Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 5

First of all, when tempting to approach a Scorpio, think twice if you really want to assume the risk, because they can prove to be very harmful if you don’t know what to do with their venom.

If you are sure you want to meet them be attentive, never to play the victim, because they can’t stand the weak people unless you are a one of the few exceptions who are his favorites to which he applies other criteria of evaluation.

Be sure that your life with him will never be a calm and peaceful experience, because he doesn’t feel he really lives if he doesn’t experience the tension and the suspense.

For him the intensity is the most important value and he can do many things as far as they can provide him these exciting experiences. He cannot stay calm and live the half-hearted life of the average people.

If you can see a peaceful Scorpio pay attention, because this is the tranquility before the storm or the vulcano which is on the point of erupting. Too much inactivity is disturbing for the Scorpio.

In order to draw his attention you should prove really good in a certain field, he must have reasons for really admiring and respecting you.

If you don’t succeed in impressing or fascinating him, you would rather renounce and let him alone, because he can’t stand the annoying admirers.

Don’t you think that if you insist he will change his mind. He usually does not. The reverse of the situation is that if he really admires you, you can be sure that you have a powerful ally, who never abandons you if you don’t really disappoint him.

He is able even to die for the persons he love, but is also able to destroy them or in the best case to leave them without any word when they disappoint him.

If you are a very sensitive people, if you want a very calm life or if you just want to play with the idea of relationship you didn’t find the right person.

He needs to feel you really appreciate him and can be extremely annoyed when you pay him insincere compliments. He respects your decisions, but asks for his decision to be seriously taken in consideration.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to lie him or to betray him. He cannot stand irresponsibility, the lack of courage and the non-observance of one’s promises.

You can kill him manifesting apathy, incapacity of acting and assuming decisions, lack of intensity in your feelings and in your life as well as a general lack of horizons of expectation.

He can’t live without passion and without freedom. We must remember here that the scorpion (the animal with this name) cannot stand captivity and in the most cases it kills itself with his own venom in response of it.

When a native of the Scorpio really wants to do something, he takes care not to harm the others. He uses his venom only when he is constrained to do something against his will.

If you really want to communicate with him, you would rather convince him than constraint him, unless you don’t want to have a perpetual adversary who finally turns into an enemy.

If you know how to communicate with him, you can be surprised by the sudden turning of his venom into nectar. And it is preferably if you have a Scorpio around you to be your friend and not your enemy.

Scorpio is generally a wonderful and passionate lover. If you are not, it is better not to approach him in this way. It has a very high erotic standard. But don’t worry, his magnetism will contaminate you. Scorpio is a sign you cannot sleep too much with.

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 4

We are finishing now the first half of the zodiac. We meet till now all the elements (Air – as Gemini, Fire – as Aries and Lion, Water – as Cancer and Earth – as Taurus and Virgo) and all the vibration modes (Cardinal – as Aries and Cancer, Fixed – as Taurus and Leo and Mutable – as Gemini and Virgo).

As you see there are more six signs, which cover the remained combination. And the following is:

If you meet a Libra for the first time, you must pay attention to be very polite, but in a courteous manner, paying her compliments as far as possible, but in a subtle and delicate way.

If you are a woman meeting a man born in this sign, you should be very feminine, even inciting, but without any vulgar nuance. He is very sensitive when seeing beauty, but you can put him out of mood if you prove to be too jarring or even worse, vulgar.

The natives from that sign are very receptive to the esthetic values, to soul communication, as well as to any activity that may please and bring peace and harmony.

They will be flattered if you ask for their opinion when you don’t know to choose a present or if you must take a decision with regard to a relational problem.

They can be good advisors even if they are not the best example of objectivity, tending sometime to make a resolution that can calm down the conflict without really solving it, considering that peace and harmony are more important than the elucidation of a personal problem.

In your communication with them, you must prove a great deal of diplomacy, letting them find your point of view in an indirect and non-aggressive way because they don’t like to impose their point of view, preferring to indirectly convince you that it is you who want or think what they intend to do.

If you are a person all of a piece and you can’t stand too much indirectness, you would rather not choose this sign to associate with.

You can talk with them about your problems but don’t be too sad in your account because the next time they will politely obviate you.

They can’t stand the disorder, the sordidness, the lack of style, cheapness, the glaring injustice, the useless agitation and the aggression of all kinds.

If you are stingy, it is hard to live with them, not because they are such wasters, but because they will feel very frustrated if you prevent them from buying something they really like and which is generally very expensive.

They also can’t stand the perpetual reproaches and the fact of justifying or even counting their actions, starting from the reason that it is better not to express something if it can cause a conflict.

You can take them to an exhibition or in a stylish place (if possible with some discrete music) or you can bring them with you to important meetings, because they are a very pleasant company.

They like to be put in contact with refined and cultured people, with artistic milieus or at least with well-mannered persons, in the presence of whom to feel themselves praised.

It is also necessary to remind that you can rather count on their advice than on their sincerity.

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Simple Ways of Beginning a Relationship According to the Zodiac, 1

Taking into consideration that every person is such a complex individuality, there are no astrological prefabricated recipes, but there are certain general tendencies and predominance, which should have in mind when we take to somebody from a certain zodiacal sign and if we don’t have yet the necessary qualities, we can at least not to manifest the attitudes which make the respective sign to tear along.

Here are some ‘conduct landmarks’, so that we don’t drop a brick from our first meeting.

It must be understood that every person is a distinct reality and we can more easily approach to that human being when we know and understand the specificity given by the solar zodiacal sign.

So let’s begin our travel among the twelve signs:

If you want a native from that sign to notice you, you must avoid to be inactive (Aries loves very much action), lazy, heavy, apathetic.

You must prove a dynamic attitude, to have the initiative (but, of course, not too much, because he will be frustrated; after all, he must have enough place to act!).

You must display a lot of physical energy (if you don’t you can not keep the pace with him). You must be independent, competitive (but letting him to be the leader).

You can draw his attention by having a trained body and being in fine form, if possible to be a performer, having a lot of courage and assuming risks, proving to be a fighter (but an honest one, because Aries does not like felony!) and being enthusiastic to his initiatives and proposals.

You don’t have to take great pains in beginning a relationship with him, because, if he wants this, he is the first to act.

A little friendly dispute can sometimes fire his passion, but pay attention not to exaggerate in contradicting him. After all he is a good man, candid as a child. But his specificity is ‘energy in action’. This is the keyword for this sign!

A relationship with Aries is not so difficult to begin, but rather difficult to maintain.

Be honest, active and full of energy and he is your friend. How long? This is another problem…

It is very recommendable to approach him in a serene, peaceful and pleasurable setting. If is possible invite him in a rustic environment to go for a walk in the country, in a park, to a dinner (but make sure that the table is full of savoury food!).

You can also invite him at an art exhibition (sculpture is high esteemed by this sign). If any of these doesn’t work, try your chance giving him an expensive gift.

You shouldn’t annoy him with your problems or with a too speculative, abstract discussion. Better talk with him about art or more pragmatic pursuit.

You should prove to be a reliable, stable, down-on-earth person, a calm, relaxed and agreeable company.

The native of this sign is generally reserved in beginning a relationship so you must think twice if you really want to interact with him, because generally takes you very seriously and he leaves only if you systematically hurt or frustrate him not paying attention to his needs (especially the vital ones).

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The Zodiac “Play,” Part 2

In order to experience harmony and plenitude in our relationships with the others, we have to manifest, according to the context, the role that can polarize the human beings with which we interact, realizing that the Universe can exist just because of the perfect playing of these polar roles at a cosmic level.


The archetype of the Father: the self-determined person, distinguished by a great authority, strong-willed, but protective, severe but generous, who helps us to do our best, having a great power to coordinate and a strong impact upon the others.


The archetype of the Virgin (Nun): embodies the aspiration towards purity, it is the erotic world unexplored, the potential energy that is not yet aroused or which is completely subordinated to a mental or spiritual aim.


The archetype of the Lover: is manifested by a person whose intention is to transmit to the others, by means of very different ways, love, beauty, harmony, warmth and the joy of establishing a more intimate relationship; it represents the fulfillment of human love and soul communications.


The archetype of the Alchemist: represents the power of complete transformation of the low impulses and basic energies into spiritual forces by means of the alchemic power of transmutation and sublimation and the ability of regeneration.


The archetype of the Great Priest / Priestess: represents the human being devoted to a high moral or spiritual ideal, who can guide and give advice and support and who brings with him benediction.


The archetype of the Hermit: represents the idea of detachment of the physical existence, the control of the emotions, the renunciation to the human pleasure, the ascesis and the complete orientation towards spiritual realization by the control of the ego.


The archetype of the Friend: is the manifestation of the altruism embodied by the human being who has renounced to the self affirmation and is completely devoted to the humanity, realizing the fact that every man is a perfect image of the Universe; he dedicate himself to the fellow-men, being the cosmic friend of everyone, without expecting any reward or recognition.


The archetype of the Saint (Mystic): illustrates the synthesis between the power of the Divine love and compassion and a deep, intuitive understanding of the Divine laws; it is the union of all tendencies and their final dissolution into a sacred perspective that leads to transcendence.

Beyond classifications, the archetypes are intrinsically valuable, leading us, by experiencing them consciously, to the fulfillment of the Androgynal State.

The Zodiac “Play,” Part 1

Walking along the path of innumerable reincarnations, the human beings begin to identify the pilgrims they are with the path they are crossing, up to one day when, remembering all the other paths they are crossing,
the pilgrim fulfills his mission – he becomes a Cosmic Man.

For the sage, all roles are permanently accessible and he plays them with detachment, according to the momentary necessity, realizing at the same time their synthesis, identifying himself with their ultimate source – God.

By resonance, every role produces a large range of feelings, thoughts, emotions and so on, determining into the human being a specific evolution, according to the energetic ray with which he resonates.

Assuming different roles has an essential part in a couple, being a very rapid way of evolution. The understanding of different polar roles is an important key for understanding the zodiac, finally leading us to the identification with the cosmic couple: SHIVASHAKTI, in whom all these roles are essentialised.

From this perspective, every sign of the zodiac represents a role, manifesting a certain archetype that the human being born in that sign intercepts and manifests more easily.

Farther on we’ll present a short introduction into this complex field of the archetypes by a number of orientative correspondences between the signs of the zodiac and some of the possible roles which a human being should manifest in his relationship with the others.

We must mention that they are only analogies and they mustn’t be taken in a mechanistic way.


The archetype of the Hero: the person who fully lives the present moment, enjoying life as it is, assuming any risk that may occur as a necessary test he must overtake by his irresistible energy and his intense actions.

The archetype of the Muse: is relied to the energy of the beginning, the first impulse that gives us inspiration and the force to initiate our actions.


The archetype of the Beau / Courtesan (Sacred Prostitute): the human being who enjoys the earthly life, experiencing the carnal pleasure, enchanting his body and senses with the marvels from the terrestrial Paradise, finding here his/her ecstasy.


The archetype of the Brother / Sister: is directly connected to communication and the person who may give us useful ideas, with whom we may change opinions in a free, unpretentious and friendly way; it also represents the ‘otherness’, which makes us conscious of our relationships.


The archetype of the Mother: represents a person who may protect, nourish us and creates a familiar atmosphere in which we can relax and recover, who brings us motherly protection and alleviation.

Love Nuances and the Main Powers of the Signs

In every Zodiacal Sign love is reflected in a particular way. Let’s see how:

ARIES: love at first sight (flashing love)

TAURUS: sensual, stable love

GEMINI: ‘teenage’ love

CANCER: intimate love (the joy of being together)

LEO: protective, kind-hearted love

VIRGO: pure, platonic love

LIBRA: soul-to-soul love (love for love’s sake)

SCORPIO: deep, passionate love

SAGITTARIUS: spiritualised love

CAPRICORN: responsible, mature love (love as conscious assumption)

AQUARIUS: friendly, detached love

PISCES: compassionate, mystic love

Knowing the sign of our lover, we can learn another aspect of the Divine Love, which overflow through all of us and understand that we are only a part of a big Whole.

Also every sign has a main power, expression of its main inner nature. So let’s see now the fields in which every zodiacal sign manifests its power:

ARIES: power to begin an action

TAURUS: power to support

GEMINI: power to communicate

CANCER: power to feel

LEO: power to rule

VIRGO: power to analyse

LIBRA: power to harmonize

SCORPIO: power to transform

SAGITTARIUS: power to spiritually guide

CAPRICORN: power to organize, power of detachment

AQUARIUS: power of knowledge

PISCES: power of faith and Divine sacrifice

These powers are (briefly speaking) the Divine gifts of each sign. We can learn from our beloved and friends these lessons, becoming complete in our knowledge, more powerful (in a Divine sense), more affectionate.

We have to understand these powers of the signs and also we have to understand the way other people will love us so as we can have more profound and close-to-God relationships.

Identify the Planet Whose Energy Needs to Be Balanced Inside You

a. Situations in which you dominate despotically other people?
b. States of mediumity or excessive receptivity
c. Desire to chit-chat or gossip
d. Short-life affairs, states of dolce far’ niente or lust for luxurious things?
e. Violent accidents, burns and so on
f. Participations in risky undertakings, gambling
g. Loneliness, lack of success, or obstacles

a. Subordination situations
b. Being “down to earth”
c. Having nobody to communicate with
d. All that is not refined
e. Lack of action, inertia
f. Any injustice even if it does not have consequences
g. The lack of responsibility and sense of duty

a. Unmeasured ambition or vanity
b. Inconsistency or passivity
c. Mental disorder, cunningness or the need to gossip
d. Hedonism or obsessive hypersexuality
e. Aggressiveness, impulsiveness, cynicism or tendency to revenge
f. Ostentatious manifestations, hypocrisy or fanatic tendencies
g. Coldness, rigidity or pessimism

a. Eye problems, headaches, circulatory problems or inflammatory disorders
b. Menstrual disorders, manias, digestive disorders, pleurisy, diarrhea
c. Mental disorders, nervousness, pulmonary disorders
d. Venereal diseases, ovarian disorders, kidneys disorders, vitiligo, tonsillitis
e. Hemorrhages, hypertension, fractures, bodily deformities

f. Liver disorders, obesity, diabetes, hemorrhoids
g. Bones and teeth disorders, rheumatism, paralysis

a. Dizzily social falling
b. Numerous changes of the residence or destiny “caprices”
c. Situations in which you had the opportunity to forge or lie and you actually did that
d. Couple issues
e. Fights, blind revenges, or complete submission of the intellect to the instincts
f. Material profits gained regardless of the consequences
g. Bad luck, giving up, abandon, or other restrictions

We note here that this test is purely orientative, for an in-depth analysis of the astral influxes you need to have your chart drawn and interpreted accordingly.

Each question allows you one or several answers. Each marked answer is one point. Finally sum up the numbers for each letter and complete the following table. You will have thus a separate image on the unbalanced astral influxes in your being. The higher the score, the greater the imbalance.

a number SUN
b number MOON
c number MERCURY
d number VENUS
e number MARS
f number JUPITER
g number SATURN

In order to reestablish the balance you need to bring harmony to the opposed astral fluxes. In this respect, you can use the plants corresponding to the imbalanced planetary influxes. For instance, if you noticed that the great disturbance is in the case of the Sun, then you have two possibilities:

a. Pick out a Sun plant that can modulate the solar influx through sympathy (preferably in chronic situations)

b. Use a lunar plant that reduces the solar influence, enhancing the qualities opposed to it, through antipathy (preferably in acute conditions).

The Plants Resonate with the Planets



In the traditional medicine, the plants are associated with the planets, and they are prescribed corelated with precise astral configurations. These correspondences are based on the capacity of the plants to modulate and/or amplify the resonance with the various planets and to reduce their influence with opposed qualities.

Balancing the astral influxes (for instance the solar with the lunar, the Martian with the Venusian, the Mercurian and the Jupiterian) the person reaches the state of inner unity of the contraries, the harmony, regaining thus one’s health and well-being.

The famous English phytotherapist Nicholas Culpepper (1616 – 1654) was treating all his patients after he established the disturbed astral flux that was in fact the cause of the disease.

This method of treatment has not lost its effectiveness to this day, and it was used even in the modern, contemporary day by westerner phytotherapists such as Elizabeth Brooke, as well as by practitioners of the Hindu medicine, Ayurveda, such as David Frawley and Vasant Lad, authors of the original Ayurvedic guide “Yoga of the Herbs”.


Chamomile was considered in the antique Egypt the flower of the solar god. This quality is sustained by the beneficial effects of the Chamomile in a series of disorders caused by the disturbance of the solar flux in a human being: fever, weak sight, inflammations, head-aches, circulatory diseases, excessive irritability.

The correspondence is also suggested by the form of the Chamomile flower, bringing to mind the radiant solar disk. In the ancient traditions the form is considered as a manifestation of a certain type of subtle energy.

As it represents the force of life, the sun has the capacity of regenerating the physic and the psychic levels, destroying the evil and restoring the health.

Therefore, as it modulates the solar energy in the human body, Chamomile is rightfully known as “the universal cure” for all diseases.

Sunflower, in its tireless rotation after the sun, reminds one of the wise man who is ceasingly in search of God:

“A wise man is by definition a person who never choses. He or she does not chose between right or wrong. He or she acts intuitively in accordance to the universal harmony. Just like the Sunflower. When the sun comes up, the Sunflower is facing east. When the sun sets, the Sunflower faces west. All it does is to follow the sun.” (Osho – “The Science of the Soul”)

Just like the Chamomile, the Sunflower eases down the fever. Its flowers and leaves are also used in the treatment of the throat and respiratory disorders. The Sunflower oil strengthens the body, brings energy and vitality, because its ruler is the sun.


Galium verum is considered a magical plant in the medical folklore. The popular name of these flowers is in fact the name of certain fairies who can be seen dancing in the forests on a particular night of the year, 24th of June.

The most known of these fairies is Iana, the Sister of the Sun. Who else is known as the Sister of the Sun if not the moon itself, the patron of these sacred plants in the medical astrology?

Galium verum is also used in marriage rituals in Romania, rituals performed on the 23rd of June, the day previous to the fairies’ dances. The lunar energies carried by this plant symbolize in this context the call towards sexual union.

They also have the gift of protecting the people from evil spirits. Therefore the peasants prepare bouquets of fresh Galium Verum and decorate with them the doors and the windows from their houses.

From a medical point of view, Galium verum represents a basic remedy for limphatic disorders, which are causes by a perturbance of the lunar energies.


Sweet anais or traditional fennel is offered to the young mother before her child is 41 days old. As a plant of mercurian type, the planet ruling communication, Sweet anais helps the establishment of a profound connection between the mother and her newly-born child.

The child who is breast-fed receives with his or her milk the subtle energy of the Sweet anais, represented by the energy of the maternal love.

Sweet anais stimulates the lactation and favors the process of communion between the two, mother and child, reason for which it is recommended that young women consume Sweet anais during their last weeks of pregnancy and while they are breadt-feeding.

Other indications of use: asthm and bronchitis, typical disorders for people in whose astrogram Mercury has bad influences.


Sambuchus nigra one of the Chelts’ sacred trees, was used by them in initiation rituals of the young girls in the mysteries of feminity. Sambuchus nigra is related to Venus and consequently it works with fenimine and masculine energies.

Its subtle energy suggests why it has been used in sexual magic. In Romania, the young girls say certain magic formula under a Sambuchus nigra tree, in order to attract the boys. The Sambuchus nigra flowers are also used by healers as cataplasms in the treatment of amigdalitis, a typical venusian disorder.


Crataegus oxycantha is a small bush, with sharp thorns. It is regarded as sacred, because it is said that the “crown” of thorns placed on Jesus’s forehead on the day of the crucifixion.

This is how the Christian healers justify the property of the Crataegus oxycantha to heal the elimination of the thorns that got into the skin.

As a plant of martian energy, Crataegus oxycantha acts on the cardiac muscles and is very useful for people with heart disorders. This plant is also effective in other disorders typical to a disturbed martian flux of energy: hypertension, muscular spasms, colics, etc. It is used with caution in cases of ulcer or colitis.


The people initiated in the vegetal esoterism say that if one rubs Taraxacum officinale all over the body, one will be welcome in all places and will reach well-being. This seems natural if we recall that Jupiter, the ruler of Taraxacum officinale is the planet of prosperity, comfort and success.

The plant is also known as a hepatic remedy, as all the liver conditions are caused by bad aspects of the planet Jupiter in the personal astrogram.

Taraxacum officinale is also helpful in other pathological situations characterized by a disturbed jupiterian flux of energy, such as obesity, chronic disorders of the skin, hemorrhoids and dispepsia.


The name of this plant is related to the use of its stem as a candle.

The candle light is the symbol of the ascending life, of the soul reaching up to the heaven.

Analogically speaking, the saturnian candle light (charged with Saturn’s energy – the planet of fidelity, renounciation, chastity and religion) can help us open up towards the superior, sacred aspects present inside each of us to a smaller or greater degree.

This plant is also useful in the treatment of various typical saturnian disorders: ear problems, excess of mucus in the lungs, tuberculosis, some skin problems.

Mars Across The Zodiac, Part 3

We can’t say about this planetary position neither that it strengthens, nor that it weakens the Martian Fire, but that it determines a certain destabilization of it.

These persons can manifest in turns, a strong or a weak Fire, according to their momentary mental tendencies, thus, their actions are fluctuating and inconstant.

They are predisposed to sudden bursts of enthusiasm, a phase in which they feel as being tonic, dynamic and having plenty of energy, followed by a sort of crises marked by lack of energy and enthusiasm and the sudden appearance of a state of annoyance, which continues up to the moment when a new, interesting stimulus makes them actives again.

We can characterize this position by the fact that their acting power depends upon their momentary interest. Thus, it is better not to count too much on what they say they are going to do, because, although they are sincere at the moment they declare this, they can change their mind immediately after that.

Their erotic life is also marked by the same attraction towards original situations and new love affairs. There are persons who one day do not produce any reaction from their part and other day can prove to be inciting, depending upon their disposition.

They cannot understand the human being who has always the same attitude, and they can’t stand repeatability. Their actions are based upon momentary interests and they tend to follow their interest even if they are not quite moral.

Their actions are strongly intellectualized, their mind being the instance which can approve or reject a certain action, their emotions being not implied in this ‘bargain’.

The persons who present this planetary position would act or not according to the degree to which you arise their interest. For them, living together is a sort of negotiation. Their will also fluctuates according to their interests, being strong or weak, depending on their motivation.

Sometimes, their actions are only gallantry, sometimes there are sincere, but in both cases these actions do not take long, because they are getting bored very soon.

The men who have this position are generally characterized by a youthful appearance, even when being old, and they are charismatic by their spontaneity and naturalness, even if they are not the virile type of man.

They can manifest a whole range of nuances, playing various roles both in society and in intimacy, fascinating by unexpectedness and inventivity, compensating in this way their generally weakened vitality and resistance.

They don’t like physical efforts and they are moving only not to get bored. From this point of view, making love is for them not a matter of action, but a matter of mental interest.

They are always in movement and their mind is very prolific, creating all sorts of erotic scenarios, which they rather imagine than put into practice. Their most erogenic part stays always their mind.

The women with Mars in Gemini like inventive and intelligent acting men, with whom to do all sort of unexpected actions.

Their erotic life is marked with fluctuations, so as their erotic appetite, but they generally like to do new actions. They are generally not possessive and they are ready to try their lovers’ erotic phantasies.

Both men and women who have this position have phantasies including a third person or a change of lovers between couples, not because they have a great erotic appetite, but because they are very curious. Fidelity is not their strong quality, because they have often the tendency to ‘try’ new lovers.

Their main qualities are a great adaptability and flexibility of action, but their main flaws seems to be inconsistence and the lack of determination and perseverance in their actions. They are very interesting to meet once but you cannot count on them twice.

A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 4

This position gives much charm and attractiveness, grace and kindness. The lovers of the person with Venus in Libra will be delighted by the way this native know to offer them peace, harmony and refined pleasures.

The natives love very much the courteous persons and they have a good sense of the human relationships.

Sometimes they use intuition and empathy in order to make the others feel well to such an extent that they can give the impression of a complete affective participation although they only want to create a harmonious atmosphere.

They know very well how to enjoy every movement and they fully live their privacy with their lovers.
They are predisposed to a comfortable life and they like to live in a luxurious environment.

They are remarkable by their aesthetic sense, their general sensibility to beauty and their life with their beloved and they are expert in bringing happiness into their couple. They seem to be created for union and marriage.

In this case the lethal attractions are the keyword. The person has very strong emotions, and their intensity may determine her not to take care of the social conveniences and becoming unscrupulous when speaking about erotic issues.

They generally have very much sex appeal, but they are not a model in what love is concerned. They are full of passion, they live very intensely their lives and they are often extremist, passing very easily from love to hate and the way round.

They tend to become jealous and they have a revengeful disposition.
They don’t know any inhibition in lovemaking and they expect from the others to behave in the same way.

They are endowed with an inborn sense of eroticism and they are generally precocious in this field. For them, the erotic life is extremely important in a relationship and they tend to mix up the attraction with the love.

They can be attracted up to the point of becoming erotically obsessed and they like the relationships that can produce them very intense and unusual experiences in their erotic life.

For the persons they really love, they can be very good allies, sustaining them with the same passion with which they make love.

This position of Venus predisposes the natives to guide their relationships according to a high spiritual ideal, love being for them a way of manifesting the universal laws.

The principles and the intentions are more important for them than the exterior actions, and they guide themselves according to the moral values they accept and understand.

Sometimes they manifest their liberty as a disposition to adventure, and they assume the risk of experiencing new aspects of life they haven’t yet known, fully enjoying what life offers to them.

Other times their lives can be devoted to a principle in which they believe and to which they devote their whole being.

The physical relationships are not important for them unless it is based on a deeper soul communication and the sharing of the same ideals, although they are passionate and enjoy living intensely.

They have a very developed sense of friendship, and although they like the flirtation, they don’t guide their live on the erotic criteria.

They don’t like the possessive people or those too attached to the physical relationships and they aspire after a free and idealized relationship.

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Polarity, Part 2



The Eastern tradition states that this high level of harmony is a tangible experience, which may be lived permanently by both man and woman. The erotic act becomes thus a path of adoring God in the temple of love, body and soul.

1. First, perform 3, 6 or 9 superficial penetrations, followed by a profound one.

2. Stop any movement when you feel you get close to the ejaculation.

3. Hold each other and synchronize your breath.

4. Take a position that will allow a good control of the sexual energy. Focus mentally the sexual energy at the level of the upper chakras.

5. Focus on the balance between the Yin and Yang energies.

6. When the energy was transmuted and sublimated, and you feel your erection has decreased, you may start the dynamic movements, contracting the pelvic floor.

7. Take this energy to the upper chakras several times, each time higher. Meditate and focus on each chakra.

Women will benefit to a great degree if they will be active during the erotic play, as the methods of sexual continence will tone up the vaginal muscles, stimulate their hormonal activity and reach old age.

When one of the lovers gets close to the ejaculatory orgasm, he/she should ask his/her lover to cease all movement. They may control the energy by sublimating it on the upper chakras, and releasing the tension accumulated in the area of the genitalia.

This transformation occurs spontaneously in any couple aspiring to the Ultimate Reality. During a profound orgasm, the two lovers will have the experience of the opening and harmonious activation of the chakras, and the sublimation of the energy to the “One Thousand Petals Lotus”, Sahashrara.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 2

The woman must lie on her side, with the thighs widely spread. The man comes next to her, in between her spread legs. Then he slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside his lover’s vagina.

After 18 deep penetrations, he has to stop moving completely, and stand absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method helps the focus of the energies and in the same time it heals any bleeding or wound of the woman’s vagina. This technique should be performed twice a day, for 15 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies back, with the legs stretched and paces a pillow under her bottom. The man knees in between her hips, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 27 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method relaxes the mind and heals any kind of cold that exists in the woman’s sexual area. This secret technique should be performed 3 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain these benefits the woman lies on one side, then bends or raises both her legs. The man comes behind her and introduces his love weapon inside her.

After 36 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method is beneficial for the internal organs of both the man and the woman. This secret technique should be performed 4 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies on one side, with her left knee up and the right leg stretched. The man comes over her, supporting his weight on his hands and knees, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 45 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method harmonizes and cures all diseases of the bones in both man and woman, and heals any congestion the woman might have in her body. This secret technique should be performed 5 times a day, for 10 days, only with sexual continence.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 1



An ancient Chinese tradition mentions how the deity of a river that had the form of a shell incarnated as a very beautiful woman. The shell-goddess is famous to this day and is known as the Sincere Girl, one of the three famous masters who initiated the Yellow emperor in the art of love.

The Speech of the Sincere Girl enumerates the “Eight Main Benefits” of the special erotic rhythms when the two lovers make love with sexual continence.

These rhythms that start beneficial processes of resonance with the subtle energies from the universe are, in their great majority combinations of magical numbers inspired by number 9, the Yang number. The Yang, the solar, masculine force is always represented by the odd numbers, and the Yin, feminine, lunar force is always represented by the even numbers.

Therapeutic lovemaking, always performed with continence, attempts to control the rhythms and the positions in all situations and represents a very important subject in Eastern medical science.

According to the observations of Eastern doctors, the blood, the flesh, the marrow, and the seed (in the case of men), respectively the ovules (in the case of women) are the essential links of a mysterious chain that unravels according to the nature’s order and rhythm.

SUSHRUTA SAMHITA, a famous Ayurvedic treatise asserts: “the hidden essence of life produces the blood. From the blood is made the flesh, from the flesh is made the fat, and from the fat are made the bones. From the bones comes out the marrow, and afterwards comes out the sperm, or the ovules.” This generative chain of the seven corporal elements represents a natural process that may be easily disturbed by malefic or unhealthy habits.

Therapeutic lovemaking, performed only with sexual continence is inspired from certain secret erotic positions that trigger inside the beings of the two lovers processes of resonance with beneficial energies from the universe and channel the resulting energies so that it helps the psychic, the body and the mind to work on the imbalances existing within. As we all know, our bodies have the capacity of creating their own remedies and antidotes for any disease or disorder.

During lovemaking with sexual continence all we need to do is to direct the energy towards the places that need it. The respiratory techniques and Hatha Yoga positions have proved effective and curative even in the cases of the most serious diseases.

The intelligent, careful and constant practice of the Eastern erotic techniques performed always with sexual continence may determine a quick appearance of the results if both fundamental principles, Yin and Yang work together in harmony.

The practice of the Hatha Yoga system alone may prove a boring and hard to complete discipline, while if performed with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques they become more approachable.

The combination of the Hatha Yoga with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques generate naturally, without any effort a great vitality, inner balance, and a deep state of harmony, which reflects on the level of the whole body.

Both the Taoist therapeutic lovemaking and the Tantric therapeutic lovemaking underline sexual continence, rhythm, and the transfiguring approach of the erotic positions. The body of the man, as well as the body of the woman may benefit greatly because of these.

Lovemaking with sexual continence does not drain the body and the mind of energy, on the contrary they are toned. Moreover, lovemaking with sexual continence may even trigger spiritual enlightenment.

Although the sexual continence is basically quite simple, this technique requires especially from the man to perfect his power to retain the sperm in order to transmute and sublimate his potential into higher forms of energy.

The role of the woman in therapeutic lovemaking with sexual continence is that of an initiator, with a harmoniously structured body and full of vitality, invoking the forces of nature through her transfiguring force.

Thus her mental, emotional and vital energies as well as her sexual fluids prove essential in harmonizing her lover’s body, psychic and mind. In his turn, her lover focuses on retaining the sperm and on channeling correctly the energies resulted, helping her to sublimate the huge energy resulted from lovemaking with sexual continence.

The secret sexual traditions of the East state that if a woman truly succeeds in transmuting her sexual potential into higher forms of energy, her wonderful regenerative and rejuvenation capacities become boundless.

The following eight erotic positions requires certain exact rhythms. The benefits of these positions depend all on the man’s ability of controlling ejaculation and the woman’s desire to circulate her healing energies in a harmonious manner.

12 Effects of Making Love With Continence

The intense, multiple and prolonged orgasm reached without man’s semen emission and also without woman’s explosive orgasm is the most efficient, the cheapest and at the same time the most accessible natural medicine.
Physical love made only with continence by a united and loving couple may naturally protect the human organism from diseases, psychical depressions or from pains. Nowadays some scientists agree that an intense and regular sexual activity, which is made only with continence, among other wonderful effects, may also defend us from stress and at the same time develops our individual creativity, intelligence and the good inner power. The constant experiencing of a multiple and deep orgasm without ejaculation also improves the activity of the immune system. At the same time those who practise sexual continence perseveringly are less anxious, have a greater confidence in their own forces and are much more optimistic.

Here they are 12 advantageous effects which physical lovemaking with sexual continence has upon both the male and the female body:

1. A regular sexual life which is carried on only with continence has as an effect the complete disappearance of stress. Many researchers consider that the appearance of stress is generally related to some disorders such as headaches, stomach-aches, pains in the nape, cardiac problems. Most of the anti-stress therapies are based especially on the relaxation of muscles. Physical love, which is made only with sexual continence, is one of the most relaxing activities for muscles, according to the statements made by specialists in physiology.
Headaches, which are most often caused by stress, will be without doubt forgotten one evening that ends in bed next to your lover states the American specialist in sexology, Dr. Ruth Wistheimer.

2. Prolonged orgasms with no semen emission postpone the effect of the negative emotional states for ever. The difficulties which appear on the emotional and sentimental level are often represented at physical level by pains. The psychosomatic manifestation of the different negative emotions is stronger when one tries to repress them at any price. Many cases of physical pain is gradually alleviated by sexual intercourses had with continence.

3. The orgasm with no semen emission really improves the individual creativity and the intelligence. Right from the oldest ages, poets often felt the need to write about love and happiness. Why didn’t they write poetry that talked about finances? The answer to this question could be that the spontaneous impulse to express our creativity in love could very easily turn into an artistic expression.
Recent research regarding the complex phenomena which take place in the human brain, have showed the fact that, generally, men tend to use the left hemisphere of the brain more, while women use the both hemisphere many times. Surprising is the fact that during the deep orgasm, with no semen emission, it has been ascertained a significant increase of the creativity. Also during profound orgasms both women and men use the both hemispheres of the brain. At the same time it has been ascertained that after 4-5 orgasms with no semen emission in the case of the man and no explosive orgasm in the case of the woman, the intelligence of both lovers is significantly stimulated.

4. Many women realized that if their sexual life is regular, their hair becomes shinier, their skin – bright and cleaner and their general appearance is more pleasant, magnetic and full of charm. This takes place both because of the fact that in their halo will be drawn subtle, positive energies and because the blood diffusion improves, thus irrigating the extremities of the body better. These results show up also because of an increase of the secretion of estrogens in the organism, which is directly related to the period of time during which the sexual intercourse take place, having positive effects upon the woman’s body, strengthening it. For instance, an evening spent actively in your lover’s arms is equal to a full session of gymnastics. The security and self-confidence, which are spontaneously displayed by a woman who is aware of the beauty of her body has the advantage of attracting men in an irresistible manner.

5. The sexuality made with continence is an excellent natural cure for insomnia. Even upon those who suffered from an obstinate insomnia, the sexual activity made with continence has a positive effect. The orgasm with no semen emission has a soporific effect upon those to whom the sadman comes later, balancing the quantity of blood and lymph in the organism. Those who experience such states weekly, know that the worries which cause insomnia don’t seem to be so important any longer, after 7-8 orgasms with no semen emission.

6. The bones of the body become stronger and are regenerated. Indifferent of age, the organism of the women who have at least a sexual intercourse with continence a week, produces a double quantity of estrogens, as compared to the ones less active from this point of view or who don’t practise sexual continence at all. The estrogens helps a lot to the strengthening and regeneration of the bony system and therefore, even young women who have deficiencies in the composition of the bones risk to suffer less from osteoporosis when getting the menopause. Winnifred Culter, a famous American researcher in the field of Biology and at the same time a founder member of the Athena Institute for Woman’s Health has presented an amazing conclusion: “the women who have a reduce quantity of estrogens are not necessarily the unmarried ones, but especially the ones who alternate the periods of sexual satiety with total abstinence” The richer the period of weekly “feast” is in sexual intercourses made with continence, the more favoured the endocrine system will be. A woman who makes love only with continence 2-3 times a week will thus regenerate and harmonize her body.

7. After sexual intercourse done with continence, permanent or occasional pains disappear as if by magic. Sexual intercourses made with continence between two lovers have as effects both the accumulation in the halo of some subtle positive energy that is collected through resonance from the Macrocosmos, and the giving off of some endorphin substances which annihilate the pain in a natural way. Three orgasms without discharge may offer around six hours which will lack any pain in the case of sick persons indifferent if the respective disease is arthritis or an ordinary headache, sustains Judith Sachs, the author of the book “The Beneficial Power of Physical Love”.
An evening spent in your lover’s arms (in the case in which both of them practise sexual continence with success) followed by a good sleep may reduce to zero even the pain in the back and its disappearance may be extended to even the third day. After this soothing happened once, sexual intercourse with continence will always have the effect of a “magic” medicine, without mentioning the fact that for everyone it’s more pleasant to make love than to take medicine.

8. The systematic practice of sexual continence has as natural effect the regulation of women’s menstruation. Experiencing a prolonged orgasm without discharging of the sexual energy makes the menstruation be reduced a lot and makes it appear at precise periods of time. Some researches show that with women who have sexual intercourses with continence every week, generally the menstruation repeats itself every 29 days. Most of the women who make love in ordinary way and more rarely than once a week have irregular cycle. Moreover, those couples that practise sexual continence are safe from an unwanted pregnancy. They can have a baby only when they wish this.

9. The orgasm without discharge makes the size of the breasts increase with those women who practise sexual continence systematically. During the orgasm without discharging of sexual energy it could be noticed that the breasts of the women aren’t “obedient” at all and increase their size with 25%. It also could be proved that at the same time the mammillas increase their diameter with over half of centimetre.

10. The deep orgasm with no semen emission (for the man) and without explosive orgasm (for the woman) makes the senses be sharpened. In the moments when sexual excitation is very deep but it is not followed by semen emission, the human senses start to be amplified because of the sublimation of the erotic energy, and most often they start to “buzz” like a secret force generator. Especially in the first stages the smell improves very much, this happening because a nerve that reaches the zone of the centre of pleasure makes the connection between the nose and the brain. The most stunning smells for us don’t always come from different perfumes or cosmetic products, but from the mysterious, amazingly inciting natural smell of our lover. It is not by accident at all that sometimes you may be attracted by somebody’s intelligence, financial power or beauty, but if beside this, that being’s natural smell gives you headaches, the possible erotic relationship is considered history before beginning. In some secret erotic practices, the aim of the sexual intercourse with sexual continence is to intensely stimulate the senses until a deep state of trance is induced. In certain conditions, the advanced probationers of Tantra Yoga system endlessly prolong the overwhelming euphoria of the preorgastic state, by synchronizing the rhythms of their breathing. Then when they make this synchronization as good as possible, the state of ecstatic wandering which is reached, allows the two to experience the loftiest state of orgasm with no semen emission, and then the lovers truly feel that they are a tiny part of the macrocosmos, and thus they can reach the samadhi (divine ecstasy).

11. The immunity system works much better in the case of those who love and practise sexual continence. The constant sexual intercourse carried out only with continence significantly stimulates the functioning of the immunity system.
A research made at Pittsburgh University from USA, over women who suffer from breast cancer, has showed that the body of the patients who had a normal sexual life, contained more cells of T type which fight against the infection from the human body, as compared to the women who had unfulfilled sexual contacts or to whom these didn’t exist. This means that the erotic pleasures in the case of sexual continence, could protect us from catching a cold or a flu.

12. Lovemaking with continence makes us be more self-confident. Without doubt a constant sexual activity with continence provides great physical pleasure, but have you ever thought how delighted with yourself you will be after 80-90 successes in this kind of lovemaking? Few other activities have such a positive effect upon your development as human being. Through the profound empathic feeling of the subtle boiling energy that comes from the lover, we dive in ecstasies in the God Eros’ ocean.


Reasons to Make Love with Continence, 1



The amorous pleasure doesn’t reduce itself to a mere pleasant but very short sensation. It can be much more and this could happen only by understanding and constantly making love with sexual continence.

Implying a sexual intercourse with no semen emission, but reaching an unlimited number of orgasm s by the two lovers (at the same time or separately), sexual continence is based on a full and conscious control of the sexual function by the man and the woman. Therefore this way of experiencing the intercourse does not end up with the man’s semen emission or with an explosive discharge of the woman’s sexual energy. The woman loses her sexual energy during an explosive orgasm as same as man during an ejaculatory orgasm. So, even the women have to practice sexual continence for reaching more elevated type of orgasms.
As a superior form of erotism, sexual continence makes possible the biological turning of the sexual creative potential into superior forms of energy like mental and spiritual energy, through stimulating some ineffable processes of inner sublimation.
By successfully carrying out the sexual continence by the two, as a couple, the amorous experience gets plenary while the sensation of being exhausted and sleepy (which accompanies the man’s semen emission and the woman’s explosive orgasm) disappears; in time the woman can reach the orgasm every time she wishes to and the couple harmony and happiness grow. According to the Eastern view, this way of constantly making love with sexual continence turns into a gradual progressive dilatation of the human being’s subtle bodies that causes ecstasy.

1. It harmonizes the structure of the body naturally and quickly
An intercourse experienced with continence is not only extraordinarily pleasant but moreover, it is equivalent to one hour of playing tennis or to 45 minutes of jogging. Besides the anti-stress molecules (endorphins), which are produced by secretion through sexual prolonged pleasure, these molecules may alleviate the bulimic attack as if by magic. Thus one may give up jogging or the monotonous antifatness treatment in favour of the frenetic love games with sexual continence.

2. It regenerates the blood
From 15 breathing motions per minute, at rest, during the intercourse with continence, due to excitation, one can attain 30 breathing motions. Therefore both the male body and the female one are better irrigated, better oxygenated. Thus almost all the residua of dioxide carbon are quickly burnt and the blood is regenerated naturally.

3. It naturally and quickly stimulates digestion
According to some researches, the saliva which is spontaneously exchanged between the two lovers during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence facilitates digestion and has good and deep effects upon the strengthening of the immunity system.

4. It regulates the menstruation naturally and diminishes it very much reducing it up to one or two days
A reduced disorganised sexual life without sexual continence is often translated (for a woman) into an irregular, long-lasting (6-7 days) menstruation which appears to be or in a great quantity or even painful. On the contrary, the sexual intercourse always experienced with continence supports among others the hormonal equilibrium and it implicitly regulates the menstruation naturally. On the other hand, specialized investigations showed that the women who have tens of multiple and prolonged orgasms, without discharging of sexual energy produce a great quantity of endorphins by secretion and have a short-lasting, regular and painless menstruation. In the case of those women who have been practising this kind of love for a long time, the menstruation is stopped for 3-4 months consecutively and the respective women feel wonderful and they are full of energy.

5. In the case of women sexual continence leads to a natural growing of the breasts
Due to intense excitation and the growing of the sanguine flow, breasts may naturally increase their volume up to 25% during a sexual intercourse experienced with sexual continence. It has been proved that the breasts become more sensitive to sensuous caresses, which easily produces the woman delicious sensations.

6. It accelerates the intestinal transit
The deep and extensive contraction of the abdominal muscles, which takes place during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence, produces a complex and natural abdominal massage, which among others stimulates the intestinal transit.

7. It naturally tones up the abdominal muscles
Making love only with sexual continence, intensely and often for a long time, the abdominal muscles are pleasantly and naturally stimulated. The stimulator is the diaphragm. Placed between the abdominal belt and lungs, this important muscle contracts rhythmically and harmoniously due to the breath acceleration and thus it stimulates the abdominal muscles.

8. The sleep is improved and the hours which are earmarked for sleeping decrease naturally
It is known that, generally, the prolonged pleasure is an excellent sedative for the man. But it acts almost as for the woman. These extraordinary, tranquillising, calming effects are produced by endorphins.

9. It diminishes and in time it dissolves anxiety
Making love only with continence quickly endows us with qualities among which we should remember: the lack of stress, deep relaxation, high spirits, euphoria, and the sense of humour. At the origin of these effects there is the same massive secretion of the endorphins, which appears in the moment of the orgasms with no semen emission in the man’s case and with no discharge of sexual energy in the woman’s case. At the same time implying a physical activity, the experience of making love with sexual continence frenetically allows others the quick elimination of the muscular, nervous and psychic tensions.

10. It naturally stimulates the circulation of the blood
During the sexual excitation, the sanguine flow significantly grows both in the erogenous zones and in the whole body. Then the arteries relax easily. Also, the intense pleasure which is produced makes them gradually dilate, thus stimulating a good condition and immense happiness.

Love Yourself in Order to Love and Be Loved, Part 1

A sine-qua-non condition in finding a lover to whom you can truly relate from the spiritual, intellectual, sexual, and emotional points of view is knowing your own qualities and having confidence in them.

However, before you can develop a genuine self-esteem you must first become aware and eliminate the negative behavioristic patterns formed by your past experiences from this life or from your previous lives and replace them with positive ones.

Such negative patterns of thought and behavior often originate in unhappy childhood experiences, broken relationships, and unfulfilled hopes and desires. These experiences are a heavy burden, holding us back in our attempts to love and be loved. Nonetheless, despite this fact, most often people are totally unaware of the mental burden they carry around.

The human mind resembles an iceberg because the mental processes we are fully aware of play a small part in the development of our psychological life. The unconscious force lying below the line of our awareness has the most important influence on our behavior patterns, on our self-image and on our ability to love and accept the love that comes to us.

The negative patterns of thought established in our unconscious mind usually lower our self-esteem and hinder our attempts to form lasting relationships. Daily exercises help us get in touch with our unconscious selves and fix the damage caused to our sense of self-worth.

Such exercises are based on meditation and breathing techniques that help us be at peace with ourselves, because this is the only way to be at peace with the rest of the world.

The demands we have to face at work, as well as those of our friends, relatives, etc. to which we may also add the international conflicts we hear and see about on the news every day disturb our inner peace.

Therefore, it is vital for our mental balance and even mental health that we try to save some time for quiet meditation and contemplation each day.

In the beginning, you have to cut yourself completely from the turmoil and rush of the world until you will be able to completely regain your physical and emotional tranquility.

After this you return to your daily duties with a sense of refreshment, feeling revitalized on all the levels of your being, from body to mind and soul. The first step is to learn the correct breathing techniques because a correct breathing brings more oxygen to the brain, recharging your batteries when tired and soothing you when anxious.

Do not force your breathing. Inhale and exhale freely through your nose, allowing the air to flow through your abdomen and through your entire body. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You may combine the breathing techniques with meditation, so that your inner peace is complete.

Look in your house and find a quiet place in which you may meditate daily for 30 minutes. Make this meditation a daily routine. You may increase the magic, mystical atmosphere by closing the curtains, dimming the lights and burning some candles.

Make sure you have a straight-backed chair in the room, so that your spine will be upright and straight, or you may sit cross-legged on the floor. Take a few minutes to relax and then start to breathe regularly.

Clear your mind of all thoughts and focus on your breath. Relax each part of your body gently, with every exhalation, beginning with your feet. See also our article “RELAXATION”.

By developing these meditation techniques, you will be able to get in touch with your innermost mental processes, and prepare your psyche be more open to the next stage in your program of self-improvement.

Meditation and Lovemaking, Part 2


The ordinary, common vision of life, as we were accustomed to embrace comprises a broad range of discursive attitudes we might consider “normal.” However, the Tantric eroticism proves that this kind of “inner discourse” has to be reduced at least to the level where it does not prevent, distort nor inhibit the emotional intimacy between the two lovers, as well as the access to the mystical experiences.

Nevertheless, it is a fact of common knowledge that verbal communication and even language can spring from a non-discursive state of mind. The acts of speech, listening, reading and writing, even the soliloquy can be spontaneous, in which case they do not cause any interference or disturbance to the proper experience.

The JNANA YOGA System, a cognitive form of meditation, which is the origin of the Zen System, introduces us to a method of spontaneous, natural use of language that we get into without a precise definite aim. For example, if we listen someone who’s talking, we will understand clearer what he/she tells us if we don’t use our discursive way of thinking, analyzing and labeling after each sentence we hear.

Owing to this silent attitude of the mind, called RESERVATUS MENTIS, the perceptions are highly accurate, and one may get to sense even the most insignificant trifles. In order to achieve this mental state, Yogis concentrate on different areas of the body, on certain mantric sounds, or perform different positions according to the specific path they follow (HATHA YOGA, LAYA YOGA, JNANA YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA etc.).

The role of these exercises they practice is to calm and relax their mind. These exercises are also useful for tensed, stressed out people whose work implies the excessive use of the discursive, logical aspect of their minds, that is there occurs an overuse of the left part of the brain.
However, if we get to think about these exercises, we will soon find out that them may easily appear sort of boring compared to the joy, passion, effervescence and intensity of the erotic game.

And what wouldn’t be boring compared to that? This is the most beautiful and transfiguring part of life. Eroticism has often proved to be the quickest, easiest and most natural way to reach mystical experiences and great spiritual achievements by people aware of what they do and of what they want.

Mystical experiences occur because of a spontaneous and complete absorption of the consciousness and focus on each moment of the erotic fusion, casting away thoughts regarding future goals, sexual compatibility, or any other subjects which may come to your mind. Deliberate abandon in the erotic experience has as a direct effect mental stillness and the intense experience of the Yoga state.

Eastern traditions are very clear when they say that a complete experience of one or even several sensations induces a state of mental relaxation, state in which both lovers may easily perceive the blissful state of pure love.

Often this truth can be translated in different ways. Like Henri Maspero said, “For Taoists the place of the wisdom and the spirit is the heart and not the brain.” Symbolically, the brain is the organ of language, theories and faith, and its use is obvious and beyond question, but at the same time, it does not have the qualities of the heart which is the organ of intuition and direct perception.

The Taoists knew then, as we know now, that this distinction does not actually refer to the actual brain and heart, the organs, so to speak, but to two different ways of “thinking”, conceiving and acting.

The main feature of the Tantric approach to life and experience is, according to Eliade, the anti-ascetic and anti- speculative attitude, the full implication of senses without analyzing and labeling our feelings. This does not mean, however, that if we are to practice a Tantric exercise, or engage in a Tantric act of love, we will not know what we feel. Quite the opposite! Tantra has been called “the one who sets us free from Maya” and it is rightfully so!

In this case, Maya is the illusion and the magic of words, language, concepts and speculations. Generally there is confusion between reality and the way it is described, between an area and its map, between food and menu etc. The menu has its value, but still it is not nourishing.

When we make love, when we stop thinking, there is always something very interesting: we are capable to perfectly concentrate on the present and on what is going on. This is when the past and the future do not interfere with us any more and yet they are apart of each other, in a superior way, like two drops of rain that come together in an unique, transparent drop.

The same way, the two lovers experience the ecstasy and there is union, a real communication issue, not symbolic or incomplete, but capable of going further to the superior fusion with the ultimate reality, to the state of Yoga.



Meditation and Lovemaking, Part 1


The relationship between the physical act of making love and meditation is not necessarily obvious at a first glance, but it is nonetheless real and extraordinarily powerful. If the act of lovemaking is approached as a mystical experience, it becomes indeed a form of yoga or meditation.
The implication of this statement is that a total absorption of the mind in the true, direct experience of love occurs between two people who really love each other, during an act of love.

In fact, it truly is an active and creative act, which fulfils the being on multiple levels (physical, psychic, mental and spiritual as well).

So, just like meditation, the act of making love without being involved in thoughts concerning the experience or any other things is what the Eastern tradition recommends in order to be able to reach a mystical experience in this manner. The fundamental key to succeed in transforming a common approach to sexuality into a mystical, elevated experience is to allow yourself to extricate your habitual thoughts during the sensual act of lovemaking.

The mental integration through sexuality in form of meditation is not different from specific yoga techniques. In fact, this approach should dictate our attitude in any kind of activity: eating, sleeping, breathing, cooking, walking, watching, making love, etc. It is also true that a meditative attitude attracts a lot of unbelievable results.

In fact, when we limit the discursive thinking processes we give our latent subconscious capacities the possibility to fully manifest themselves.

It gives our experiences great energy and at the same time a greater capacity to control this energies, not trough the rational mind, but through that super-conscious force, the expression of will and divine harmony reflected into the pure mirror of our consciousness, clear and untroubled by rational thinking, which is limiting, personal and egoistic.

Consequently, in order to turn an erotic experience into a spiritual one, one should try to stop what is usually termed as “rational thinking”. You may ask “why would I do that?” and the question would be reasonable!
The answer is because this kind of thinking known as “rational thinking” is limited and also sets limits to your experiences. And, as you may easily guess, one cannot know the infinite by being limited to the finite!
It is highly important that you stop this kind of reasoning for a while, still, simply setting the subconscious forces, sensations and experiences free is not really a mystical state. A mystical experience occurs generally when the erotic energy is sublimated and refined. The Super-Consciousness plays the most important role here, because it enlightens us and our experiences.

That is is also the reason for the great importance of another element – termed as transfiguration. This implies the active, real and creative belief in a certain “pattern” or divine archetype against the dark and shapeless background of the subconscious world. To be more clear, when being with or thinking about your lover (and you may extend the experience) see in him/her this divine archetype you have in your heart.

To see the god or the goddess beyond the ordinary image of the one you love, to unite with what he/she has sublime, this is transfiguration. Such a relationship leads to an elevated world and helps us experience the erotic act in the form of meditation. Through transfiguration the human is endowed with divine virtues.

In order to experience the spiritual ecstasy while we make love with sexual continence, traditional Eastern literature recommends that we eliminate our thoughts. Tantrism states that we have to open up to sexuality and approach it with “an empty mind”, a state called “the absence of mind” or “the pure mind”.

This recommendation has often been interpreted the wrong way, ad literam. If one does not examine this statement intelligently, he/she might believe that people who have had mystical experiences suspend their mental activity in order to remain in that state where they shut up for the rest of the world and go away from life.

However, the real sense of this recommendation is to stop a certain way of thinking, the rational, verbal, conceptual, theoretical one or in other words the one that evaluates and places things on a certain scale, with a certain label, based on logical representations.

This way of thinking makes each experience, perception or sensation be immediately labeled, expressed through words and given a philosophical, moral, positive or negative sense.
It is also associated with the left cerebral hemisphere and first it takes the form of an inner soliloquy.

In fact this way of thinking (so specific to our contemporary times) is not encouraged by ancient mystical writings, which even contain methods to minimize it in order to reach a state of balance and harmony between the two sides of the brain, the left one, logical, rational, discursive and the right one, intuitive, creative and esthetical.

When the intercourse practiced with sexual continence blocks the verbal way of thinking we become more conscious of what is really going on. We feel “we drink from the Fountain of Life”. That’s why Tantric tradition encourages us to live fully and directly any experience and thus to participate actively and creatively to the erotic fusion.

Thus we become more conscious and surrounded by that experience, without even trying to describe it in words while it lasts. During a Tantric erotic fusion lovers are a lot more aware of themselves because they do not think (as we normally conceive this term), but they allow themselves to be carried away by the natural flow. They do not allow experiences to be filtered through the limited “screen” of a soliloquy.

Any superior integration of an experience implies a capacity to contract and keep in mind several aspects of a problem. It is a lot more valuable than to analyze it piece by piece, in time. The possibility to perceive reality on different levels, from a cosmic perspective, is obviously the attribute of a human with a superior level of consciousness, capable of viewing reality from different angles. Thus a thing or a phenomenon may be analyzed from a vital, creative, sexual, volitional, affective, intuitive, mental or spiritual point of view.

Just like meditation, the erotic experience allows us to perceive things in a creative and intuitive way. Without describing each and every sensation and without thinking, “Oh, this feels good” or “I am in a very elevated state”, we can freely enjoy our experiences.

During the Tantric erotic game man and woman are open to sensations, they go deep into themselves and do not evaluate them, they just fully experience them. It is obvious that rational thinking remains integrated in the complex structure of such a state, but the mind is now capable of perceiving everything around without any kind of effort.


Mental Concentration During Lovemaking, Part 2


As much as we focus ourselves on our own sensations and experiences, they become in this way more and more refined; we start to perceive all the senses at once, without thinking about them in a mechanical way. Thus, the sensations will be totally perceived as if we listen a symphony of life.

Feeling more and more often and profound the non-discursive experience of the sensations, we understand that we have this capacity and it is natural. Only the inner dialogue and the mental excitation interfere, hiding that direct and simultaneous ecstatic conscience of the all senses.

At this step, the direct perception makes the pure subjectivity become identical with the pure objectivity and in this way there is no longer any difference between them, there is no longer any duality neither in perception, neither in sensation nor between the lovers. In this way the lovemaking gets an exceptional cosmic and spiritual value.


We have to empathetically experience what the lover feels while we touch her/him with our hands, caressing her/him with love, or doing anything else that is mutual accepted by both lovers, feeling in this moment what she/he likes or not.

We can feel the entire body, with all our body while we happily and lovely hug our lover, amplifying at maximum the intensity of the hug. As much as we concentrate more easily at the direct perception of the sensations, we will experience more various sensations in the entire body.

In this way, we will be able to experience with an ecstatic happiness the active and passive aspects of the touch, feeling in the same time, every caress, every point of contact with the lover, every given or received caress.

So we can feel what the lover experiences while we touch her/him. We will be surprised by the fact that we can perceive our lover’s sensations through our own hands or other body parts.

We can focus our attention either over the feeling experienced by the one that is touched, or over our feelings, or we can perceive both sensations in the same time.

The active and the receptive touch are identical experiences in essence; moreover when the merging of the lovers is amplified. The way in which the lover feels when she/he is touched is not different from the sensation felt by us through our hand, because there is a communication that gives birth to the same language.

The important element is to experience directly these states without saying, “it is soft, it is wet or hard” and by not letting any other comments, that can shadow the direct perception, interfere.


The taste sense is very well harmonized with the touch sense and with the smelling.
It is known that there is compatibility between the tastes of the lovers, and it is realized that this compatibility influences very much the sexual compatibility. The taste sense is connected with the subtle sexual centre of the human being – Svadhisthana Chakra, and that is why the taste’s compatibility of the lovers reflects their sexual compatibility; an amplifying of the tasting sensations immediately leads to awakening and accumulating sexual energy.


Through the smell sense can be felt either by ourselves, or together with out lover, we will enchant our natural perfume together with the added perfume, taking also into account the perfume of the soap, of the shampoo, of the room and also the perfume of the air.

It is important to know how to choose the perfumes and the essences that can accompany us in our erotic games, so that we can be magnetically attracted by the savour of our body smelling or of the smelling of the atmosphere created by us.


The visual sense is also very important because the eye perceives in semi-darkness too, often even with more profound echoes in the human being- the colours, the forms, the clothes, the brightness and the reflection of the bodies, of the hair or of the ornaments.

Often, during lovemaking the face becomes brighter being itself an expression of the happiness, of the generosity and of the ecstatic fulfilment.

While we are watching, we let the images come to our eyes and we spontaneously abandon ourselves in perceiving all that is in our visual field, without identifying each thing. Our eye can be fixed anywhere it wants to. It is the case of staring (keeping the eyes open but without seeing) that constitute the magical and intimate frame of where we are making love.

Then we can fix our eye over a detail, that becomes dear, important and saint, and at the end we will be back to the seeing of the all. Then we can focus our attention at something else, by spontaneously sending it the magnetism of our look.


There is no limit in what we can create or feel during the erotic game. Each of these generates a sensation, a reaction, and an emotion that doesn’t need a future description.

The sounds emitted by each of them, the breathing, the laughter, the groan, the noise of the lips and the tongue, the voice music when there is something to be said, the love whispers, all of these can amplify the erotic desire and experience.

We can feel the silent vibrations of our bodies that are hungrily touching each other as much as they are hugging full of love and harmony. In this way we become receptive to those pure, archetypal, divine sounds without needing to analyse their meaning. We simply hear them as a celestial music that brings happiness. In this way, we permit the sound to penetrate our ears without needing to comment on it.



Asanas of Happiness, Part 3

Yoga performed together with your lover always opens up the possibility of deep, genuine communication between the two of you, and this communication bonds you closer on levels beyond the customary ones.

Yoga together with your lover may deepen your physical, erotic, psychic, mental and spiritual relationship in unbelievable ways. Doing yoga together brings harmony, refinement, beauty and utter strength to your relationship.

The relationship you’re having acts as a mirror reflecting your deepest secrets. Nonetheless, couple yoga may help you become aware of the unknown pattern manifested in your relationship and in your relationships with other people.

A beautiful relationship not only brings soul lifting to the two lovers, but also may transform for the better other people who interact with this particular couple.

If the couple also practices sexual continence, then their sphere of action may extend to an incredible number of people. Just as the light of one single candle lit in a dark room casts away the darkness, the same way true love will always radiate the light of happiness.

Even when we do not suspect it, love is the supreme law of the universe: a mysterious law, that governs and orders everything, beginning with the lifeless atom, to the union of rational beings.

All our actions and thoughts originate in this love, and to it they are drawn, as towards a divine center of irresistible attraction…
Yoga is a path of knowledge, and in the same time, a path of love and loving.

The asanas presented in the following may be performed before lovemaking as well, because they create an ineffable state of harmony between the two lovers.

The perseverant practice of these asanas – as well as of those presented in our previous articles “Asanas of Happiness” will help you and your lover evolve spiritually, and lift your souls to reach the Supreme Ultimate Freedom, together with your beloved. The heart of this yoga practice is of course – LOVE.

Lay back and bring your knees to your chest. Press your soles against your lover’s soles. Support your weight on the lower back, as this makes your abdominal muscles work as well. Knit your fingers together and place them on the back of your neck. You may now begin pedaling.

As soon as you found an appropriate rhythm for both of you, bring your opposite elbow to the rising knee, turning your torso slightly to it.

Continue changing rising your knee and turning your torso into the opposite direction. Keep the abdominal muscles tight during the whole duration of this exercise, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth each time you turn your torso.

If possible, synchronize your breath with that of your lover. Perceive state of effervescence, spontaneous joy and dynamism.

This asana helps you and your beloved experience a state of euphoria and empathy due to the harmony settled in between the will of your lover and your own will.

Kneel face to face, close to one another. Hold each other’s elbows and slightly bend towards the back, without tensing your neck muscles. Keep your knees at a 90-degree angle.


Perceive the free circulation of the energies through the arms and the activation of the solar plexus. Perceive also an inner state of euphoria and a greater impact of your couple. Perceive in the end the activation of Manipura chakra, in its most elevated aspects.

Performed with your lover, Trikonasana may increase your mutual trust and confidence, and gives your relationship spiritual dynamism.

Stand with your feet apart, with your back turned to that of your lover. Spread your legs so that the angled formed is of about 90-degree, and keep your soles parallel. Stretch your arms laterally, at the level of the shoulders, keeping your hands pressed against your lovers’ palms.

The left side
Slowly lift your arms as follows: the woman her left arm, and the man his right arm, bending your torso laterally, towards the opposite side.

Maintain this position and breathe calmly, and in the same time, if possible. Stay as close to one another as you can. Come out of this asana slowly and gently.


Focus to perceive the energy connecting you through your arms, and the activation of the energies through the spine. Perceive also the activation of Manipura chakra, self-confidence, and trust in your lover.

The right side
Slowly lift your arms as follows: the woman her right arm, and the man his left arm, bending your torso laterally, towards the opposite side.

Maintain this position and breathe calmly, and in the same time, if possible. Stay as close to one another as you can. Come out of this asana slowly and gently.

Focus to perceive the energy connecting you through your arms, and the activation of the energies through the spine. Perceive also the activation of Manipura chakra, self-confidence, and trust in your lover.