A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 3

The persons who have Venus in Leo like very much to be admired, to be in the center of everybody’s attention and they manifest their presence in a very expansive way, needing much room in order to appear in their spectacular way.

Because of their constant preoccupation for their glamour they can often seem empathic and even artificial.

They have strong passions, but they don’t display them, letting the other perceive them only in a noble, dignified disposition.

They can be conquered by adoring them, praising their qualities and offering them gifts, and they can be approached by giving them the opportunity of manifesting their generosity.

When they feel in love, they use all their talents to seduce the person they love, looking better than ever, but they would not do anything explicitly because they can’t accept the fact of being refused. They just shine and expect the others to pay their homage.

When they agree to begin a relationship, they have the pretension to become the center of the other’s life, but in their turn they are very devoted to their relationship and want to make the other feel their regal nobility and generosity.

They are generally too proud to show their problems and they prefer to solve them alone. But if you are the lucky person of whom they fall in love, then you would transform your life into a great feast.

The feelings are more reserved, discrete, the person being rather predisposed to censure his emotions and rationalize them.

Sometimes they manifest a strong aspiration towards purity. They tend not to manifest either their feelings or emotions or their eroticism because they have a powerful need to mentally control the situation.

Even when they fall in love they don’t want to loose their control, compensating their feelings by a continuous analysis of their relationships, by a very keen criticism and an ironical behavior.

They have to understand that love can’t be understood with the limited mental abilities, it can’t be rationalized. Because of their reticence, they need much time to trust someone, but when they assume a relationship they tend to be faithful.

They don’t like the superficialities of the love play and they are not quite the romantic type, but with them you can be sure you’ll have someone to get you on earth and they have a very good capacity of sublimating low impulses into mental understanding.

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A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 2

They are characterized by a great amount of curiosity, which is the main reason for which they begin a relationship.

Their feelings can be compared with the images from a kaleidoscope, which can captivate us by their beauty but are not twice the same.

They have an inborn taste for love-plays, for flirtation, for short relationships, sometimes with totally unknown people.

They manifest the tendency to have very many relationships at the same time, to which they don’t pay much attention but which can make them feel good because they don’t have the time to get annoyed.

They are not especially preoccupied by the physical interaction in itself but by the novelty.

Their sentimental life may be compared with the image of a butterfly, flying from flower to flower, never stopping in one place. The faithfulness is not their forte, and they don’t like the possessive lovers.

They don’t bother to fight for a relationship if they are confronted with some troubles, and they tend to fly away from a serious relationship.

They generally posses a very good sense of dissimulation, which help them solve their conflicts in a friendly way.

They are also endowed with a lot of spontaneity, they like the surprises and they are very communicative and you don’t risk to get bored as long as you are in their company.

This position endows the natives with a romantic disposition, which makes them look for their perfect pair and dream of the day when they meet each other.

They are very sensitive, very tender, sweet, well disposed, and they have a very intimate charm and grace.

They can be very shy at the beginning of a relationship, but if you approach them in a very delicate way, they will begin to trust you and they will show you their warm feelings.

This position gives the natives a very deep tenderness, the power to sacrifice their own desires for the well being of the persons they love and the ability to create a warm and intimate atmosphere around them.

They love very much their family and their home for which they do anything to better protect. They also love children and it is very easy for them to take care of their children.

Sometimes this position can give the natives a certain emotional instability, a very strong need for protection and a deep attachment to the image of their mothers.

When they love someone, they do almost everything in order to be with their beloved and are able to completely ignore their needs in order to make the others happy.

They are extremely devoted to their families and are faithful to their lovers.

They are very affected by the idea of separation and they will not leave from a relationship if there is the lightest chance to save it, unless you hurt them very badly.

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Lessons About Tantra, Part 3

Tantra says that the erotic act is not limited to sexual intimacy. The whole body may be transformed, not literally of course, into an erogenous area, offering a multitude of sensual experiences that will refine and expand gradually.

The genital orgasm is a first step. The next is ecstasy. One needs to understand that orgasm is different from ejaculation.

Although many men await impatiently the ejaculation, they do not know that they may still experience orgasm without ejaculating and that if they last on the orgasmic plateau for sufficient time, this may propel them into exceptional states of mind, soul, and spirit.

In the absence of this understanding, the erotic game stays in the frustrating limit of several minutes of pleasure, ending up suddenly in a sensation of exhaustion and nostalgia of what just occurred.

It is no wonder that in time some women develop aggressiveness, irritation, and frustration. Tantra develops a tender, larger, and deeper perspective on sexuality.

Many men wrongfully consider that it is enough to kiss and stimulate a womans breasts and clitoris (in the happy case) in order to arouse her.

Similarly, there are women who kiss and touch the mans penis and expect to obtain an erection from the “Ever-Ready Gentleman” in a matter of minutes. Because of this simplified mentality, sexuality is centred on few “hot areas”.

Nonetheless, Tantra indicates that the whole body, hands, hips, thighs, neck, and feet are capable of unsuspected erotic sensations. Each part of our body may become almost as “hot”, open, and sensitive as the genital area, each with its characteristic.

Tantra indicates that the preparation for the erotic act is not a matter of physical stimulation, but one of mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

The belief according to which we depend on the other who would be entirely responsible for our erotic fulfilment is also a myth. It is based on the erroneous assumption that the source of our pleasure is not within us, but in the other, and that the pleasure depends and is the result of our lovers actions.

Tantra explains that we alone are responsible for the pleasure we feel and this is the first and very important step in learning the art of ecstasy.

A person who develops the skills to experience orgasmic states even alone and not necessarily through masturbation or sexually related techniques, is spontaneously attractive to other people as well, and consequently is more apt to find a suitable lover to explore together the elevated eroticism.

All experiences belonging to a person are not judged from the point of view of bad or good, but as an opportunity of learning. Learning according to its rules, of course, and these rules include sexual continence and a healthy heterosexual relationship.

Tantra stresses the importance of HOW you do things, not necessarily of WHAT you do. The Tantric vision is unifying, embracing everything, because any circumstances are considered and looked upon as new opportunities of learning and improving.

For this, sexuality is an extraordinary chance of integrating all aspects that define us, including those parts that we usually rejected and hated. This vision also admits that inside each adult there is a natural aspect of child, who may explore any unknown territory, with innocence and spontaneity.

Tantra offers practical answers to fundamental questions: “what is ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy in the present cultural context, and how can it help us in our daily life?”

Lessons About Tantra, Part 2

The attitude condemning eroticism comes from a wrong tendency of separating the body from the spirit. In this vision, sexuality is the libido, the instinct beyond control. From this comes the tendency to repress sexuality, which is nonetheless a very dangerous tendency, according to psychologists.

Even today, after the so-called sexual revolution of the 60s, this bizarre, repressed attitude generates inner conflicts and casts shadows over our feelings on the erotic act.

Tantra reveals thus new paths of access to the erotic experience, paths in which Tantra is honoured as a celebration, an act of creation, an art.

The folk traditions say: “When its hot its hot. When its not hot, its not hot.” Do not resist your inner impulses; do not resist your libido. Let it live and find its expression. Nature knows best.

Frequently people consider that introducing certain specific techniques into ones sexual life
equals to a decrease in spontaneity. However, the way in which we manifest our sexuality is not as natural as it may seem on a first look. It is strongly influenced by the cultural and educational conditions.

For instances ideas such as: “men prefer blondes” or “the greatest orgasm is ensured by a huge penis” are definitely influencing our reactions during lovemaking.

These thoughts are the results of the society in which we live and they influence our entire intimate life. The greatest part of our erotic responses is made of mere learned, acquired responses.

We often tend to react automatically based on subconscious accumulations, due to our
experiences, parental conditionings, and education.

Tantra teaches us to transform and decode the responses of our bodies while making love. This is not just a formal practice; it is a preparation for being able to make love in a genuine manner.

After you had learned these techniques, you will discover that you will be able to integrate them
effortless in your love life and your spontaneity and naturalness remain unharmed.

A reader of our web magazine wrote that after a number of years she succeeded in having an orgasm through masturbation, yet the doctor told her this is an unhealthy thing. For many people, especially women, the influence of the “experts” in the field has created “rules” in how to obtain pleasure.

Tantra dissolves all these distinctions. In Tantra, there are no “wrong” ways of experiencing orgasm, nor wrong ways of making love. However, we need to make it very clear that Tantra does not imply homosexuality, or any perversions that might cross ones mind.

It is a healthy attitude supported on powerful and precise principles. Tantra simply eliminates any wrong mentalities or attitudes. It teaches us to believe in ourselves and to discover our uniqueness and originality in our eroticism.

It teaches us that orgasm is not a sexual event, but that it may get to the whole body, mind,
heart, and spirit.

Many people were thought to believe that orgasm is something that refers to the genitals only. Someone, after years of erotic experiences, noted that “after all the sexy movies that I saw, after all the techniques and vibrators that I used, my sex life has not changed notably, and it did not acquire a clear sense either. It was still the ejaculation of the seminal liquid in the vagina.”

Consequently, one needs to suffer a change in the vision on sex and eroticism, rather than simply a change of sexual technique. One needs to understand deeply the unbreakable relationship
between sexuality and spirituality.

Lessons About Tantra, Part 1



Tantra or the cult of ecstasy is a spiritual path based on the mystical experience of the game rather than on rigid dogmas. In Tantra, the act of love becomes sacred, a cult and an act of worship and devotion. It is a gift of life.

Tantric art, tantric writings and rituals glorify the erotic act. Tantra proclaims life in its entirety and teaches the practitioner to discover the spark of divinity inside of us. The Tantric practitioner uses his or her senses, mind and soul in order to reach the peaks of mystical
ecstasy.” (Kamala Devi)

During the past years there has been a lot written and discussed on Tantra. However, only few know it is an Eastern spiritual system whose main purpose is to unify the opposites at all levels.

In Tantra, man and woman are seen as expressions or mirrors of the macorcosmic energies represented by Shiva, or the masculine principle, and Shakti, the feminine principle, under any form these may appear.

Balanced union between the two opposites poles feminine, Yin and masculine, Yang will finally lead to the eliberation of the human being from the endless cycle of births and rebirths and more than that, to God.

The man and the woman have a huge potential, practically they have potentially inside themselves all the possibilities and all the experiences of the world. When they are re-united, these experiences are revealed in a new vision and cosmic harmony that lies at the basis of the whole creation.

Tantra may re-unify an ancient scindation in the inner structure of the people, between sexuality and spirituality, which is very common in the Western tradition. One cannot meet the perfect harmony between sexuality and spirituality elsewhere than in Tantra.

It is a spiritual path that integrates the erotic act as a sacred act, which brings the devoted
practitioner closer and closer to God.

In order to facilitate such a union on all levels, Tantra uses a great variety of principles, techniques and rituals. We will introduce you to the most representative and significant ideas that lie at the foundation of Tantra.

Tantra does not contradict the Christian religion, and it can offer the modern stressed and overloaded person an easy manner to improve ones life, to be happier, to be at peace with ones own self and with the people around, and also very important to experience the erotic act deeper, longer and more intense.

It is necessary that some taboos concerning sex be demystified because they are the cause of so many inhibitions that keep us from enjoying our exploration of it.

Many of us are unconsciously slaves to erroneous attitudes towards sex. Without the attempt of transforming them, there are very little chances to remould our erotic life.

Many people consider that the erotic function of the human being is procreation, and not pleasure and even spiritual evolution. This makes some people to sink in guilt every time they have a fulfilling erotic experience.

Think about yourselves, how many times you made love up to now. A 43-year-old man told us that he made love approximately 3.000 times. For procreation, it would have been sufficient once. Then what did he do the rest of 2.999 times and to what purpose?

The role of Tantra is to “fill” up these empty, missing spots, teaching you how to move from procreation to ecstasy.

The Main Qualities of the Zodiac Signs In Relational Astrology

The astrology lets us know how the human psychic is modelled throughout the astral energies that are mainly generated by the zodiacal constellations, Sun, Moon and the other planets of our solar system.

Thus, you will become more aware of your qualities and lacks, you will know from what signs you have to learn and you will know better how to bring harmony in your relationships.

Now, let’s get to the point. The main qualities that we can assimilate from our relations with a native from a certain zodiacal sign, according to the specificity of the respective sign are:

ARIES: dynamism, intensity, passion, enthusiasm, childish purity, courage, efficiency, great capacity to begin actions, to seize the moment and fully live it (‘Carpe diem’)

TAURUS: voluptuousness, vitality, stability, tenaciousness, persistence, capacity of fully enjoying sensual pleasure and offer a vital support, sense of beauty (especially physical beauty), calmness, patience, hedonism

GEMINI: adaptability, flexibility, ingeniousness, intelligence, agility (especially mental agility), eloquence, vivacity, playfulness, swiftness, fluency in writing and speaking, persuasion, good sense of correlation and communication

CANCER: sensitivity, tenderness, gentleness, delicacy, protection (motherly protective), sentimentality, great profusion of feelings, and sensibility to emotional nuances

LEO: autonomy, self-determination, sovereignty, (paternal) authority, will, self-confidence, creativity, protective affectivity, generosity, radiance, elegance, leadership

VIRGO: preciseness, accuracy, modesty, prudence, discretion, sense of order and moderation, great capacity of analysis and planning, sense of detail, vivid critical sense, aspiration for purity, fidelity

LIBRA: harmony, refinement, affection, soul-to-soul communication, good taste, grace, sympathy, sense of human relationship, diplomacy, courtesy, tactfulness, coquetry, sense of human justice

SCORPIO: mystery, sensuality, magnetism, passion, power of transformation and regeneration, magical power, seduction, profoundness of feelings and emotions, aspiration

SAGITTARIUS: joviality, savoury optimism, frankness, sense of humour, sense of adventure, bon-viveur, sense of Divine Law, nobility, spiritually focused, morality, capacity to guide and protect, philosophically oriented

CAPRICORN: endurance, perseverance, responsibility, seriousness, earnestness, self-restriction, asceticism, sense of duty, detachment, impartiality, strictness, reserve

AQUARIUS: independence, originality, liberty, open minded, altruism, human fraternity (regards the whole humanity as an immense brotherhood), inventiveness, intuition, idealism, detached love, global knowledge

PISCES: compassion, kindness, religious oriented, devotion, spirit of sacrifice, transcending individuality, mystical states

A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 1

The study of Venus’s position into the Zodiac gives us very important information about the way a human being manifests her feelings and preferences, what she likes most, what she is attracted of, the type of eroticism she presents, who she express herself into a relationship and what she expect from it.

When speaking about a man’s natal chart, Venus’s position gives us also important information about the woman he prefers as a lover.

Let’s now proceed studying the twelve position of Venus into the Zodiac:

The natives who have this astrological position tend to have many experiences in the sentimental and erotic field, falling in love unexpectedly and sometimes even at the first sight.

The person can seem very unstable and unfaithful but in fact she/he only wants to live the relationship to a high intensity and, as by the time passing the intensity usually diminishes, they prefer to fall in love again than to fight for an old relationship.

The persons who don’t have the courage to throw themselves in an adventure annoy them and they don’t like to elaborate plans.

They have a fiery and passionate disposition and a very direct way of expressing their feelings.

This position predisposes them to be heart-brokers and for enjoying love-fights. They also have the tendency to resume old love affaires.

Their lives are very adventurous and they don’t like the idea of marriage, or if they get married they do it unexpectedly.

They can be impressed if they meet a person more passionate than they are, and in this case they can surprise us by their unexpected faithfulness.

This position gives a very strong predisposition to enjoy life, to taste the carnal pleasures, and makes them very sensitive to the physical attraction and physical contact, to the smell, to the tone of the voice and generally to whatever detail might rise their hyper-sensuous senses.

Their feelings take time to grow and each time a person attracts them, their desire increase up to one point when they turn into a passion.

When their hearts are trapped in this net of the attraction, they generally go on till they fulfill their desires and if the physical relationship is not possible they can become very frustrated.

If they are satisfied they prove to be very good lovers, offering much pleasure and attention to the persons they are with, taking care of their lovers’ needs and fulfilling their desires.

When they are in a relationship they tend to attach themselves, they often become possessive and tend to ask for exclusivity but in their turn they tend to be faithful to their relationships.

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Asanas of Happiness, Part 2


A method for bringing more harmony into your couple is to perform the pose called “The V Letter”. This pose takes the exploration of the intimacy and trust even further.

Hold your lover’s wrists and lean towards the back, trying to reach the position where you are balanced. Arch your back and come out of this pose real slowly.

Focus on the energetic exchanges that occur through the arms. Perceive the activation of Swadhistana chakra, and the capacity of having highly erotic feelings.

You may take this pose even further: hold your hands in the same way and then bend your knees.

You will notice that the ability to be balanced by your lover is determined by the capacity each of you has to resonate with the other. The more you may maintain this pose, the greater is the harmony between the two of you. The practice of this pose will help you and your lover have highly erotic experiences.

Vrikasana will grant the couple that performs it perseveringly the capacity to focus with great love on high ideals. The two lovers will accede through their love to the superior mental level of the Universe.


The left side
Stand next to your lover, leaving a distance of few centimeters between you. Place your arm around your lover’s waist and set your sole on the floor so that you will have good balance. Your lover should do the same.

Bend the knee that is in exterior (the woman will bend the right knee, and the man will bend the left knee) and place the sole on the inner part of the thigh.

Place the palm opposite to the side where your lover is (the woman the right hand, and the man the left hand) on your lover’s palm, keeping them up to the level of the chest (see the picture). Come out of this asana slowly.

On the left side: perceive the activation of Anahata chakra and Ajna chakra, simultaneously. The woman perceives the activation of the receptive aspect of Ajna chakra, and the man the emissive aspect of Ajna chakra. Perceive the state of love that embraces you as well as an enhanced capacity of mental focus.

The right side
Stand next to your lover, leaving distance of few centimeters between you. Place your arm around your lover’s waist and set your sole on the floor so that you will have good balance. Your lover should do the same.

Bend the knee that is in exterior (the woman will bend the left knee, and the man will bend the right knee) and place the sole on the inner part of the thigh.

Place the palm opposite to the side where your lover is (the woman the left hand, and the man the right hand) on your lover’s palm, keeping them up to the level of the chest (see the picture). Come out of this asana slowly.

On the left side: perceive the activation of Anahata chakra and Ajna chakra, simultaneously. The woman perceives the activation of the emissive aspect of Ajna chakra, and the man the receptive aspect of Ajna chakra. Perceive the state of love that embraces you as well as an enhanced capacity of mental focus.

Polarity, Part 1



The polarity of the two types of energy (Yin and Yang) represents the key in harmonizing the flow of the energies of the human being. This is the most simple and also the fundamental secret of all authentic traditions.

It is simple because it is based on the universal law of attracting opposites, that is the positive and negative forces attract each other and are in a permanent interaction.

It is true to the degree to which the two opposing poles of two simple magnets are attached to one another, or the protons and electrons dance and compose the atom.

Yang is the fire, and Yin is the water. Man is the “fire”, the woman is the “water”. When the man makes love to a woman, he prepares the woman’s “water” with his “fire”. The profound orgasm constitutes a delicate balance of the sexual energies.

The sexual life is dominated by the above-mentioned principle of polarities. It is, however important to understand that the two types of energy are inseparable, it is in fact one energy, manifested under complementary forms.

They cannot exist one without the other, their interaction is “fluid”, and they issue from one another. Therefore, if during the erotic act performed with continence, man and woman become aware of the play of the two polarities, they have the possibility of becoming one being only.

Each of the two lovers is situated on one “side”. When the exchange of energy reaches a sphere of harmony, the two lovers vibrate in the rhythm of one heart.

The feeling of having a physical body disappears, all one feels now is a huge energy, vibrating as one with his/her lover. This is the profound, total orgasm of both body and soul.

Many men have the intuition of these things, but those who are actually capable to expand and go deeply into these special states of the mind are quite few, because they usually lose their sexual energy through ejaculation.

The true, profound orgasm appears when both the man and the woman vibrate in the same rhythm. Their sexual energy forms now a complete circuit, the two “opposing” poles being reunited.

This circuit is represented by the Yin and Yang symbol, emerging from one another in a perfect eternal harmony. However, the flow of the sexual energy alone cannot lead anyone to spiritual achievements in the absence of love and an appropriate mental focus.

The physical union alone is not sufficient, and therefore sex alone cannot make anybody happy. One other important aspect is that the ordinary orgasm, implying ejaculation, on which many men depend, restrains the sphere of experience and knowledge.

The profound, transfiguring erotic experiences, performed through sexual continence, go beyond/transcend the borders of ordinary individual pleasure and perception, reaching a complex level of experience.

There are couples that radiate all around profound happiness and love without practicing any esoteric methods of lovemaking. And there are couples that radiate even more love and happiness, live for a longer time, healthy and in harmony, because they have learned how to sublimate their sexual energy.

Will they be just as radiant, enthusiastic and blissful when they reach old age? The secret techniques of the Eastern tradition will help them reach faster an advanced level of spiritual evolution. There is no limit as regards the depth and health one may get to through love.




THE APPLE – attracts men irresistibly
This exquisitely delicious fruit is as rich in symbols as it is in vitamins. Considered the element leading to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden, the apple thus becomes a symbol of sexuality.

In antiquity, apples have always been used in love-spells. It was believed that if a woman slept with an apple under her armpit or in another intimate part of her body and the next day she would persuade the man she admired and loved to eat the apple, then that man would fall in love with her.

Moreover, it is a fact of notable importance that juicier apples are more indicated in the preparation of erotic games because their juice becomes richer and awakens the fire of passion in men.

CARROTS – solve love-issues
Many connoisseurs recommend them as an excellent help in love-problems. A very famous Arabic recipe recommends boiling carrots in milk. Peal half a kilo of carrots and then boil them in one litre of milk.

Eat regularly one cup three times a day, for at least seven days in a row and you will notice that your sexual appetite and performance are greatly improved. In addition, the ancient sages recommended eating raw carrots for increasing the size of the penis and for increased the sexual vigour.

TOMATOES – the love apples
Also named “the love apples”, tomatoes have an old reputation as aphrodisiacs especially to their smell and taste. The following Arabic recipe is recommended: tomatoes salad with fresh, chopped basil, topped with some olive oil and lemon juice. This salad is recommended especially for sexual appetite.

GARLIC – increase the vitality
The Egyptians considered garlic as sacred. An argument in this respect is that the archaeologists found garlic in Tutankhamens grave. In the ancient Greece the athletes chewed garlic to preserve their vitality before the Olympic Games and Plinius recommended crushed garlic and coriander mixed with white vine as an infallible sexual stimulant.

The aphrodisiac plants are natural products whose quality is to awaken sensuality, amplify eroticism and stimulate the erotic sensations.

In the East, they are considered as plants that give back ones youth and are an element just as important in the daily routine as diet or daily hygiene, and they are the premises of dream lovemaking. The sages have developed a genuine art of mixing the magic of these plants with their fecund imagination.

GINSENG – the root of life
Having the form of the precious masculine member, ginseng is an exceptional vitalizing plant. It has over 5.000 years of successful usage.

In Atharva-Veda, a classic treatise of Ayurveda it is said: “the ginseng provide both young and old men the vitality and strength of a bull.” The Western scientific community has acknowledged its powerful and genuine aphrodisiac effect.

It helps people who use it to experience more pleasure, with greater vitality. It helps men become more powerful, more in control of their sexual energy and more expansive. It enhances the sensorial acuity and therefore those who take ginseng can experience pleasure in a more refined manner, with a great number of delicious nuances.

The root of the plant is mostly used as powder. One may obtain the best results with 40 days of ginseng followed by 3 months of pause. Take 0.5-1 gram under your tongue, three times a day. The aphrodisiac effect is in most cases quick and pleasant, equally perceived by both men and women.

The tradition says that if a person desires to attract a man or a woman, that person may use a magic potion that has never failed.

Make a concentrated tea of several plants to which you add ginseng root, dried and grind. Crush 10 grams of cinnamon and green nutmeg, add nine black peppers, two or three cloves and leave to macerate for 3 days in alcohol of 60 degree.

Then add the 25 grams of ginseng root. This powerful aphrodisiac is taken three times a day half an hour before meals or before lovemaking. You will notice that your eyes become brighter and the other is indeed irresistibly attracted towards you. The juices of love become more abundant and more perfumed.

GINGER – burning passion
Have you ever tasted ginger? If you did, you understand why it can literally melt the ice from frozen hearts and it can rekindle the flame of passion, even if it has burned out a long time ago.

It relaxes all the tensions, opens us up towards the beauty and miracle of life, making us more confident in our own charm and power of seduction. It casts away the boredom, and brings up new ideas. Do not hesitate and drink a ginger tea any time you feel the need to get hot.

15 to 20 minutes before lovemaking take two spoons of liquid honey, mix with 2-3 grams of ginger and 1 gram of pepper. You will certainly burn in the exulting passion of love.

Giant Horsetail, Massette and Yarrow


SCIENTIFIC NAMES: Equisetum myrochaetum, fam. EQUISETACEAE

HISTORY: The giant horsetail is quite popular in Mexico and Guatemala, and it is used as a remedy in various diseases. The Lakanadon Indians take a macerate made of the fresh plant as an aphrodisiac.

DESCRIPTION: It is a horsetail species, tall up to 5m, which grows only close to the equatorial forests of the Central America. The resemblance between the giant horsetail and the regular horsetail is quite striking, except for their size, as the very name suggests.

USED PART: the fresh plant.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: this plant is said to contain an alkaloid, although this was not observed yet.

RECIPES: Prepare a macerate out of 30 gr of the fresh plant in one liter of spring water. Leave for 8-10 hours and drink 3 cups a day.


SCIENTIFIC NAMES: Typha rotundiflora, Typha angustifolia, fam. TYPHACEAE

DESCRIPTION: Plant spread in the northern hemisphere, on salted grounds, in sunny places. The plant is 1.5m in height, with lanceolate leaves. The masculine flowers, dark brown, are placed beneath the feminine flowers.

USED PART: leaves and flowers (powder).

INDICATIONS: frigidity



HISTORY: Very famous plant, from the antiquity, sacred to most North American Indians. It was consumed as macerate, for sustaining the states of trance. In the ancient China it was used in geomancy, especially in the I-Ching. The Nauajo Indiens appreciated the plant for its aphrodisiac characteristics.

DESCRIPTION: Plant with characteristic smell and bitter taste. It has straight stem, less than 70 cm, alternate leaves, small flowers; the marginal flowers are white, the central ones are golden. They appear in flat-topped clusters.

USED PART: flowers, aerial parts, root.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: volatile oil, alkaloid, tannin, resins, fat oil, magnesium salts.

ACTIONS: It enhances the erotic desire and individual magnetism.

Goat’s Rue And Black Currant


COMMON NAME: French Liliac


HISTORY: There are no ancient references to this plant, as it was completely ignored by the ancient people. It appears in the botanical literature for the first time in the XVI-th century.

DESCRIPTION: An erect glabrous perennial, about three feet high. The leaves are alternate, oddly pinnate, and stipulate; the leaflets are smooth, lanceolate, and mucronate. The flowers are in loose, with the axillary racemes longer than the leaves. A wild flower introduced from southern Europe, and found by road-sides and waste ground mainly in the south of England.

USED PART: aerial parts, seeds.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: tannins, bitter substances, alkaloids, flavones, saponine.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: mainly on the ovaries and mammal glands, which it help develop. These actions modify the psychic state.

RECIPES: For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried root, in quantities of 1 gram, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

For an immediate result take as described above 3 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey. Drink 4 cups of macerate made of 20 grams of dried plant in 1 liter of spring or mineral water.

The macerate prepared of one teaspoon of crushed Goats Rue plant and seeds in one cup of spring or mineral water.

Goats Rue tincture: 1:5 ethylic alcohol 40 degrees, three times a day, 15-30 drops in a glass of water.



DESCRIPTION: shrub, with wooden root, cylindrical stem and alternate leaves. The yellowish-green flowers, red on the inside, and the fruits are black berries.

It is often cultivated as an ornamental or medicinal plant, but it also grows spontaneously in the alpine and sub-alpine forests, in dump and shady places. The black currant is a native of the northern countries.

USED PART: the leaves when in blossom, dried in the shade; the mature fruits; the bark of the root.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: water, organic acids, proteins, carbon hydrates, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, flavonozides, vitamin A, B1, B2, and C. the leaves contain tannins, vitamin C, small quantities of volatile oil.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: general tonic, vitalizing.

INDICATIONS: sexual impotence, sexual asthenia.

RECIPES: In cases of sexual impotence it is recommended macerate of black currant 30 drops a day. Daily between meals drink 3 cups of the black currant macerate made of 30-50 grams of plant in one liter of spring water.

Revitalizing cures lasting three days during which we eat 500-1000 grams with natural honey. Prepare black currant syrup placing in a jar one stratum of fruits, one stratum of natural honey, until the jar is full. Cover it and leave for several months, agitating it from time to time. Finally, add a spice of cinnamon.

Winter Savory and Cowslip


SCIENTIFIC NAMES: Satureja montana, fam. Labiatae=Lamiaceae

DESCRIPTION: Winter savory is an aromatic perennial, low-growing, woody-stemmed, somewhat-shrubby, which is frequently grown in herb gardens for its stiff, linear to lance-shaped, pungent, glossy, dark green leaves (to 1″ long) and tiny pink, white-to-lilac flowers. This herb typically grows 6-15″ tall.

USED PART: the flowered aerial parts.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: The aerial parts contain: volatile oil, tannins, resins, and bitter principles.

ITS ACTIONS ARE: general tonic, aphrodisiac. The tanines and the volatile oil cause a powerful dilatation of the peripheral blood vessels, rekindling erotic passion.

INDICATIONS: sexual asthenia.

RECIPES: For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried and grind herb, in quantities of 1 gram, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

For an immediate result take as described above 3 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey.

Macerate prepared of 5-10 grams of grind herb in 200 ml of spring or mineral water, left for 24 hours. Drink one glass of macerate sweetened with honey, twice a day, 20 minutes before eating.

The powder is used in cooking, as a spice.

As an aphrodisiac tonic, we recommend a small glass of savory wine, drank before the main meals of the day. The wine is prepared as follows: macerate 10 grams of winter savory in 100 ml of spring water, and then mix with one liter of red wine. Strain before consuming. Take three times a day 12-20 drops of winter savory tincture in a glass of water.


SYNONYMS: paigle, peagle, peggle, primula, keyflower, key of heaven, palsywort, fairy cups, petty mulleins, crewel, buckles, plumrocks, mayflower, password, artetyke, drelip, Our Ladys keys, Arthritica, Herb Peter.

SCIENTIFIC NAMES: Primula Officinalis, Primula Veris, fam. PRIMULACEAE

HISTORY: In the popular tradition, the cowslip was appreciated and wanted because it was believed to awaken love, stimulate sensuality and generate a real love-magic.

DESCRIPTION: It is a herbaceous plant, a hairy perennial, with loose rosettes of oblanceolate to obovate, wrinkled leaves, 50-250mm long. The bright yellow flowers are funnel-shaped, 8-28mm across, with orange spots at the base of each lobe. The fruit is a ripe capsule.

USED PART: the rhizome with the roots (picked up before blossoming); the flowers.

MAIN CONSTITUENTS: the cowslip rhizomes and roots contain: saponin glycosides (including primulaveroside and primoveroside), flavonoids (including quercetin, luteolin, kaempferol and apigenin), phenolic glycosides, tannins, and about 0.1% volatile oil.

RECIPES: For the aphrodisiac effect, take sublingually the powder made of the dried root, in quantities of 1 gram, every six hours, four times a day, for five months if you desire to obtain a long-term effect.

For an immediate result take as described above 3 grams, four hours before lovemaking. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey.

The powder made of the flowers is administered as described above, but the quantities are doubled.

Macerate made of flowers or chopped root, one spoon in one cup of spring or mineral water, for six hours. Strain and drink 2-3 cups daily.

It can be used in aromatic baths, associated with rose petals, violets and orange (volatile oil), as this combination has a refined and intense aphrodisiac characteristic.

Sweet Sedge

PART USED: rhizomes

The properties of Calamus are almost entirely due to its volatile oil, obtained by steam distillation.

The oil is contained in all parts of the plant, though in greatest quantity in the rhizome, the leaves yielding to distillation 0.2 per cent, the fresh root 1.5 to 3.5 per cent.

The oil is strong and fragrant, its taste warm, bitterish, pungent and aromatic. Its active principles are taken up by boiling water. It is a thick, pale yellow liquid.

Little is known of its chemistry, though it possibly contains pinene and the chief aromatic constituent is asaryl aldehyde.

The rhizome also contains alkaloidal matter, mainly Choline (formerly thought to be a specific alkaloid, Calamine); soft resin, gum, starch and the bitter glucoside, Acorin, which is amorphous, semi-fluid, resinous, of neutral reaction, aromatic odor and bitter aromatic taste.

Calamus Oil is used in perfumery – an alcoholate is made with 3 kilos to 3.5 kilos of rhizome to 20 liters of 85 per cent alcohol.

Calamus was formerly much esteemed as an aromatic stimulant, regenerative, general and nervous tonic.

On account of the volatile oil that is present, it also acts as a carminative, removing the discomfort caused by flatulence and checking the growth of the bacteria which give rise to it.

It is used to increase the appetite and benefit digestion, given as fluid extract, infusion or tincture. Tincture of Calamus, obtained by macerating the finely cut rhizome in alcohol for seven days and filtering, is used as a stomachic and flavouring agent.

The dried root may be chewed to relieve dyspepsia or an infusion of 1 OZ. to 1 pint of boiling water may be taken freely in doses of a teacupful. The dried root is also chewed to clear the voice.

Calamus has been found useful in ague and low fever, either in infusion, or powdered. Its use has been attended with great success where Peruvian bark has failed. It is also beneficial as a mild stimulant in typhoid cases.

It is also one of the best herbs for purifying and revitalizing the brain and the nervous system as it stimulates cerebral circulation, increases sensibility and improves memory.


1. Take the root powder sublingually, 0,25- 0,5 g four times a day, every six hours. Keep the powder for 15-20 minutes, and then swallow it with some water and some natural honey.

2. The North American Indians recommend the following aphrodisiac recipe: 20 g of root rhizome, 10 g of black pepper in 250 ml of water. Boil slowly for 15 minutes. Leave for another 10 minutes and then filter. Drink 2-3 spoons before lovemaking. As boiling is reputed as destroying some of the active principles of the herbs, we recommend the macerate.

3. Prepare calamus syrup of 25-100 g rhizome powder and 1 kg natural honey.

4.Fresh calamus juice: take fresh roots, clean them carefully and place them in the juice-extractor. Take 5-10 ml daily.

5.The rhizomes are used as spices in cooking.

6. Prepare the macerate: mix the following herbs: milfoil – 0,5 parts, fennel – 2 parts, mint – 4 parts, chamomile – 2 parts, calamus – 1 part, linden tree flowers 0,5 parts. Take one spoon of the herbal mix and use for one cup of mineral or spring water. Drink after meals.

7. Macerate prepared from 15 g of rhizome powder in 200 ml of mineral or spring water. Filter and take 3-4 spoons a day.

8. Tincture made o 10 g of rhizome, left to macerate in 100 ml of ethylic alcohol for 8 days. Take 10 drops every day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: please respect precisely the dosages given here. Greater dosages cause nausea. The fresh rhizome causes vomiting, therefore you may combine it with fresh ginger, 2 parts calamus and 2 parts ginger for one cup of water and one teaspoon of honey.

San Pedro Cactus


This herb was used by the ancient inhabitants of the Northern America with ritualistic and medicinal purposes.

The samans use slices of this plant to prepare a drink that will get them into trance for clarvoiance and healing purposes. Used in small quantities, this drink has remarkable aphrodisiac effects.

USED PARTS: leaves, flowers, and seeds. It acts as a stimulant aphrodisiac.

RECIPES: Take sublingually powder made of blossomed ends of the dried herb, in quantities of 0.5-1.5 grams, every six hours, four times a day. Keep the powder under your tongue for 15-20 minutes, then swallow it with some water, and maybe honey. For its aphrodisiac effects, take 3-4 grams at one time, four hours before lovemaking.

Body: Numerous branches, more or less tree-like to 19.5 inches (6m) high. Stems bluish-green, slightly frosted when young, dark green when older.

Ribs: [4-]6-8 with a deep, horizontal depression above the areole.

Areoles/Spines: Spines often wanting, from 3-7 dissimilar, dark yellow to brown to .75″ (2cm) long when present.

Flowers/Fruit: Very fragrant, night blooming white flowers to 9″ (23cm).

DISTRIBUTION: From 6500-10,000′ (2000-3000m.), Chanchan valley, Ecuador. The seeds of this cactus contain derivatives of lysergic acid, with notable tonic effects of the uterus.

Small quantities of this drink are used as an aphrodisiac. A highly powerful aphrodisiac is made of two or three grams of the dried bark of the cactus.

This cactus used to play the most important role in the sexual life of the Amerindian tribes alongside coca and white torch cactus (Trichocereus spachianus). The seeds of this cactus contain derivatives of lysergic acid, with notable tonic effects of the uterus.

RECIPES: An aphrodisiac dose is of 2-3 seeds, and the psychedelic dose is of 4-6 seeds.

CAUTION: Because the concentration of substance in the seeds may differ, please use this herb carefully.

Walnut and Cola Nut


Deciduous, monoecious trees, 12-15 m tall (Payne vars.), 17-20 m tall (Eureka, Placentia, Mayette, Franquette), and rarely up to 60 m tall; bark brown or gray, smooth, fissured; leaf-scars without prominent pubescent band on upper edge; leaves alternate, foetid, pinnate, without stipules; leaflets to ovate-lanceolate, acuminate; margin irregularly serrate, glabrescent above, pubescent and glandular beneath; flowers developing from dormant bud of previous season’s growth; staminate flowers in axillary, pendulous aments 5-15 cm long, developing 1-4 million pollen grains each; flowers in axils of scales, with 2 bracteoles, perianth-segments 1-4, stamens 3-40; pistillate flowers in clusters of 3-9, developing as many nuts; in selected varieties not only terminal bud produces fruit, but all lateral buds on previous years growth also produce; perianth 4-lobed; fruit 3.5-5 cm in diameter, globose or slightly ridged, not splitting.
It grows in hill and filed-areas, and is cultivated in gardens, orchards, and vineyards.


The fruits, the skin of immature fruits, and the fruits as such.


Per 100 g, the seed is reported to contain 647-657 calories, water, protein, fat, total carbohydrate, fiber, ash Ca, Potassium, Fe, Na, K, carotene equivalent, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and ascorbic acid.

About 42% of the total phosphorus is in phytic acid; lecithin is also present. The immature fruit is one of the richest sources of ascorbic acid.

The leaves, also rich in ascorbic acid (almost 1% of the weight), are rich in carotene.

Juglone is the active compound in the leaves; also quercetin, cyanadin, kaempferol, caffeic acid, and traces of p-coumaric acid, hyperin, quercitrin, kaempferol-3-arabinoside, quercetin-3-arabinoside.

The seed oil contains palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids.


Stimulant, and tonic.

The nuts are used in the regular diet. They have a vitalizing, stimulant effect, and are recommended in impotence, pollutions, 100 g per day, for two weeks.

The oil: 20-40 g/day in alimentation.

Green nut tonic: cut 20 green nuts in four, insert in a bottle, together with one liter of ethylic alcohol, so that the level of alcohol is 2-3 feet higher above the nuts.

Close the bottle and keep in warm place for 2-4 weeks. Filter the liquid and place in small, dark bottles. Consume one teaspoon daily, according to your needs. You may also add 2-3 cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, orange peel, and 500 g of hydromel.

The cola nut enjoys in Africa the same appreciation as the ginseng in Asia.

The traditional African medicine considers the cola fruit (rich in caffeine) as a necessary stimulant in cases of disease, tiredness, and somnolence, as well as a reputed male aphrodisiac and woman fertilizer.

In the Islamic countries, cola helps the reconciliation of marriage. The medicinal merchants market this herb either entirely, the dried herb as a whole, or dried and grinded.

Cola is an excellent cerebral and muscular tonic. From the seeds, the indigenes prepare refreshment drinks or eat it as such. For the aphrodisiac effect, they eat the fresh nuts.

This tree grows about 40 feet high, has yellow flowers, spotted with purple; leaves 6 to 8 inches long, pointed at both ends.

The seeds are extensively used as a condiment by the natives of Western and Central tropical Africa, also by the Negroes of the West Indies and Brazil, who introduced the trees to these countries.

In Western Africa these trees are usually found growing near the sea-coast, and a big trade is carried on with the nuts by the natives of the interior- Cola being eaten by them as far as Fezzan and Tripoli.

A small piece is chewed before each meal to promote digestion; it is also thought to improve the flavor of anything eaten after it and even to render putrid water palatable; the powder is applied to cuts.

The different varieties of nuts give a greater or lesser percentage of caffeine, which is only found in the fresh state.

The seeds are said to contain a glucoside, Kolanin, but this substance appears to be a mixture of Kola red and caffeine. The seeds also contain starch, fatty matter, sugar, a fat decomposing enzyme acting on various oils.

The properties of Kola are the same as caffeine, modified only by the astringents present.

Fresh Kola Nuts have stimulant action apart from the caffeine content, but as they appear in European commerce, their action is indistinguishable from that of other caffeine drugs and Kola red is inert.

Kola is also a valuable nervine, heart tonic, a good general tonic and aphrodisiac.


Grinded seeds: 4-8 g/day
Tincture: 5-10 g/day
Fluid extract: 1-10 g/day

Elixir: 4 teaspoonfuls a day

Cola vine: 1 glass twice a day.

An Introduction to Sensual Massage

Touch is the oldest form of communication. Moreover, it reveals the unsuspected capacities of the body to receive and give pleasure.

The refining and enhancing of this pleasure leads the person to awakening one’s latent capacities of experiencing intense, total orgasms and thus the person is allowed to have a glance at the Absolute.

This is why the people need to awaken their sensuality and this capacity of experiencing orgasms, not for the sake of pleasure, but because sensuality is a divine gift that can be used to rediscover our Creator.

In the East, massage was part of the daily body hygiene, just as bath, gymnastics, and teeth brushing. Moreover, the Kama Sutra mentions that the sensuous massage is a revigorating ingredient that can be included in the foreplay.

Unfortunately, western civilization considers touch a taboo subject and lovemaking as a handy means of releasing the so-called tensions and stresses accumulated.

This vision on lovemaking and touch determined the modern man to lose the ability to enjoy his or her own sensuality. This is also the root-cause of the modern man’s hunt for strong sensations – the incapacity to perceive and enjoy one’s own sensuality.

In fact, for many people touch has become a lost language, while it continues to be an essential form of nourishment – a source of health, relaxation, joy, and happiness.

Nevertheless, what is sensuality? In the true sense of the word, sensuality means sensorial sensitivity. A truly sensual massage seeks to make a person rediscover one’s sensorial sensitivity, to rediscover the capacity to enjoy the pleasures of the senses.

Do not take sexual excitation for sensuality. The sensual massage opens the gates of the sensorial universe. This is why it needs to be considered and experienced from the correct point of view.

The modern man will be surprised to know that for the human being, the tactile sensations received through the palms and skin are the basic catalytic elements of a complete sexual experience.

However, in order to experience and rediscover one’s own sexuality one will have to focus on the sensations.


When you prepare to give and receive a massage, the first thing to do is to take your mind from all the daily problems. Tell yourselves that the time to come out from the cycle of the daily problems has come and that moments of relaxation and intense pleasure await you.

Abandon yourself to this wonderful experience together with your beloved, regardless of the hypostasis of receiver or giver in which you are. Drop, each in its turn, all mental, psychic, or physical barriers and open up your whole being to your own sensuality.

The state of the person giving the massage is very important. This state of offering something special to one’s beloved should come out of an inner state of plenitude and profound love.

Remember that the sensual massage is an act of love, so it has to come out of love, to express love and to generate love and joy. If you feel the slightest pressure at the thought that you are about to give a massage, you had better postpone the massage for a further moment.

Also, if you are tired, do not embark into this experience because it will lose its valence of means of awakening the pleasure. It should be a total, complete experience.

Another essential aspect is that it has to touch your lover for your own pleasure. Do not try to arouse your lover. You had better try to discover what makes you both feel good.

This advice may seem a paradox for an ordinary person, but those who are initiates in the art of lovemaking, it is all clear: during a sensual massage, the empathy is very much awakened, which makes the transfer of the emotional states between the two be quite quick.

In other words, if one of the two lovers will experience a great state of pleasure, it will shortly and intensely be experienced by the other lover as well.

Nonetheless, just as you focus on your own pleasure coming from touching your lover, you need to be receptive to the sensual answers coming from your lover. Thus, you will know how to correlate the massage with the sensorial map of your lover’s body.

Be complete in the experience you have when giving a massage. You forget all about yourselves, all there is your lover’s body, immersed in the pleasure given by your skillful hands.


Giving a sensual massage is an art. Nonetheless, knowing how to receive one is just as much an art – the art of being able to abandon one’s own entire being into someone else’s hands.

When you are given a massage, relax completely and become aware of your own receptiveness. Relax your body and focus as much as you can on your sensations. The term “focus” may sound improper associated with the massage, but in fact being aware and focused on the sensations bring about the relaxation that accompanies the massage.

Become perceptive and quiet your mind. Allow your body to speak its own language. Be glad that you offer your beloved the possibility to manifest freely and express his or her feelings directly through touch. Enjoy the beatitude of the caress, melt in the ocean of ecstasy and return the thrill of beatitude in your beloved.

Regardless of the benefits that the sensual massage brings, there are certain situations in which it is not recommended. Here are these situations:
When your beloved has a skin problem, a contagious disease or fever
When your beloved has a severe swelling or acute inflammation in an area of his or her body
When your lover has severe physical traumas
When your lover has tromboflebitis, do not massage those areas
When your beloved has severe psychic problems


In the contemporary man, stress and acute lack of self-confidence lead to a chronic tension in their body. This tension blocks the circulation of the blood, and of the energy, which in their turn decrease our capacity of functioning normally.

Finally, these blockages create obstacles in the path of the joy brought about by sexuality and the ability to experience prolonged, intense orgasms.

The role of the sensual massage is to ensure the free circulation of the sexual energy. Thus, the energy stuck in our fears will be released and the inner conflicts that surround our sexuality and our relationships will be solved.

The sensual massage may lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling sex life.