the thought has become a popular technique. In the arsenal of Western therapeutics, this technique has entered powerfully after the 70s, being used as an active and direct treatment in the fixed idea (monomania). It came in contrast with the psychoanalytic method which was slower, more indirect, though in a certain direction – more comprehensive.

The idea that a person can direct her perception and attention, performing in this way a certain control over his/her own cognitive functions, is applied in order to modify the sexual behaviour. It proves to be very useful especially when the sexual dysfunctions are generated by a disturbing mental pattern that occurs during the lovemaking.

As much as we start to focus ourselves on the sensorial, direct perceptions of the erotic act, it becomes obvious the idea that “these thoughts occur to me” and that “I am not these thoughts”. Therefore, we will let those thoughts pass over us and go out of our conscience without giving them any value or becoming attached to them.

As soon as we will become aware of the fact that the thoughts are external to our being and that just by feeding them and by accepting them we make them alive and sustain them, we will easily realize that it is easy to stop their activity.

An efficient way to begin is to ignore them and not pay any attention to them, by making efforts to concentrate over the sensations we feel while making love.

With the time passing, the stopping of these thoughts will occur spontaneously, while the person is paying attention only to the orgasmic and sensual experiences.


1. In case that certain inhibitory thoughts or certain thoughts, which are disturbing the harmonious lovemaking occur, because of some psychic traumas in connection with the sexual activity, you must have in mind to concentrate yourselves over the most intense sensation (tactile, visual, tasting, smelling) you feel.

Let yourself be absorbed by this sensation, let yourself become one with it. As much as you melt in this sensation, experiencing it at maximum intensity, you realize that any disturbing thought will disappear, letting the place free for the pleasure and for the happiness.

Doing the same with the other sensations, you will realize that the intense experience will free hidden forces in your own human being. As soon as you achieve this experience, you will realize that the thoughts easily disappear and they will be kept ever under the control.

2. You are ready go to bed (after they have undressed and had a shower). She is lying down while you softly caress her back sensually.

You have to concentrate yourself only on the sensation you receives from touching her skin and the harmonious forms of her body. In the same time, the woman has to focus her attention on your caresses.

She mustn’t let her mind be disturbed by other thoughts. She shouldn’t think of anything else. In this way you won’t let your minds wander. By concentrating on your sensations you can be more aware and fully experience all the sensations.



Asanas of Happiness, Part 1


Even when we do not suspect it, love is the supreme law of the universe: a mysterious law, that governs and orders everything, beginning with the lifeless atom, to the union of rational beings.

All our actions and thoughts originate in this love, and to it they are drawn, as towards a divine center of irresistible attraction…

Yoga is a path of knowledge, and in the same time, a path of love and loving. Therefore, the sages have transmitted to the humanity poses that are to be performed by a couple, so that the relationships we have are harmonious and spiritual.

The asanas presented in the following may be performed before lovemaking as well, because they create an ineffable state of harmony between the two lovers.

The perseverant practice of these asanas will help you and your lover evolve spiritually, and lift your souls to reach the Supreme Ultimate Freedom, together with the beloved. The heart of this yoga practice is of course – LOVE.

This asana helps you trust your lover and rely on your love.
Sit on the floor, facing each other, knees bent, and touching with your soles your lover’s soles. Hold your hands, or use a scarf if you do not reach your lover’s hands. Make sure there is enough space behind you, in case you lose your balance.

Keep your spine as straight as possible. Lift both your feet, keeping your knees slightly bent in the beginning. Lift each foot on turns, maintaining the contact with your lover’s feet. Once you straighten your feet, exhale deeply, keeping your chest up and the spine straight. Keep this pose for as long as possible.

Perceive the activation of Manipura chakra, enhanced will, self-confidence and trust in your lover.

This asana helps you have a greater capacity to love spiritually. The perseverant practice of this asana will help you have great force/impact as a couple, as well as the energy to fulfill your goals, and overcome any obstacles together with your beloved.


The left side
Face your lover; step forward with your right foot, so that your feet touch each other on the inner part of the shank. Lift your arms and bring the palms at the level of the chest. Press your hands on those of your lover.

Place your left foot backwards, as if taking a big step. The ankle and the floor should form a 45 degrees angle. Keep the soles on the ground and bend the right knee to form a 90-degree angle. Breathe calmly, in the same rhythm with your lover, keeping eye contact all the while you perform the asana. Come out of the asana smoothly.

Focus to perceive the energy flowing through the palms of your hands and the right foot. Perceive the activation of Anahata chakra and Muladhara chakra in its receptive aspect. Perceive enhanced vitality; trust in your lover, self-confidence, calm, and feeling of security.

The right side
Face your lover; step forward with your left foot, so that your feet touch each other on the inner part of the shank. Lift your arms and bring the palms at the level of the chest. Press your hands on those of your lover.

Place your right foot backwards, as if taking a big step. The ankle and the floor should form a 45 degrees angle. Keep the soles on the ground and bend the left knee to form a 90-degree angle. Breathe calmly, in the same rhythm with your lover, keeping eye contact all the while you perform the asana. Come out of the asana smoothly.

Focus to perceive the energy flowing through the palms of your hands and the left foot. Perceive the activation of Anahata chakra and Muladhara chakra in its emissive aspect. Perceive enhanced vitality; trust in your lover, self-confidence, calm, and feeling of security.

Conventional Couples Versus Spiritual Couples

We all have wished a perfect, sublime relationship with an opposite sex human being.
Some of us succeeded by the first time, others succeeded after many failed tries, and others are still looking for. But don’t worry about this, because “everybody has his own half” as an ancient proverb tells us. Sooner or later, you and your lover will become to enjoy the most sublime aspects of love, depending on how fast you will be aware of the REALITY.

It is essential to understand the typical mistakes usually done in a so named normal or conventional couple. From the beginning this kind of a relationship is supposed to be a failure.
Being aware of our mistakes we can build up a perfect affair according to our best ideals.

Here it is a comparative analysis of the two types of couple, the conventional one, and the spiritual one.

Closed process
The couple motivations aren’t clarified. For the most of the times, the couple is modelling having a standard pattern established by the others and not after the self-inner standards. It is preferred the security, the stability, the transformation is avoided. That is why the individual evolution is very slow. Everybody tries hard to be according the other one’s image of him (her); he (she) isn’t acting in a free way. He (she) doesn’t do what he (she) feels.
Opened process
It is clearly set up the spiritual purpose, the common objectives that constitute the foundation of the relationship. The mutual recognition of the other one’s freedom. The both lovers honestly and openly express what are they, what do they want and what are their targets. The transformations are accepted, there is no jealousy, and this is the reason for that the individual evolution is very fast.
The closed process provokes a less of self-confidence and a less of confidence in the other. You are attached, you feel dependent. You need the other for putting you in value.
An opened process makes each of the lovers aware of their independence. You don’t try to change the other one, you accept him/her as he/she is. You help him/her by your own presence.
It appears the fight for powers (who gives orders?) and authority, conflicts of parts. The own interest comes first. The ego has the power.
Each lover has the same “rank”, the same responsibilities. Each of them respects the other one’s “space” and his (her) desire to be together or alone. Change of parts: you are here to help the other one to advance.
You have different point of view that you want to impose. You feel alone and unfulfilled. You are afraid of being abandoned.
Each of them is self-sufficient, not dependent on the other one. The love confers safety. Each lover is opened to the other’s desire of spiritual evolution. So, there is a good understanding of the “tools” used by everyone for spiritual development, (spiritual practice, spare time, travels, etc.). This drives to spontaneity and harmony.
The dependency provokes conditional exchanges. The relations are lead by rules, contract, and compels. The base of the relationship is the idea of truck: you offer if you get something in return, the attitudes are premeditated. Manipulation.
Autonomy provokes tolerance, detachment, and abandon. There is no longer the case of domination or possessiveness. They spontaneously explore together the joyful adventure of the aware evolution in two. Happiness, mutual confidence, harmony.
The lovers create rules because they don’t enjoy any more spending the time together. They enter in a routine that destroys the creativity and the inventiveness. Each of them begins to think that the other one is his (her) cause of unhappiness and this is the reason for that she (he) must defend from the other one.
Constantly, the lovers play the loving game. This generates good mood. Spontaneity, inspiration, amusement. Spontaneous change of parts and duties. There are invented new ways of love. You feel really good and happy together.
You have the feeling that something is missing, you do not exactly what is it, and you have feelings of fear, instability and culpability. You avoid the other one or you reproach him (her) a certain behaviour that upset you. You want to make a family hopping to find out a solution for the problem and to find more stability.
The profound love makes the stability feeling to appear. It can appear the wish of having a family, not because the lovers are afraid of losing one another, but in order to fulfil their spiritual purpose. The spiritual merging of the two lovers induces a superior security feeling.
Sensation of couple failure
The impotence of changing the flow of events. Each lover begins to undervalue one another. It can appear resentments that can provoke even unbalance. Desperateness. You have the feeling that is nothing you can do. You see no way to bring back the harmony in the couple.
Perfect love
Feeling of abnegation and devotion. The mutual devotion awakes the divine essence in both lovers and the mutual abnegation generates the good mood of the lovers. You exist for love. The love becomes cosmic so that you feel that God is the One who loves you throughout your lover.
The only solution is the separation, the divorce. You experience the desperateness and the loneliness, that could yet be the opportunity of a transformation, of a possible discovering of the autonomy and freedom.
The relationship is the opportunity to achieve the spiritual wedding or in other words the spiritual union of the two lovers. The lovers discover the primary love – the love between two archetypes, the male archetype and the female one. This love leads the lovers to UNITY, divine grace and blessing. They fulfil the ideal of any couple which is the discovering of the UNITY or in other words of the SUPREME REALITY.

Sweet Basil and Wild Basil



BASIL is a herb with mystical valences, highly in use during the Middle Age. Basil is said to have grown out of an unfulfilled love.

A young and beautiful girl has died, leaving behind her desperate lover, who would go to her grave every day, shedding many tears. After a while, a flower grew on the grave. The boy’s tears would wet the flower every day, until it blossomed and a nice perfume spread from it.

Its delicate and sensual perfume has made the basil a stimulant of sensuality. In Haiti, it is reputed for the association with Erzulie, the goddess of love.

The legend says that the wives who wish to “cure” their husband of infidelity should perform a ritual in which they powder the upper parts (their chest) of their body with basil.

The saying goes that the husbands will become faithful and loving. There are very few herbs so clearly associated with sex.

In the folk European tradition, basil is an important ingredient in the erotic rituals, and the Arab writers of the time mention it as a highly important aphrodisiac herb, as it enhances erotic passion, especially in the case of women. Its beneficial effects are not so easily perceptible in the case of men, but in about three months, they are said to be remarkable.

As a alimentary herb, basil is held in great esteem as well. Use fresh basil leaves as often as possible, but also dried leaves to spice your food. Tomatoes spices with chopped fresh basil leaves are known as “love-apples”, while if used in olive oil and in combination with parsley, pine buds and cheese you may taste the reputed tonic ‘pesto sauce’.

Another form in which you may use basil in order to benefit from its wonderful qualities is essential oil. You may add this essential oil in a regular massage oil, to make it an erotic massage oil. Sheikh Nefzawi, in his Perfumed Garden compares this delicate herb with a woman’s body, explaining that ‘both (herb and woman) have to be first stirred with the nails, to reach a high state of pleasure.

HERB’S DESCRIPTION: Common or Sweet Basil which is used in medicine and also for culinary purposes, especially in France, is a hairy, labiate plant, growing about 3 feet high.

The stem is obtusely quadrangular, the labiate flowers are white, in whorls in the axils of the leaves, the calyx with the upper lobe rounded and spreading.

The leaves, greyish-green beneath and dotted with dark oil cells, are opposite, 1 inch long and 1/3 inch broad, stalked and peculiarly smooth, soft and cool to the touch, and if slightly bruised exale a delightful scent of cloves.

USED PARTS: leaves, flowers, and seeds. It acts as a stimulant aphrodisiac.

RECIPES: Take sublingually powder made of blossomed ends of the dried herb, in quantities of 0.5-1.5 grams, every six hours, four times a day. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey. For its aphrodisiac effects, take 3-4 grams at one time, four hours before lovemaking.


HERB’S DESCRIPTION: Like most members of the mint family, Prunella has square stems and opposite leaves. A creeping perennial that forms low, dense mats of foliage. The stems may be erect or prostrate and range from two to fifteen inches high.

Stems are slightly hairy when young but become hairless with age. Leaves are one to four inches long and about 1/3 to 1/2 as wide as they are long. The pinkish to purple flowers are in short, dense spikes (one to two inches long) at the tops of the stems.

Wild basil, also known as self heal has reknowned aphrodisiac effects. Take sublingually powder made of blossomed ends and flowers of the dried herb, in quantities of 1-1.5 grams. Administer 4 to 6 times a day, for 5 months if you seek a long-time effect or take 3-4 grams at one time, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey.

Prepare the macerate made of wild basil adding 30-50 grams of herb into one liter of spring or mineral water. Drink 2-3 cups a day for the stimulation of the sexual function.