Identify the Planet Whose Energy Needs to Be Balanced Inside You

a. Situations in which you dominate despotically other people?
b. States of mediumity or excessive receptivity
c. Desire to chit-chat or gossip
d. Short-life affairs, states of dolce far’ niente or lust for luxurious things?
e. Violent accidents, burns and so on
f. Participations in risky undertakings, gambling
g. Loneliness, lack of success, or obstacles

a. Subordination situations
b. Being “down to earth”
c. Having nobody to communicate with
d. All that is not refined
e. Lack of action, inertia
f. Any injustice even if it does not have consequences
g. The lack of responsibility and sense of duty

a. Unmeasured ambition or vanity
b. Inconsistency or passivity
c. Mental disorder, cunningness or the need to gossip
d. Hedonism or obsessive hypersexuality
e. Aggressiveness, impulsiveness, cynicism or tendency to revenge
f. Ostentatious manifestations, hypocrisy or fanatic tendencies
g. Coldness, rigidity or pessimism

a. Eye problems, headaches, circulatory problems or inflammatory disorders
b. Menstrual disorders, manias, digestive disorders, pleurisy, diarrhea
c. Mental disorders, nervousness, pulmonary disorders
d. Venereal diseases, ovarian disorders, kidneys disorders, vitiligo, tonsillitis
e. Hemorrhages, hypertension, fractures, bodily deformities

f. Liver disorders, obesity, diabetes, hemorrhoids
g. Bones and teeth disorders, rheumatism, paralysis

a. Dizzily social falling
b. Numerous changes of the residence or destiny “caprices”
c. Situations in which you had the opportunity to forge or lie and you actually did that
d. Couple issues
e. Fights, blind revenges, or complete submission of the intellect to the instincts
f. Material profits gained regardless of the consequences
g. Bad luck, giving up, abandon, or other restrictions

We note here that this test is purely orientative, for an in-depth analysis of the astral influxes you need to have your chart drawn and interpreted accordingly.

Each question allows you one or several answers. Each marked answer is one point. Finally sum up the numbers for each letter and complete the following table. You will have thus a separate image on the unbalanced astral influxes in your being. The higher the score, the greater the imbalance.

a number SUN
b number MOON
c number MERCURY
d number VENUS
e number MARS
f number JUPITER
g number SATURN

In order to reestablish the balance you need to bring harmony to the opposed astral fluxes. In this respect, you can use the plants corresponding to the imbalanced planetary influxes. For instance, if you noticed that the great disturbance is in the case of the Sun, then you have two possibilities:

a. Pick out a Sun plant that can modulate the solar influx through sympathy (preferably in chronic situations)

b. Use a lunar plant that reduces the solar influence, enhancing the qualities opposed to it, through antipathy (preferably in acute conditions).

The Plants Resonate with the Planets



In the traditional medicine, the plants are associated with the planets, and they are prescribed corelated with precise astral configurations. These correspondences are based on the capacity of the plants to modulate and/or amplify the resonance with the various planets and to reduce their influence with opposed qualities.

Balancing the astral influxes (for instance the solar with the lunar, the Martian with the Venusian, the Mercurian and the Jupiterian) the person reaches the state of inner unity of the contraries, the harmony, regaining thus one’s health and well-being.

The famous English phytotherapist Nicholas Culpepper (1616 – 1654) was treating all his patients after he established the disturbed astral flux that was in fact the cause of the disease.

This method of treatment has not lost its effectiveness to this day, and it was used even in the modern, contemporary day by westerner phytotherapists such as Elizabeth Brooke, as well as by practitioners of the Hindu medicine, Ayurveda, such as David Frawley and Vasant Lad, authors of the original Ayurvedic guide “Yoga of the Herbs”.


Chamomile was considered in the antique Egypt the flower of the solar god. This quality is sustained by the beneficial effects of the Chamomile in a series of disorders caused by the disturbance of the solar flux in a human being: fever, weak sight, inflammations, head-aches, circulatory diseases, excessive irritability.

The correspondence is also suggested by the form of the Chamomile flower, bringing to mind the radiant solar disk. In the ancient traditions the form is considered as a manifestation of a certain type of subtle energy.

As it represents the force of life, the sun has the capacity of regenerating the physic and the psychic levels, destroying the evil and restoring the health.

Therefore, as it modulates the solar energy in the human body, Chamomile is rightfully known as “the universal cure” for all diseases.

Sunflower, in its tireless rotation after the sun, reminds one of the wise man who is ceasingly in search of God:

“A wise man is by definition a person who never choses. He or she does not chose between right or wrong. He or she acts intuitively in accordance to the universal harmony. Just like the Sunflower. When the sun comes up, the Sunflower is facing east. When the sun sets, the Sunflower faces west. All it does is to follow the sun.” (Osho – “The Science of the Soul”)

Just like the Chamomile, the Sunflower eases down the fever. Its flowers and leaves are also used in the treatment of the throat and respiratory disorders. The Sunflower oil strengthens the body, brings energy and vitality, because its ruler is the sun.


Galium verum is considered a magical plant in the medical folklore. The popular name of these flowers is in fact the name of certain fairies who can be seen dancing in the forests on a particular night of the year, 24th of June.

The most known of these fairies is Iana, the Sister of the Sun. Who else is known as the Sister of the Sun if not the moon itself, the patron of these sacred plants in the medical astrology?

Galium verum is also used in marriage rituals in Romania, rituals performed on the 23rd of June, the day previous to the fairies’ dances. The lunar energies carried by this plant symbolize in this context the call towards sexual union.

They also have the gift of protecting the people from evil spirits. Therefore the peasants prepare bouquets of fresh Galium Verum and decorate with them the doors and the windows from their houses.

From a medical point of view, Galium verum represents a basic remedy for limphatic disorders, which are causes by a perturbance of the lunar energies.


Sweet anais or traditional fennel is offered to the young mother before her child is 41 days old. As a plant of mercurian type, the planet ruling communication, Sweet anais helps the establishment of a profound connection between the mother and her newly-born child.

The child who is breast-fed receives with his or her milk the subtle energy of the Sweet anais, represented by the energy of the maternal love.

Sweet anais stimulates the lactation and favors the process of communion between the two, mother and child, reason for which it is recommended that young women consume Sweet anais during their last weeks of pregnancy and while they are breadt-feeding.

Other indications of use: asthm and bronchitis, typical disorders for people in whose astrogram Mercury has bad influences.


Sambuchus nigra one of the Chelts’ sacred trees, was used by them in initiation rituals of the young girls in the mysteries of feminity. Sambuchus nigra is related to Venus and consequently it works with fenimine and masculine energies.

Its subtle energy suggests why it has been used in sexual magic. In Romania, the young girls say certain magic formula under a Sambuchus nigra tree, in order to attract the boys. The Sambuchus nigra flowers are also used by healers as cataplasms in the treatment of amigdalitis, a typical venusian disorder.


Crataegus oxycantha is a small bush, with sharp thorns. It is regarded as sacred, because it is said that the “crown” of thorns placed on Jesus’s forehead on the day of the crucifixion.

This is how the Christian healers justify the property of the Crataegus oxycantha to heal the elimination of the thorns that got into the skin.

As a plant of martian energy, Crataegus oxycantha acts on the cardiac muscles and is very useful for people with heart disorders. This plant is also effective in other disorders typical to a disturbed martian flux of energy: hypertension, muscular spasms, colics, etc. It is used with caution in cases of ulcer or colitis.


The people initiated in the vegetal esoterism say that if one rubs Taraxacum officinale all over the body, one will be welcome in all places and will reach well-being. This seems natural if we recall that Jupiter, the ruler of Taraxacum officinale is the planet of prosperity, comfort and success.

The plant is also known as a hepatic remedy, as all the liver conditions are caused by bad aspects of the planet Jupiter in the personal astrogram.

Taraxacum officinale is also helpful in other pathological situations characterized by a disturbed jupiterian flux of energy, such as obesity, chronic disorders of the skin, hemorrhoids and dispepsia.


The name of this plant is related to the use of its stem as a candle.

The candle light is the symbol of the ascending life, of the soul reaching up to the heaven.

Analogically speaking, the saturnian candle light (charged with Saturn’s energy – the planet of fidelity, renounciation, chastity and religion) can help us open up towards the superior, sacred aspects present inside each of us to a smaller or greater degree.

This plant is also useful in the treatment of various typical saturnian disorders: ear problems, excess of mucus in the lungs, tuberculosis, some skin problems.

Mars Across The Zodiac, Part 3

We can’t say about this planetary position neither that it strengthens, nor that it weakens the Martian Fire, but that it determines a certain destabilization of it.

These persons can manifest in turns, a strong or a weak Fire, according to their momentary mental tendencies, thus, their actions are fluctuating and inconstant.

They are predisposed to sudden bursts of enthusiasm, a phase in which they feel as being tonic, dynamic and having plenty of energy, followed by a sort of crises marked by lack of energy and enthusiasm and the sudden appearance of a state of annoyance, which continues up to the moment when a new, interesting stimulus makes them actives again.

We can characterize this position by the fact that their acting power depends upon their momentary interest. Thus, it is better not to count too much on what they say they are going to do, because, although they are sincere at the moment they declare this, they can change their mind immediately after that.

Their erotic life is also marked by the same attraction towards original situations and new love affairs. There are persons who one day do not produce any reaction from their part and other day can prove to be inciting, depending upon their disposition.

They cannot understand the human being who has always the same attitude, and they can’t stand repeatability. Their actions are based upon momentary interests and they tend to follow their interest even if they are not quite moral.

Their actions are strongly intellectualized, their mind being the instance which can approve or reject a certain action, their emotions being not implied in this ‘bargain’.

The persons who present this planetary position would act or not according to the degree to which you arise their interest. For them, living together is a sort of negotiation. Their will also fluctuates according to their interests, being strong or weak, depending on their motivation.

Sometimes, their actions are only gallantry, sometimes there are sincere, but in both cases these actions do not take long, because they are getting bored very soon.

The men who have this position are generally characterized by a youthful appearance, even when being old, and they are charismatic by their spontaneity and naturalness, even if they are not the virile type of man.

They can manifest a whole range of nuances, playing various roles both in society and in intimacy, fascinating by unexpectedness and inventivity, compensating in this way their generally weakened vitality and resistance.

They don’t like physical efforts and they are moving only not to get bored. From this point of view, making love is for them not a matter of action, but a matter of mental interest.

They are always in movement and their mind is very prolific, creating all sorts of erotic scenarios, which they rather imagine than put into practice. Their most erogenic part stays always their mind.

The women with Mars in Gemini like inventive and intelligent acting men, with whom to do all sort of unexpected actions.

Their erotic life is marked with fluctuations, so as their erotic appetite, but they generally like to do new actions. They are generally not possessive and they are ready to try their lovers’ erotic phantasies.

Both men and women who have this position have phantasies including a third person or a change of lovers between couples, not because they have a great erotic appetite, but because they are very curious. Fidelity is not their strong quality, because they have often the tendency to ‘try’ new lovers.

Their main qualities are a great adaptability and flexibility of action, but their main flaws seems to be inconsistence and the lack of determination and perseverance in their actions. They are very interesting to meet once but you cannot count on them twice.

A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 4

This position gives much charm and attractiveness, grace and kindness. The lovers of the person with Venus in Libra will be delighted by the way this native know to offer them peace, harmony and refined pleasures.

The natives love very much the courteous persons and they have a good sense of the human relationships.

Sometimes they use intuition and empathy in order to make the others feel well to such an extent that they can give the impression of a complete affective participation although they only want to create a harmonious atmosphere.

They know very well how to enjoy every movement and they fully live their privacy with their lovers.
They are predisposed to a comfortable life and they like to live in a luxurious environment.

They are remarkable by their aesthetic sense, their general sensibility to beauty and their life with their beloved and they are expert in bringing happiness into their couple. They seem to be created for union and marriage.

In this case the lethal attractions are the keyword. The person has very strong emotions, and their intensity may determine her not to take care of the social conveniences and becoming unscrupulous when speaking about erotic issues.

They generally have very much sex appeal, but they are not a model in what love is concerned. They are full of passion, they live very intensely their lives and they are often extremist, passing very easily from love to hate and the way round.

They tend to become jealous and they have a revengeful disposition.
They don’t know any inhibition in lovemaking and they expect from the others to behave in the same way.

They are endowed with an inborn sense of eroticism and they are generally precocious in this field. For them, the erotic life is extremely important in a relationship and they tend to mix up the attraction with the love.

They can be attracted up to the point of becoming erotically obsessed and they like the relationships that can produce them very intense and unusual experiences in their erotic life.

For the persons they really love, they can be very good allies, sustaining them with the same passion with which they make love.

This position of Venus predisposes the natives to guide their relationships according to a high spiritual ideal, love being for them a way of manifesting the universal laws.

The principles and the intentions are more important for them than the exterior actions, and they guide themselves according to the moral values they accept and understand.

Sometimes they manifest their liberty as a disposition to adventure, and they assume the risk of experiencing new aspects of life they haven’t yet known, fully enjoying what life offers to them.

Other times their lives can be devoted to a principle in which they believe and to which they devote their whole being.

The physical relationships are not important for them unless it is based on a deeper soul communication and the sharing of the same ideals, although they are passionate and enjoy living intensely.

They have a very developed sense of friendship, and although they like the flirtation, they don’t guide their live on the erotic criteria.

They don’t like the possessive people or those too attached to the physical relationships and they aspire after a free and idealized relationship.

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A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 3

The persons who have Venus in Leo like very much to be admired, to be in the center of everybody’s attention and they manifest their presence in a very expansive way, needing much room in order to appear in their spectacular way.

Because of their constant preoccupation for their glamour they can often seem empathic and even artificial.

They have strong passions, but they don’t display them, letting the other perceive them only in a noble, dignified disposition.

They can be conquered by adoring them, praising their qualities and offering them gifts, and they can be approached by giving them the opportunity of manifesting their generosity.

When they feel in love, they use all their talents to seduce the person they love, looking better than ever, but they would not do anything explicitly because they can’t accept the fact of being refused. They just shine and expect the others to pay their homage.

When they agree to begin a relationship, they have the pretension to become the center of the other’s life, but in their turn they are very devoted to their relationship and want to make the other feel their regal nobility and generosity.

They are generally too proud to show their problems and they prefer to solve them alone. But if you are the lucky person of whom they fall in love, then you would transform your life into a great feast.

The feelings are more reserved, discrete, the person being rather predisposed to censure his emotions and rationalize them.

Sometimes they manifest a strong aspiration towards purity. They tend not to manifest either their feelings or emotions or their eroticism because they have a powerful need to mentally control the situation.

Even when they fall in love they don’t want to loose their control, compensating their feelings by a continuous analysis of their relationships, by a very keen criticism and an ironical behavior.

They have to understand that love can’t be understood with the limited mental abilities, it can’t be rationalized. Because of their reticence, they need much time to trust someone, but when they assume a relationship they tend to be faithful.

They don’t like the superficialities of the love play and they are not quite the romantic type, but with them you can be sure you’ll have someone to get you on earth and they have a very good capacity of sublimating low impulses into mental understanding.

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A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 2

They are characterized by a great amount of curiosity, which is the main reason for which they begin a relationship.

Their feelings can be compared with the images from a kaleidoscope, which can captivate us by their beauty but are not twice the same.

They have an inborn taste for love-plays, for flirtation, for short relationships, sometimes with totally unknown people.

They manifest the tendency to have very many relationships at the same time, to which they don’t pay much attention but which can make them feel good because they don’t have the time to get annoyed.

They are not especially preoccupied by the physical interaction in itself but by the novelty.

Their sentimental life may be compared with the image of a butterfly, flying from flower to flower, never stopping in one place. The faithfulness is not their forte, and they don’t like the possessive lovers.

They don’t bother to fight for a relationship if they are confronted with some troubles, and they tend to fly away from a serious relationship.

They generally posses a very good sense of dissimulation, which help them solve their conflicts in a friendly way.

They are also endowed with a lot of spontaneity, they like the surprises and they are very communicative and you don’t risk to get bored as long as you are in their company.

This position endows the natives with a romantic disposition, which makes them look for their perfect pair and dream of the day when they meet each other.

They are very sensitive, very tender, sweet, well disposed, and they have a very intimate charm and grace.

They can be very shy at the beginning of a relationship, but if you approach them in a very delicate way, they will begin to trust you and they will show you their warm feelings.

This position gives the natives a very deep tenderness, the power to sacrifice their own desires for the well being of the persons they love and the ability to create a warm and intimate atmosphere around them.

They love very much their family and their home for which they do anything to better protect. They also love children and it is very easy for them to take care of their children.

Sometimes this position can give the natives a certain emotional instability, a very strong need for protection and a deep attachment to the image of their mothers.

When they love someone, they do almost everything in order to be with their beloved and are able to completely ignore their needs in order to make the others happy.

They are extremely devoted to their families and are faithful to their lovers.

They are very affected by the idea of separation and they will not leave from a relationship if there is the lightest chance to save it, unless you hurt them very badly.

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Lessons About Tantra, Part 3

Tantra says that the erotic act is not limited to sexual intimacy. The whole body may be transformed, not literally of course, into an erogenous area, offering a multitude of sensual experiences that will refine and expand gradually.

The genital orgasm is a first step. The next is ecstasy. One needs to understand that orgasm is different from ejaculation.

Although many men await impatiently the ejaculation, they do not know that they may still experience orgasm without ejaculating and that if they last on the orgasmic plateau for sufficient time, this may propel them into exceptional states of mind, soul, and spirit.

In the absence of this understanding, the erotic game stays in the frustrating limit of several minutes of pleasure, ending up suddenly in a sensation of exhaustion and nostalgia of what just occurred.

It is no wonder that in time some women develop aggressiveness, irritation, and frustration. Tantra develops a tender, larger, and deeper perspective on sexuality.

Many men wrongfully consider that it is enough to kiss and stimulate a womans breasts and clitoris (in the happy case) in order to arouse her.

Similarly, there are women who kiss and touch the mans penis and expect to obtain an erection from the “Ever-Ready Gentleman” in a matter of minutes. Because of this simplified mentality, sexuality is centred on few “hot areas”.

Nonetheless, Tantra indicates that the whole body, hands, hips, thighs, neck, and feet are capable of unsuspected erotic sensations. Each part of our body may become almost as “hot”, open, and sensitive as the genital area, each with its characteristic.

Tantra indicates that the preparation for the erotic act is not a matter of physical stimulation, but one of mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

The belief according to which we depend on the other who would be entirely responsible for our erotic fulfilment is also a myth. It is based on the erroneous assumption that the source of our pleasure is not within us, but in the other, and that the pleasure depends and is the result of our lovers actions.

Tantra explains that we alone are responsible for the pleasure we feel and this is the first and very important step in learning the art of ecstasy.

A person who develops the skills to experience orgasmic states even alone and not necessarily through masturbation or sexually related techniques, is spontaneously attractive to other people as well, and consequently is more apt to find a suitable lover to explore together the elevated eroticism.

All experiences belonging to a person are not judged from the point of view of bad or good, but as an opportunity of learning. Learning according to its rules, of course, and these rules include sexual continence and a healthy heterosexual relationship.

Tantra stresses the importance of HOW you do things, not necessarily of WHAT you do. The Tantric vision is unifying, embracing everything, because any circumstances are considered and looked upon as new opportunities of learning and improving.

For this, sexuality is an extraordinary chance of integrating all aspects that define us, including those parts that we usually rejected and hated. This vision also admits that inside each adult there is a natural aspect of child, who may explore any unknown territory, with innocence and spontaneity.

Tantra offers practical answers to fundamental questions: “what is ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy, how can one reach ecstasy in the present cultural context, and how can it help us in our daily life?”

Lessons About Tantra, Part 2

The attitude condemning eroticism comes from a wrong tendency of separating the body from the spirit. In this vision, sexuality is the libido, the instinct beyond control. From this comes the tendency to repress sexuality, which is nonetheless a very dangerous tendency, according to psychologists.

Even today, after the so-called sexual revolution of the 60s, this bizarre, repressed attitude generates inner conflicts and casts shadows over our feelings on the erotic act.

Tantra reveals thus new paths of access to the erotic experience, paths in which Tantra is honoured as a celebration, an act of creation, an art.

The folk traditions say: “When its hot its hot. When its not hot, its not hot.” Do not resist your inner impulses; do not resist your libido. Let it live and find its expression. Nature knows best.

Frequently people consider that introducing certain specific techniques into ones sexual life
equals to a decrease in spontaneity. However, the way in which we manifest our sexuality is not as natural as it may seem on a first look. It is strongly influenced by the cultural and educational conditions.

For instances ideas such as: “men prefer blondes” or “the greatest orgasm is ensured by a huge penis” are definitely influencing our reactions during lovemaking.

These thoughts are the results of the society in which we live and they influence our entire intimate life. The greatest part of our erotic responses is made of mere learned, acquired responses.

We often tend to react automatically based on subconscious accumulations, due to our
experiences, parental conditionings, and education.

Tantra teaches us to transform and decode the responses of our bodies while making love. This is not just a formal practice; it is a preparation for being able to make love in a genuine manner.

After you had learned these techniques, you will discover that you will be able to integrate them
effortless in your love life and your spontaneity and naturalness remain unharmed.

A reader of our web magazine wrote that after a number of years she succeeded in having an orgasm through masturbation, yet the doctor told her this is an unhealthy thing. For many people, especially women, the influence of the “experts” in the field has created “rules” in how to obtain pleasure.

Tantra dissolves all these distinctions. In Tantra, there are no “wrong” ways of experiencing orgasm, nor wrong ways of making love. However, we need to make it very clear that Tantra does not imply homosexuality, or any perversions that might cross ones mind.

It is a healthy attitude supported on powerful and precise principles. Tantra simply eliminates any wrong mentalities or attitudes. It teaches us to believe in ourselves and to discover our uniqueness and originality in our eroticism.

It teaches us that orgasm is not a sexual event, but that it may get to the whole body, mind,
heart, and spirit.

Many people were thought to believe that orgasm is something that refers to the genitals only. Someone, after years of erotic experiences, noted that “after all the sexy movies that I saw, after all the techniques and vibrators that I used, my sex life has not changed notably, and it did not acquire a clear sense either. It was still the ejaculation of the seminal liquid in the vagina.”

Consequently, one needs to suffer a change in the vision on sex and eroticism, rather than simply a change of sexual technique. One needs to understand deeply the unbreakable relationship
between sexuality and spirituality.

Lessons About Tantra, Part 1



Tantra or the cult of ecstasy is a spiritual path based on the mystical experience of the game rather than on rigid dogmas. In Tantra, the act of love becomes sacred, a cult and an act of worship and devotion. It is a gift of life.

Tantric art, tantric writings and rituals glorify the erotic act. Tantra proclaims life in its entirety and teaches the practitioner to discover the spark of divinity inside of us. The Tantric practitioner uses his or her senses, mind and soul in order to reach the peaks of mystical
ecstasy.” (Kamala Devi)

During the past years there has been a lot written and discussed on Tantra. However, only few know it is an Eastern spiritual system whose main purpose is to unify the opposites at all levels.

In Tantra, man and woman are seen as expressions or mirrors of the macorcosmic energies represented by Shiva, or the masculine principle, and Shakti, the feminine principle, under any form these may appear.

Balanced union between the two opposites poles feminine, Yin and masculine, Yang will finally lead to the eliberation of the human being from the endless cycle of births and rebirths and more than that, to God.

The man and the woman have a huge potential, practically they have potentially inside themselves all the possibilities and all the experiences of the world. When they are re-united, these experiences are revealed in a new vision and cosmic harmony that lies at the basis of the whole creation.

Tantra may re-unify an ancient scindation in the inner structure of the people, between sexuality and spirituality, which is very common in the Western tradition. One cannot meet the perfect harmony between sexuality and spirituality elsewhere than in Tantra.

It is a spiritual path that integrates the erotic act as a sacred act, which brings the devoted
practitioner closer and closer to God.

In order to facilitate such a union on all levels, Tantra uses a great variety of principles, techniques and rituals. We will introduce you to the most representative and significant ideas that lie at the foundation of Tantra.

Tantra does not contradict the Christian religion, and it can offer the modern stressed and overloaded person an easy manner to improve ones life, to be happier, to be at peace with ones own self and with the people around, and also very important to experience the erotic act deeper, longer and more intense.

It is necessary that some taboos concerning sex be demystified because they are the cause of so many inhibitions that keep us from enjoying our exploration of it.

Many of us are unconsciously slaves to erroneous attitudes towards sex. Without the attempt of transforming them, there are very little chances to remould our erotic life.

Many people consider that the erotic function of the human being is procreation, and not pleasure and even spiritual evolution. This makes some people to sink in guilt every time they have a fulfilling erotic experience.

Think about yourselves, how many times you made love up to now. A 43-year-old man told us that he made love approximately 3.000 times. For procreation, it would have been sufficient once. Then what did he do the rest of 2.999 times and to what purpose?

The role of Tantra is to “fill” up these empty, missing spots, teaching you how to move from procreation to ecstasy.

Tantra and Sexology



“Nobody will ever succeed in obtaining the perfection through difficult or boring procedures; perfection may be easily reached, however, through the satisfaction of all your desires”. (KULARNAVA TANTRA)


Tantra and sexology, although quite different in their purposes and approaches to sexuality (one is spiritual, and the other experimental) surprisingly meet in certain areas.

Sexology, the medical science studying human sexuality in its normal and abnormal physical, physiological and psychic manifestations may be said to have a “horizontal” approach, quite different from the “vertical” outlook on the erotic act promoted by the Tantric teachings.

From the tantric point of view, sexuality is considered the “brain” which processes the alchimic transformations of the sexual substances into energy. Consequently, Tantra may be said to begin at the border of sexuality, taking it further.
Moreover, sexology gives many descriptions of orgasmic experiences quite resembling to the special states of consciousness described in Tantra.

There is a truth which cannot be denied by any of the feminist movements: ‘man is easily impressed by the beauty of the feminine body and appreciates this very much in a woman; the woman may love a man for his intelligence, or for the protection he might offer her, but a man will always appreciate a woman’s intelligence if combined with beauty.”

The reactions of a man are sensibly different from those of a woman; when a woman admires a man, and he manages to seduce her, his physical appearance is no longer so important. The love a man has for a woman, though, is inseparable from desire. And the more beautiful the woman, the greater the desire.

Eroticism lights the spark of the senses, so that they will cause the fire of the union, man is nurtured by the beauty of the woman’s body, and the woman is not mistaken when granting so much importance to this aspect.

Was it not that the woman’s body was created, in its details, in order to cause the admiration and desire of the man?!
However, according to the contemporary tradition and for reaching a profound sexual harmony, it is advisable that we try the following:

  • supress any sexual taboos
  • be aware of your genitalia
  • the aspiration towards a spiritual eroticism
  • self-sensibility, both physical and psychical
  • strengthening the intimate muscles
  • the awareness of the fact that the woman is supposed to have a more active role during lovemaking.

    The specialists in sexology define orgasm as “a state of trance, accompanied by the temporary loss of the contact with reality”. Tantra considers orgasm as a beneficial state of expansion of the consciousness, in which the habitual limitations of the human being disappear, the mind is reduced to silence, and one experiences the ecstasy.

    The complete abandon, the transcendence of time and space, the state of unifying the opposites – these and other things assimilate orgasm with a metaphysical experience.

    Therefore, in Tantra, enlightenment is also named “cosmic orgasm”.