The Zodiac “Play,” Part 1

Walking along the path of innumerable reincarnations, the human beings begin to identify the pilgrims they are with the path they are crossing, up to one day when, remembering all the other paths they are crossing,
the pilgrim fulfills his mission – he becomes a Cosmic Man.

For the sage, all roles are permanently accessible and he plays them with detachment, according to the momentary necessity, realizing at the same time their synthesis, identifying himself with their ultimate source – God.

By resonance, every role produces a large range of feelings, thoughts, emotions and so on, determining into the human being a specific evolution, according to the energetic ray with which he resonates.

Assuming different roles has an essential part in a couple, being a very rapid way of evolution. The understanding of different polar roles is an important key for understanding the zodiac, finally leading us to the identification with the cosmic couple: SHIVASHAKTI, in whom all these roles are essentialised.

From this perspective, every sign of the zodiac represents a role, manifesting a certain archetype that the human being born in that sign intercepts and manifests more easily.

Farther on we’ll present a short introduction into this complex field of the archetypes by a number of orientative correspondences between the signs of the zodiac and some of the possible roles which a human being should manifest in his relationship with the others.

We must mention that they are only analogies and they mustn’t be taken in a mechanistic way.


The archetype of the Hero: the person who fully lives the present moment, enjoying life as it is, assuming any risk that may occur as a necessary test he must overtake by his irresistible energy and his intense actions.

The archetype of the Muse: is relied to the energy of the beginning, the first impulse that gives us inspiration and the force to initiate our actions.


The archetype of the Beau / Courtesan (Sacred Prostitute): the human being who enjoys the earthly life, experiencing the carnal pleasure, enchanting his body and senses with the marvels from the terrestrial Paradise, finding here his/her ecstasy.


The archetype of the Brother / Sister: is directly connected to communication and the person who may give us useful ideas, with whom we may change opinions in a free, unpretentious and friendly way; it also represents the ‘otherness’, which makes us conscious of our relationships.


The archetype of the Mother: represents a person who may protect, nourish us and creates a familiar atmosphere in which we can relax and recover, who brings us motherly protection and alleviation.