Masculine Zodiac – Aquarius, Part 1

AQUARIUS (January 20th – February 18th)
Some men walk in life according to different rhythms and this is also the case of the Aquarius, air sign ruled by the planet Uranus, indicates how exciting this sign can be.

The Aquarius symbol is a man carrying a bowl of water. Many people are intrigued by this, because it is an air sign, after all. However, the man carrying the water symbolizes your lovers need to share his knowledge, to pour from the river of life for humanity.

If things look a little too ambitious for an ordinary person, remember that your lover is not an ordinary man. He desires to change the world; the Aquarius remains a dreamer, an eternal idealist.

This does not mean that he will actually get the chance of changing the world for the better, yet he will not stop from his attempt, from his dream of dreaming the impossible.

Here is why it has been said that your lover is detached and that the liaisons with other people go better in groups than individually. Unlike the Capricorn who is so concerned with his image and social status, the Aquarius man is not at all interested with this.

He is more the type: “take me as I am or do not take me at all”. This will be very clearly heard from him. Your lover is a progressist and the Uranus planet, capable to produce changes into the world, will make him impossible to represent.

He is the reformer. The one who changes the old into the new. His actions may be electric. If you have never experienced sexual beatitude, of melting your mind and body alike completely at the same time, then your love story with the Aquarius will open up new horizons towards an incredibly new world.

He wishes a total, emotional and spiritual participation and he wants it now. The Aquarius seeks beatitude and ecstasy through lovemaking, but both of you will have intense memories trying to reach these heights.

So cancel all your dates and appointments for an year or so, because there are a lot of things to experiment in the erotic realms, with the great experimenter who is the Aquarius. You are a lucky woman to have found such a lover.


Like Don Quijote dreaming the impossible dream, your Aquarius has visions that few are capable of even imagining, ideals that many of us have forgotten about and abandoned. He is an intellectual whose mind needs to be stimulated before his body has a first startle.

When we use the word intellectual, this does not mean that your lover is educated in the traditional mean of the word, it simply means that his intellect is in a constant search of knowledge. Besides these, nothing is more appealing in a man than the mixture of street and library cleverness.

Do you have a cause to fight for? Is your altruism a little rusty, do you consider yourself a humanitarian, or are you the adept of the proverb “I pity you, but my heart breaks when I think of me?”. The Aquarius is the one looking out after his brother, and the best way to seduce him is to think more of other people than you think of you.


Do you remember the lady nicknamed the “liana” because all she knew was to hang on to the men she met? Well, youd better not try your luck with such a man if you think of trying such a thing.

The Aquarius needs to feel free, he wants a comrade, not someone who would tie him up in laws and rules. The Aquarius men who marry and who do not feel discouraged to continue their marriage are quite rare.

These men need a wise woman, who is very much aware of the fact that the wind is impossible to be tied down. Let your lover know that all you desire is to be his partner and spiritual companion and that you are not the guardian who will derive him of his freedom.

This means that he wants to take a few days off and head into the desert by himself, you are not angry, and you do not start to make threats. The Aquarius needs space literally, space to collect his thoughts and to become focused again.

The Aquarius does not seek another womans touch he wants to get in touch with himself. It is also important that you keep the promises you make to him. A persons word is sacred for the Aquarius and once it is broken, the relationship cannot last.

Masculine Zodiac – Capricorn, Part 2


The problem here is not if you have what it takes to seduce him, but if you have what it takes to keep him. This requires a powerful sexual nature. The Capricorn man seems reserved on the outside, but in fact he suffers from an invisible and incurable sexual “itch”.

His powerful passions are not for the conservative erotic play. Probably that precisely because he is usually so in control of everything that he wants so much to explode, to come out and experiment intense sensations.

In short, the Capricorn wants a primitive, passionate erotic encounter, which will make you spin around in bed. If you should imagine that after the honeymoon sex will fall down on the second place, you can kiss you lover good-bye from now.

Such a relationship will not last. But this steady man will not divorce because he will think “what will my boss, neighbour, aunt and the rest of the world say?”. Under such circumstances, he will become depressive and unhappy, if he is kept in this miserable relationship.

You are advised to have many social connections that will help you form this mans image. He loves intelligent women.


When time comes, it is necessary that you and your lover are in an intimate place. Tell him that there is a little surprise party for him, at a certain place. He loves surprise parties.

When he asks who and what, trying to get into more details, just tell him to be at the exact address at the exact time. Then get ready, because he will not be a minute late.

Meet him in your sexiest underwear, or in whatever makes you feel feminine and comfortable. You could meet him naked, wearing some high-heels and jewels. Then tell him that the surprise party was in fact arranged for the two of you only.

Before going to the party, let us know what you already found out about the Capricorn man. You know he loves to take over and that he can prove passion much easier than other emotions he keeps hidden. Another thing is that he loves anal sex.

Surely you will have to deal with an adventure full of surprises. You probably know quite a few things about your Capricorn by now, but one important thing you do not know is that he is terrified at the thought that he might lose the control he has over other people and in the same time he is fascinated by this thought.

In fact, he reaches the point when he no longer wants to control anything, he simply surrenders to the desires that drive a man in love. He thinks about this all the time and imagines all kinds of scenarios, but believe us, this is the time when he gets everything accomplished.

Now is the time for you to take over. From the moment he walks into the door, take over. The force you will have to face is his sense of the formal things and they will pull him back. This is the only considerable opposing force.

The first tactic you need to apply is to separate the person he is during the day from what he is in fact. Begin with the beginning. Take off his fancy suit, his fancy polished shoes, which will certainly prove quite an experience.

For a man such as the Capricorn walking around with bare feet will be quite an experience. He might feel disarmed and the signal may be : “play along or run away”. If he wants to play along, take off his socks and tell him about the surprise party.

Dim the lights and light the candles. While you move around the room, setting the right ambiance, bend over from the waist as much and as often as you get the chance. Is the music right? If you have never undressed a guy, remember two things: do it very, very slowly and keep the eye contact all this time.

The best thing to take off from a Capricorn man are his jewels. Strip him off this image, this social status, the armour that protects his image and he will feel vulnerable. Whatever you do, do not become too passionate, do not tear his clothes off because he will panic.

Unbutton his shirt one by one, slowly, very, very slowly and when you pull of his sleeves, let the shirt hang on his wrists. This is the first taste in losing the control. If you have a natural talent for this, you will be able to undo his belt with one hand only.

This is risky, nonetheless, as he might take you for a pro, so just take your time. You are close to the most delightful part. So take your time. Linger on the belt.

Make your Capricorn lover stand next to a chair and pull his pants off. Do not take them off completely. Stop and control his bodily image. All other women would probably go right to the next step.

Remember that in a seduction game, nothing needs to be forced, not even the underwear. Take them down slowly and tell him to keep him hands on the chair or otherwise he will be punished. If he does not listen to you, he still has not separated the man from the boy.

You will have to get him to this point, otherwise he will not be able to relax and you will have to postpone your game because of his panic.

If at his point he dares you to undress him, and he believes you are not capable of doing it, you may understand from his voice if he wants you to undress him. Tell him to hang on to the chair, bend over a little and spread his legs, as this will strengthen your control over him and gives him a very sexy feeling.

Imagine: you have your Capricorn lover naked, in your living room or in your lobby. The lights are dim, the music is beautiful and his body is relaxed, except one hard part. The most wonderful thing is that for the first time in his sexual life, he is controlled.

This man, who does everything according to a well-established program, is now in the situation when he does not know what to expect. He is again a child and everything is possible.

You have many fascinating options, you can pull over his shirt and kiss his most vulnerable part, or take him to the bedroom, make him sit on the bed, and then stick his face on your hot body. He will be dazzled.

Masculine Zodiac – Capricorn, Part 1

Congratulations! You found a lover who will always take care of problems, both from the bedroom and outside of it.

Capricorn is an earth sign, ruled by the powerful planet Saturn. Its symbol is the goat, indicating that these men are endowed with the greatest tenacity when they want something or someone they desire.

The Capricorn spends a lot of time climbing that mountain, aiming at what he wants, making plans and arranging scenarios for the next moves. He will do his next move only if he feels he is on solid ground.

This lover who takes no rush always uses his diplomatic skills to get what he wants. In fact, what he wants may be a career in politics or showbiz, because he will never mind if he is in the centre of attention.

One aspect you need to consider is that for your Capricorn his ambition will always come first, at least during the first interval of his life. If he is not married to his career, he is definitely in love with it.

This man is hungry for power and his need to control everything comes up in his personal life as well. Control, discipline, a time for everything. This is the Capricorn man. It may sound a little rigid, but keep in mind that the Capricorn is also a man in love and as usually he looks for a gateway for his passion.

He wants a woman who can see beyond his reticence, to break the shell and to touch the depths of his souls. However, seeking his lover becomes harder as the Capricorn man is pretentious.

This happens especially because he judges the model of the wife through the eyes of his audience. He is indeed very pragmatic. He is very preoccupied with his image when it comes to social relationships that may help him or may hurt his ambitions.

So as soon as this man is ready to show you to his friends and to his business associates, consider yourself half at the target. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you still need to seduce this Capricorn man, including his heart and his body.

As most men, the Capricorn man would also like to find someone able to play at least two parts: the main one is the eternal, loving, wifely woman, and the second is the Madonna mother, not necessarily the entertaining Madonna.

The Capricorn man keeps these things to himself, but your lover really needs someone to help him in what he wants to achieve, and for this, you need to be motherly. He might behave as if he can eat wood for breakfast, but in fact he is more sensitive and unsecure and things as such may cause him depressions.

However, make no mistake! He will get on top, on the mountain he aimed, even if it would take one year, ten years or a lifetime. This may be why the Capricorns have a long life, to be able to fulfil their grandiose dreams.

This earth sign has his feet well into the ground. He is not interested in a woman who is frivol, strange or unusual. Remember that he is very preoccupied with his image. So if you are interested in metaphysics or astrology don’t expect to understand you. Certainly that you could find an evolved Capricorn man with a rich spiritual experience, who surely will know more astrology than you.

Nonetheless, these men raise a critical eyebrow when the conversation enters on a path that they cannot understand, touch or put in a bank. Take a closer look and you will understand the importance social rituals hold for them.

“Oh, well how important can these be?” you might ask. You will definitely find that out. Try at least to show up at a party with a daring dress and you will find that out.

Dare to go to a business dinner and embarrass him drinking an extra glass or God forbid to play with your feet underneath the table because this just might prove the end of a wonderful love story.

Yes, it is very important to be conservative in public and keep any sexual daringness for the bedroom, where the sensual Capricorn can truly appreciate it. Keep in mind that underneath his controlled exterior there is an erotic person.

The Capricorn man is a long-distance runner. He is a man who respects his commitments and who wants everything, remember his tenacity so that his marriage works. Happily for you, the Capricorn man is so busy building an empire, that his energy left after satisfying you is almost over.

So even if he has ideas of leaving the established road, he will not have the energy to do it. One important thing: the Capricorn man will be faithful to you as long as you manage to satisfy his hunger for a sexual life full of fantasy.

If he ends up in having a second marriage, this is because his frustration or because he still seeks the ideal achievement into a sexual union.

Masculine Zodiac – Sagittarius

The last of the fire signs is the Sagittarius. Ruling planet: Jupiter. His symbol is the archer half man and half centaur. This makes one think that the native of this sign is half human and half freedom-loving animal that jumps over any obstacle to be free again.

Ruled by the generous planet Jupiter, the Sagittarius man has a deep love for life and a carefree, confident attitude, which bring him many friends. Few are those who are a match for his generosity.

He is always ready to jump out of bed at 2 a.m. to give a friend assistance in an unpleasant or difficult situation. He is considered the best friend of the whole zodiac and usually all the love stories that begin with a beautiful friendship promise to last a long time.

You probably discovered that the Sagittariuss favourite way of spending time is making sport. And you will probably have to tend to many injured wrists, or ankles, or tensed ligaments. You also need to know that sport is related to his positive manner of looking to the world.

So if you are not into sports, you would better start considering this. Anyhow, you will need to learn a great deal about soccer, football, or any other of his preoccupations of important man.

In the end, whether he comes out of it as a winner or not, important is that those beautiful muscles will come out from the sport court into your bedroom. Get ready for a great deal of exciting games.

This man, if he is one of the positive representatives of the sign will have to be in a great physical and mental form. The body of a Sagittarius who takes good care of himself is indeed a wonderful picture to admire and even touch and caress. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius is not easy to conquer. For this, we need to elaborate a clear and definite strategy.

This might sound pervert, but the woman who turns the Sagittarius on is the one who would do well without him. She needs to be independent and not to hand on him on any occasion. The Sagittarius loves his freedom and you need to give him at least the illusions of this freedom. Step easily and he will never notice that you placed his freedom in your pocket with his car keys.

Do you love to spend time in the open? If your lover is in great shape, find yourselves a tennis court, or if he is not in his best day, go for a walk on a country road. He does not like to feel trapped emotionally or physically.

If you cannot share his love for sports and outdoor movement, then you simply invite another lady, wearing sport snickers. Even more, this man is willing to expand his consciousness on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual.

So let him know that you own what he looks for: a nice physical aspect, a beautiful personality and a fascinating mind. And if you own only two out of three, they certainly need to be the last two.


The Sagittarius is very well-known to have his bags prepared all the time and looks yearningly towards the open horizon. You can expect the most wonderful adventures with this man in love with travels. For a romantic interlude into the future you could pick up a ranch with horses.

You could even take up some riding lessons. So just let your fantasy wonder about and imagine your cowboy and yourself leaving your guests and heading into the woods on the back of two wonderful horses.

Late in the afternoon you will find an intimate place in the shadow of a tree, near a lake. Your Sagittarius will do then what he enjoys most – talking about the world. The sun is almost ready to set and you gather woods for the fire.

The smell of nature, horses, and earth is an impetuous combination and it will determine the two of you to come close together. He kisses you and you rest your hand on his thigh. From there you know where to go.

Even before finishing your dinner at home or in a restaurant, you can tell him that you know a place where you can make love in the middle of nature, and that this would be an unbelievable spiritual experience.

Your Sagittarius loves to be incited by the words and the images the words recall. If you are shy, turn off the light and start whispering into his ear. Remember that the ears are some of the most erogenous areas. Whisper in your lovers ear and this will certainly double his pleasure.

Prepare for this man that loves to spend so much time outdoors a night in the wilderness of your own bedroom. He will have the chance to find the joys of nature in your bed.

Making love in the sound of the waves crushing against the shores, or the singing of the birds is paradise-like for the Sagittarius man, especially if the moaning of his beloved can be heard along. You can chose among a great variety of musical themes.


The Sagittarius man loves oral sex. But again, what man does not like oral sex?! If you are a beginner in the art of fellatio, let your enthusiasm supply for the skills. Most men are happy to find a woman who really enjoys oral sex.

Most of the less lucky Sagittarius men will find a woman who will indulge their pleasures, with a gloomy face.

Therefore, they will never forget a woman who loves kissing them down there and who looked so passionate when doing it.

Now, after offering him the experience of nature simulated inside the house, satisfy his real fantasy and get ready to make love to him outside the house. All you need to do is to offer him the possibility of experiencing this.

For the adventurous ones, now it is time to experience ecstasy, outside, in the nature, under the blue-velvet sky, on the smooth leaves, enchanted by the sound of the birds.

Another fantasy of the Sagittarius is to make love to a total stranger. Only that you get to be the stranger, if you indeed like to play the game. All you need is a wig, to make it spicier.

Masculine Zodiac – Scorpio, Part 2


If you are able to satisfy the emotional and sexual needs of a Scorpio man, then you have him at the tip of your finger. Nonetheless, it is not as easy as it may sound.

You will need to enjoy lovemaking just as much as he does, and keep in mind that for a Scorpio making love is as important as breathing, if not even more important.

He also wants a woman who is open minded to explore together in the fascinating realm of physical love, so you need to be ready to travel on unknown paths and to explore all the dark and forbidden things.

However, have no fear. Do not think that a Scorpio will be confined to the borders of your bedroom. He can make love just as passionately in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway, or in the closet.

We need to underline here the fact that for a Scorpio, what happens in your mind is just as important as the act of love itself. Unlike the Gemini man, who is often satisfied to know a little about many things, the Scorpio goes into the intellectual depths of things.

One of his strongest interests is the occult and all things connected to it. This leads him into the vast world of psychic phenomena, including telepathy, astral projections, clairvoyance, and so on. The unknown and the mysterious fascinate the Scorpio and he always wants to know why, why do all things happen?

In fact, this man wants to go deep into everything, you included.


This may sound strange to you. Only because it really is strange. Tell your lover that you have planned a weekend away. Find a motel that has fantasy bedrooms and take him there, not only for one weekend, but also for several weekends in a row.

The Scorpio will love to seduce you in places with exotic surroundings. A white apartment, decorated for a honeymoon. In a dark and mysterious boudoir, with mirrors all over the walls. This is a perfect place for the most loving zodiacal sign and for the ever-smiling woman at his side.


Let the games begin! Games of the body and soul, and most importantly of the mind…which you are about to lose, with the greatest delight of all.

Offer your lover a gambling game, a game of chance. It is up to you to deicide which game will stimulate his competitive spirit and his libido. Maybe his favorite game is darts, or poker, or scrabble, or any other game you can think of.

You will tell him that the one who looses the game will have to strip for the other, or makes the bets on a hot oral session. There could be nothing more inciting for the erotic nature of the Scorpio.

Make sure you lose the game and that you wear your sexiest and hottest underwear. Sure, we also need to consider that your Scorpio might want to take your clothes off himself. In this case, relax and enjoy.

If you are daring enough and if you feel comfortable, you may add more spice to the game, proposing to your Scorpio that the one who would lose the game will have to masturbate in front of the other.

You will tell him that you are determined to win, and that soon you will watch him making love to himself with the greatest delight, when in fact your intention is to lose and offer him the possibility of seeing one of his most secret dreams coming true before his amazed and charmed eyes.

You also need to know that showing him how you masturbate; he will have access to your most intimate being, unseen by anyone else before.

You also know how much the Scorpio loves to be on top of things. What can be more exciting than a wonderful show of submission with the most intimate and sexual act ever done?

Masculine Zodiac – Scorpio, Part 1

Ruled by Pluto, your lover belongs to the most complex water sign of the zodiac. However, before accepting to be his half, you need to make sure that he has reached maturity.

Regardless of his witness, charm, and amazing lovemaking skills, you would most surely regret immensely if your lover would be emotionally of about 12 years old. If you are lucky and your Scorpio is an evolved soul, then you have fond a man who has strikingly powerful purpose and control in his life.

Nonetheless, if he still has some karma-ic lessons to learn, you have to expect breath-taking extremes, which can lift you up to the skies and then crush you down to the ground. The saying goes that the Scorpio is either a saint or a sinner.

Think only that he is even capable of stinging himself deadly with his own needle. This example clearly shows the dangerous extremes to which your lover may get. Also, consider that a vulture symbolizes the passionate Scorpio.

Meditate on the unbelievable image of the Phoenix bird coming out and up its own ashes and regenerating. Regardless of his self-destructiveness, your Scorpio is always capable of rebirth and can spread his wings and embark into adventurous flights, even if they may seem on the verge of disaster.

Even when your lover is up in the skies or down on the ground, you should expect from him nothing less than his entire being.

You need very intense experiences in order to satisfy the Scorpios powerful appetite, and you need to be a very powerful woman in order to satisfy his hunger of love and lovemaking. By the way, did you know that the Scorpio is renowned as the sex sign?

This also means that the Scorpio will not be satisfied with a half-relationship or half-commitment from you.

If you have what it takes to satisfy a Scorpio, then be ready to give him everything. Then give him a dream, and another, and again everything it takes for him to look deeply into your eyes with that hypnotizing and breath-taking gaze.


The answer to this question is a woman who does not have hesitations in her life, who is ready to taste any pleasure, any sensation, because this is what the Scorpio really wants.

Moreover, he is not an easy person to impress. You will need more than a good game to keep his attention alert to you. In addition, the Scorpios private life is very important to him. He surely appreciates a woman who can keep the intimacy of their private life for herself.

Do you think your relationship is fascinating enough to interest you? Then you should restrain from telling it to someone else. The more he will be sure he can confide in you and reveal himself to you, the more he will open up to you.

The last thing your lover wants is someone who really believes he can be changed. Do you want him to quit smoking or drinking? Do his manners really and badly need improvement? He could not iron a shirt and remove the stains on it before meeting your mom?

Well, if this is the case, do not interfere with his habits, because the Scorpio will interpret this action as a brutal attack and when he feels he is attacked, he will ferociously fight you back.

Suggest him once the changes you would like, or maybe twice, and then drop it. The moment you become a missionary, or even worse a nagging woman waiting for him at home, this is definitely be the end of your relationship.

Remember also that your lover is so secretive to the point of being mysterious. This is the image he tends to create about himself; he likes dark corners and shadowy places in which he can hide.

You will have to bite your tongue and wait until he is ready to trust you. If you try to dig to deep into the past, he will only feel frustrated, no matter how nicely you do it.

The Scorpio man is the man who belongs to one woman only. If you did not discover so far, your lover is a very jealous man and very possessive as well. He would be able to paint his initials on the insides of your thighs, if the thought would cross his mind.

He is definitely the man you just want to fool around, if you know what we mean. If you might think about flirting a little with someone else, at a party, just to make him jealous, you would better forget this idea and not play this game, because the Scorpio man will hurt you much more than you could possibly bear.

He will strike back with such accuracy, that you would think he used to be a surgeon. it is better thus to tell him that you are his lover, and that no man, regardless of his overwhelming and impressive qualities, will ever be able to get close to you.

Masculine Zodiac – Libra

LIBRA (September 24th – October 23rd)
Ruling Planet: Venus. The men born under this constellation are very handsome. Their body is well proportioned and they have a lovely penis. The Libra men are very romantic as well, and they create an aura of refinement, elegance, and charm around them.

The Venus planet grants them an irresistible power of seduction, inflaming sensuality and a perpetual taste of pleasure. They prefer to make love in an atmosphere of luxury.

The Libra man may find himself in the position of being incapable of engaging in an erotic adventure, if he is in a sordid place, or in a place that strongly attacks his aesthetic sense.

He is the type of man that brings flowers to the prostitute at the brothel. He also loves the unusual and often seeks the most sophisticated erotic positions.

Nonetheless, he arranges everything with superb aesthetic sense, and awkward experiences become completely pleasant and well-worth remembering. He does not approve of the vulgar language and gestures. He would rather engage in endless foreplay than to go straight to bed with his beloved.

Regardless of his age, the Libra man is sensitive to all that is a romantic setting – candle lights, beautiful music, exquisite underwear. In this atmosphere, he surpasses himself. To the Libra man, the tactile sense is the one offering the most vivid erotic sensations.

The ideal woman: the man born under the Libra stars loves the grace of the Leo woman, who through her apparent indifference produces an explosive sensuality in the Libra man. He likes a little resistance on the part of the woman, but he will never recourse to violence. The Aquarius woman may also charm him, as she has that erotic aura that infallibly attracts the Libra man.

The Libra man likes teasing. Oh, wait! Did we say “likes”? Correction: he LOVES teasing.

He loves to keep you boiling and when you are on the verge of explosion, he pours over you a little cold water and keeps on boiling. Well, besides loving to tease, he also loves to be teased.

This means that he is a very good spectator in the art of seduction and you, of course, have to be the beautiful who seduces him. There is no sign more sensitive to the atmosphere, to the environment than the Libra.

Consider carefully this aspect and take the first step in creating an elegant atmosphere, with satin sheets, as the sensuality of this fabric cannot be underestimated. You will slide, roll, and turn in a more delicious manner under these glamorous satin sheets than in any other.

A very good surprise could be a large mirror on the wall, so, let your imagination run wild and free, creating a genuine boudoir for the practice of the sublime art of seduction. Always keep in mind that the candle light works magic for the Libra man.

Now that you have him caught in your trap, give the Libra man a dose of his own medicine. Tease him as much as possible, but within the limits he can stand. For this you need to be very sensitive.

The fun begins after he has played his part of the game. He touched and kissed you, he played with your body while the music enveloped you both in its rhythm, and while the candles burnt down.

He is ready to explode and you know that one touch of yours will set him clearly on the course. Yet, do not touch him! Look for the massage oil, pour some oil on your hands, and caress him gently, like the touch of a butterfly.

Touch all his muscles; when you feel that electric thrill, touch him even more gently and teasingly. Caress him with the tips of your fingers. He is not very used to being teased and therefore he experiences a delicious and tormenting sensation.

Bring him close to orgasm, and keep him there for as long as possible. Even when you feel that next you should simply give yourself to him, because you teased him enough, do not do that just yet.

Tell your Libra that you have a surprise for him. Stretch your hand under the pillow and pull out a small vibrator. Charmed and excited by the idea, he will let you use it.

Slowly, slowly, touch him gently with the vibrator on the insides of his thighs, and if he can stand this ecstasy, continue then pause, they do it again and then again pause. Only after you are completely sure that you have teased him properly, give yourself to him with all your love.

Masculine Zodiac – Leo & Virgo

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

The ruling planet: Sun.

Men born under this constellation are endowed with a powerful magnetism, are very generous and expansive. Napoleon was indeed a remarkable Leo.

The Leo man has large shoulders, thin hips and hmmm … his sex is as generous as his character. Careful now, because the Leo is the King of the bedroom and those who will share his bedroom with him will remember him a very long time.

But who says so? First of all, he, of course. The Leo is very aware of his beauty and of his body, which makes him very self assured. He does not really care if his lover thinks of him as the greatest lover of all, because he is persuasive and self-confident in any way.

Leo is an incendiary and highly dramatic sign, and those born under this sign have a great sense of the dramatic. He loves luxury, pomp and greatness under all their forms.

The Leo man is convinced that he is the Napoleon of sexuality, and this fact may make him inflexible in terms of diversifying the pleasures of lovemaking and experimenting with it. For the Leo it is very exciting to look at his lover’s naked body.

No matter which may be the positions adopted, he feels as if he is always on top, because he needs to keep his image of nobility and dignity.

He needs to feel he is dominant, to feel he is in control, and to produce in the others the effect he desires. He loves to be touched and kissed, especially on the sex. If you were to add to this a touch of respect and adoration, your Leo will be quite happy.

However, to be completely honest, we need to say that the man born under this constellation has an amazing sexual power and he is well-endowed to give and receive pleasure.

Nonetheless, this is not an effect of his love for the woman he is with, but rather because thus he sustains his image as a brilliant guy.

If he manages to overcome these egotistic and dominating tendencies, he can become a man who is a living embodiment of those qualities that fascinate any woman: virile strength, sensitivity, love, generosity, and self-sacrifice.

Thus, he manages to win the heart of the woman he loves and he will enjoy her undivided admiration, love, self-abandon and adoration.

The ideal woman: the Libra woman will seduce him with her elegance. Her admiration for him may even determine him to surpass his sexual limitations. The Scorpio woman is also very appealing to the Leo, however the shock of the encounter of two such powerful sexualities has some risks.

If the Leo is up to the challenge, the greater will be the ecstasy, if not, the tougher the fall. And a Leo with a wounded ego is ten times more dangerous.

VIRGO (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Ruling planet: Mercury. The man native of this sign is usually tall and slim. His penis is medium and is usually the beneficiary of an irreproachable hygiene.

The native of Virgo is the undisputed king of cleanness and order. He is very reserved in his attitudes and hated public displays of affection. He does not like to attract attention and sometimes gives the impression that his sexuality is inexistent.

Make no mistake: he is easily aroused, especially in his fantasies, which would amaze even the most experienced and refined lover.

He loves and makes love great and for a long time when he has the opportunity, materializing his fantasies the best possible way. However, for him each thing has to have a time and a place, including lovemaking.

He loves to make love. He is also a maniac of cleanness and the way he rushes to the bathroom after a torrid session in the bedroom might shock some of you.

Nonetheless, you need to understand that this is his nature. It is nothing personal or offending. He just wont take any chances when it comes to his health.

Time is always tight and organized for him: for instance, Monday and Thursday fitness or yoga, from 8 to 11. Tuesday and Friday, it is either concert or cinema. Wednesday and Saturday must be lovemaking.

The Virgo’s love variety and originality when it comes to lovemaking, with the condition that they obey their moral principles. His sexual drive is relatively strong and constant, but the tendency towards the actual act is often missing.

Erotic pictures or movies easily arouse him, but at certain moments, something drives him to avoid any physical contact. This may deeply hurt his lover, unless she understands it is not about her. If he manages to overcome his shyness, his lover will be very pleased with him.

The ideal woman: the Virgo man gets along quite fine with the Capricorn woman, with whom he has in common a similar attitude towards sex. They are both meticulous, organized, an tempted to plan even the most spontaneous events.

The Sagittarius woman can add some spice into the Virgo mans life. However, her ardour risks to disturbe the pretty balance of the Virgo man, which may not be so bad after all, as she can help him find back his balance, both with himself and in relation to other people.

Masculine Zodiac – Gemini & Cancer

GEMINI (May 21st-June 21st)
The ruling planet: Mercury. The man born under the Gemini constellation is often a tall person. They often have long hands and feet, and this can be valid also in the case of his virile member.

The Gemini man is an expert in the art of conversation, and he is the type of the intellectual who knows how to speak with a woman. He is never silent when making love to a woman, because he murmurs sensual words into her ear.

Seriousness is no part of his character, nor of his sexual life. He is rather cerebral than psychic and his body gladly responds to mental stimulations, such as erotic movies, erotic books, and so on.

He is intelligent, lively, curious, and highly imaginative in lovemaking. He loves new experiments in bed. If you are bored or if you think you already know all there is to know about sex, we recommend a Gemini man.

An affair with the Gemini, be it in a tent or in the elevator, hung upon the lamp or in the trial cabin of a fancy shop, you will definitely change your opinion on your life and your sexual experience. He loves to be intrigued, excited, and fascinated by new, mysterious things.

He often is slightly masochistic and he also has an inclination towards threesomes. Unfortunately, he is nervous and agitated, which sometimes may diminish his qualities as a lover. Fortunately, with proper stimulation and strength, these shortcomings can easily be overcome.

The Gemini man does not appreciate the noisy emotional manifestations and everything he does is charged with equal detachment. For him the ideal woman should have something else besides great breasts and curvy hips.

He does not like to make love with uncommunicative, unintelligent lovers. He is very attracted to new ideas in sexuality. Those born under the Gemini constellation have an impressive sensitivity of the hands, which makes them two wonderful instruments of pleasure.

The tactile sense, the touch create the Gemini man the most intense erotic sensations. If the Gemini man will know how to bring to a harmony his mental force with his sexual energy, then he will have all the attributes of a truly admired man.

The ideal woman: the Gemini man appreciates the dynamism of the Aries woman, whose originality in seeking pleasure in the erotic game sometimes surpasses his own.

Then comes the Virgo woman, but this combination risks to replace lovemaking with interminable analytical conversations, which is not disliked by the Gemini man. Nonetheless, these discussions take up the time for their practice. Together they may even end up in writing a book on sexuality.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 22nd)
The ruling planet: Moon. The native man of this sign has a tendency of being a little fat. This is valid to what his penis is concerned, which is impressive in diameter rather than length.

The native man of Cancer is deeply impressed with the image of his mother, with whom he will tend to compare each woman he meets. However, do not be discouraged or dismayed.

His sexuality is oriented towards women with a powerful maternal sense, and his relationships with women are very influenced by the Oedipus complex. He loves voluptuous breasts, and he is always tempted to caress, touch or look at them.

He is moody and changeable and he definitely prefers a woman for whom he has profound feelings rather than a blind date. If he is hurt in his love, if he feels he is not appreciated at his real value, he may even suffer from temporary impotence, which will make him grumpy.

Nonetheless, a kind, gentle and loving woman will be able to raise his morale, as well as other things. The native of Cancer will see no problem in the fact that his lover takes on the initiative, quite the opposite, because he prefers the passive role.

This does not mean that when the times comes he will be any less than impressive and skilful. His nature is very sensual, and his erogenous areas are the back, chest and buttocks. Therefore, he will not refuse a gentle stimulation from time to time in these areas.

He likes to masturbate alone, or in two, under his lovers amazed and charmed look and he is very pleased when he is hugged, kissed, and touched all over his body. For him the taste creates the most intense erotic sensations.

He has the tendency to act as a pet, prefers to stay in his comfortable bed rather than head out and seek adventure. The Moon has a significant influence on the native of Cancer.

His erotic desires are stronger in the two weeks between new moon and full moon than in the rest of the month. If the Cancer man will know how to develop his masculinity and solar characteristics, then the combination with the famous Cancer sensibility will make him quite a catch for any woman.

The ideal woman: the Taurus woman is more than any other capable of bringing to reality the Cancers fantasies and desires. He loves to caress the generous curves of her body. The Pisces woman will also fascinate him especially because the differences and contrasts between their natures will bring about agreeable sparks of fulfilment.

Masculine Zodiac – Aries & Taurus

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
The ruling planet is Mars. The man born under this sign usually has great muscles, and is very resistant.

His penis, although is far from having amazing proportions, is endowed with the ambition of developing the most extraordinary strategies. One can note its proverbial impetuousness in the erotic affairs.

The native man of this sign is magnetic and approaches all the problems of life frankly and directly. The same tendencies are valid in the erotic aspects of his life. He is aiming at the target, because all he cares about is the result.

Tenderness and its ways of expression are agreeable, yet they are not necessary. If a person produces as much as a hint to laziness, he becomes irascible.

He goes over the “preliminaries” without paying a special attention, even manifesting anxiousness, restlessness.

He is the kind of man who prefers to enter the battlefield right away, without wasting any time on preparations and strategies.

Usually, the native of this sign has a paternal attitude towards his lovers, but when appropriately stimulated, he gets straight to the core of things. Then, lovemaking becomes a well-established strategy, always accompanied by impressive physical effort.

Although he will never admit it, not even to himself, the Aries man is sometimes the victim of crises of power, due to frustrations at work or in his love life. In the later situation, he will always tend to blame his lover for his own mistakes and limitations.

He does not like aggressive women, yet he is quite fond of an active, dynamic response. He simply loves to see the obstacles going down before him, one by one. He also prefers to have the initiative and to have the control during lovemaking.

One cannot say that an Aries man is masochistic, yet he rejoices at the sight of his biting marks or scratches, considering them as the sweet wounds of the “battle” in which he is, of course, the absolute winner.

The sight offers an Aries the most powerful erotic sensations, but all the methods are appropriate to bring him to orgasm, a state that he experiences in an explosive manner.

The ideal woman: the Sagittarius women fascinate the native of Aries. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius woman will have to oppose the Aries enough to attract and stimulate him with her resistance.

Once a bond created, the Sagittarius woman will be able to response to his passionate aptitudes with great sensuality and ardour. The Pisces woman can also enflame an Aries. She is capable of adapting very easily to his desires.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
Dominating planet: Venus.

The man born under the constellation of the Taurus is well built, proportioned, with a powerful neck and shoulders, and a vigorous penis that he uses with tact and intelligence.

The Taurus symbolizes the physical force and yet emotionally he is affectionate, kind, and gentle as a baby. The Taurus is a man full of originality and sensuality, and his body is a gigantic erogenous area, sensitive to the tenderest stimulation.

During lovemaking, he likes the most the touch, caress, but the perfumes and odours from the room of from his lovers hair and body have great importance. His affectionate nature is doubled by his resistance and tenacity, and his force is doubled by his patience.

He begins to make love as slowly as a turtle, only to end lovemaking with the energy of a genuine bull. He experiences the sensations of lovemaking intensely, yet he is not the “prey” of his emotions.

On the other hand, you may be interested in the fact that once you started a Taurus, you cannot stop him easily. In other words, you are facing hours on end of pleasure, love, and tenderness.

However, as his lover, you need to be endowed with the art of awakening him form an erotic point of view, in order to be able to savour afterwards the fruits of your attempt.

The sexual desire of a Taurus is constant, and no incident from the social sphere can influence it. However, despite these exceptional qualities, he does have the tendency to establish certain rules in lovemaking, in rhythm, caresses, or erotic positions.

The not so good news is that it may happen that he is inflexible on the above-mentioned points he clearly established. This factor of stability makes him a faithful, but possessive lover.

He has an exceptional appetite and he might want to eat either before or after lovemaking, sometimes even in both cases, so be prepared. The native of Taurus is always an excellent lover.

The ideal woman: the Scorpion woman irresistibly attracts the Taurus. Together they can start erotic fireworks for real. The Cancer woman also appreciates the sensuality of the Taurus and is capable of answering back just as he likes it. Because of his faithfulness, a Taurus man may spend an entire lifetime with a Scorpion or Cancer woman, preferably in bed.