Tantra Versus Sexuality

Tantra has been the target of a lot of misconceptions in the last century. Imported from India into the western world, it was quite difficult to be presented in its true spirit because of the cultural differences and also because of its somehow confusing exterior aspects. Many believe that Tantra has to do with group sex and magic; to many Tantra represents just another weird sexual practice and nothing more.

In fact they couldn’t be further from the truth and they have no idea what they are missing. It is true that some Tantric practices involve sex but sex is not an object of Tantra and not its finality. In fact in Tantra, love is much more important than sex and sex without love has nothing to do with its ways.

An ancient Tantric maxim says that “What made many others to fall because of their lack of self control, in turn makes the Tantric advance on his spiritual path. What is for some people a vice, the Tantric can turn into a virtue”. Sex was banished by many religions because they considered it is impure and incompatible with the pursuit of spiritual life. On the other hand, Tantra takes a different, more nuanced position here : it says that uncontrolled sex is a cause of decay BUT the use of sexuality in a controlled manner, in accord with the golden rule of SEXUAL CONTINENCE is a cause for great spiritual progress.

Yes, not any kind of sexuality is damaging for the spiritual evolution, only sex followed by ejaculation and respectively explosive discharge in the case of the women. This is a radical attitude because it turns sex form an enemy of spiritual life into a friend. Instead of running from it, Tantra embraces it.

As you know, by seeing sex as impure many religions created a state of unnecessary tension. Sex is a natural instinct, it is a basic need of any human being; the role of sexual continence and Tantra is to remedy this situation by showing how both sexuality and spirituality can coexist and enhance one another.

In Tantra the sexual potential (i.e. sperm and sexual secretions) are considered the source of a vast energy. This energy is clearly perceived by anyone when he/she is sexually aroused, this is the sensation of sexual pleasure. The transformation of this sexual potential in energy is called transmutation.

When transmutation of sexual fluids takes place, the matter is converted into energy. We all know that basically all matter is energy (Einstein said that E=mc^2, remember ?). A huge amount of energy is compressed in each atom, each electron and photon – but Tantra says that humans can tap into this extraordinary source at will if they follow a correct and constant practice.

The practice of sexual continence is not that easy but we all know that no valuable achievement in life is easy to come by. Tantra is a pleasure but still, you have to work for it and this is a demanding undertaking. The end results are beyond any imagination.

Imagine a nuclear plant. In the reactors, the matter is converted into energy, then transformers are used to convert this energy and wires are used to transport it to anywhere you need to use it. The same process, analogically, happens in the human body. The SEXUAL FLUIDS are the source, the so called NADIS are the path of energy through the subtle body, and the destinations are the seven plans of the human being : vital, sexual, will-related, emotional, creative, mental and spiritual, as described by the yoga system.

When you practice SEXUAL CONTINENCE consequently for at least a month you will start perceiving great positive effects in your body. The health is improved and your vitality is at its peak. You are full of a radiant force and have a very good disposition. All your complexes and fears related to sexuality are banished and you feel completely free. When having sex, you can make it last many hours on end without ever being exhausted. After making love you won’t feel tired and drained of energy any more but you will experience exactly the opposite – a great force. After having sex you will not be less affectionate to your lover but you will feel a deep state of love that deepens with each Tantric sexual encounter.

Practicing sexual continence you will make very happy your loved one, even if she does not practice sexual continence herself (and this is true for both sexes). You will quickly find again your lost happiness that you had in the beginning of your relation and any feelings of boredom and lost of interest will disappear.

But the biggest advantage of sexual continence is the use of sexual energy as a power that will amplify your feelings of love, your mental power, your will, and ultimately, your spiritual force. This is why Tantra uses sexual energy instead of letting it be wasted, turning an obstacle into a great help.

Everybody wants to be happy – this is the ultimate wish of any human being, but the problems appear when people try to define happiness. What is happiness for some is indifference or even suffering for others. Even if all seems relative, the spiritual paths found out that some types of happiness are more enduring and profound that others. With regard to sexuality, Tantra found that sexual continence is the way to achieve the deepest most enduring happiness in couple.

The relation between Tantra and sex is not one of sweet comfortable abandon but one of hard work and the end result is worth every effort.

Classifying the Branches of the Tantric System


TANTRA YOGA starts from the idea that our sexuality, our amatory impulses actually represent a debased metaphysical urge, otherwise said that our highest spiritual aspirations are imprisoned in the matter in the shape of the sexuality.

It is only the wrong directing, the misuse we could say, of this fundamental force of the sex, which proves harmful for the spiritual evolution of the human being. Else, basically the sexuality represents the fundamental tendency of joining together the (+) and the (-), the Solar and the Lunar, the YANG and the YIN, the Male and the Female, the HA and the THA, for attaining the final condition of Union, the neutrality of the Absolute, (0), the peace of the spiritual Androgyne, who has summed up in itself all the potentialities of the manifestation. This goal, which is actually common with all the spiritual paths of our planet, is achieved in TANTRA through various ways, and this gives birth to several branches of the Tantric system.

Roughly, the experts divide TANTRA in two main streams: the TANTRA of the Right Hand, and the TANTRA of the Left Hand. This first division proceeds from the nature of the practical methods that are used for reaching the condition of Unity: if the actual, physical methods of sexual union are used, than we deal with the TANTRA of the Left Hand, while if only symbolical, or meditative techniques are used (and physical sex is therefore excluded) we are within the sphere of Right-Hand TANTRA.

Often, it is very difficult to draw a sharp borderline between the two divisions, since there are schools which use methods belonging to both paths. The TANTRA of the Right Hand often corresponds with some of the great ascetic spiritual paths of our planet, in which union is searched with a divine entity, personification, incarnation, and so on, or sometimes merely with supernatural beings of various degrees. Though we deal here with a kind of “sexual” relationship, it is not an actual sexual manifestation that we encounter here, but rather a sublimed, spiritual, sometimes symbolical way of interacting, closer to what we’d call love; one of the most accessible examples for the common Western understanding is that of the so called astral-sex, or otherwise said the erotic experiences that occur in the dream-state. Other historical examples could be the mystico-erotic relationships of the Christian nuns with Jesus, the erotic devotion of the Indian GOPI-s for KRISHNA, the mystics of love of the troubadours and knights, the worship of the Ten Great Cosmic Wisdoms in certain Tantric schools, etc.
Although the Tradition categorically states that the TANTRA of the Right Hand is the highest of the two branches, the Masters also state that the men of KALI YUGA, nowadays, especially in the West, because of the grossness (or materiality) of their spirit, are practically almost incapable (with very rare exceptions) to follow this path, which starts from a too high, or “abstract” point; therefore, we are advised towards the TANTRA of the Left Hand, which starts from a more “down-to-earth”, or concrete situation, and is more fit for their level.

As it has been said, TANTRA of the Left Hand involves the actual practice of the physical sexual activities; because of this reason, and some ridiculous scholar speculations (like that: the right hand is the “right” one, and therefore the other one must necessarily be the “wrong” way), a whole host of “moralists” and amateur outsiders have cast upon the Left-Hand TANTRA the blame of being a horrifying heresy, and a spiritual deviation, connected with fornication and black magic, and which could by no means lead to any spiritual accomplishments. Even today, when the morals have gone quite loose (sometimes too loose), VAMA MARGA, the Path of the Left Hand is still looked upon with a lot of skepticism by the narrow-minded ones, by the sexually frustrated, and by those who never tried practically its methods. However, it has to be stated clearly that in the Left-Hand TANTRA sex is not practised for the sake of sex itself, but as an instrument for going somehow beyond sex, for reaching health, balance, improved couple relationships, self-control, supernormal capacities, and eventually the superior states of consciousness, culminating with the state of Cosmic Consciousness, or SAMADHI (as it is called in YOGA).

Here, it would be also useful to mention that there are paths which are somehow placed at the “borderline” between the Paths of the Left-Hand, and Right-Hand, or that join and use harmoniously methods belonging to both these ways. One such surprising example can be found in certain schools of HATHA YOGA; as few know, the word ‘HATHA’ proceeds from the two Sanskrit roots HA – Sun, and THA – Moon, which makes HATHA YOGA the discipline of the “Union of the Sun and the Moon”, or otherwise said of the (+) and (-), of the Masculine and Feminine. Therefore, the genuine HATHA YOGA is a kind of TANTRA in which the union of the Male and Female aspects occurs within the being of the practiser, through specific methods, fact which entails a final condition of inner balance, harmony, and power. As a matter of fact, it is a well-known fact that HATHA YOGA is a typical Tantric instrument for training, and that in most of the Left-Hand TANTRA ASHRAM-s it is deemed to be an indispensable practice. That is why, also in our course there will be frequent references, and exercises belonging to the HATHA YOGA system. However, returning to the initial topic of this paragraph, it can be noted that scholars still have difficulties in deciding if HATHA YOGA in itself is belonging to the Right-Hand current (since physical sex is not necessarily involved) or to the Left-Hand one (being so physical, and bringing about a kind of physical “inner sex”). But, for the real practisers all these distinctions have little importance, since they are mainly concerned with the practical, effective results of their spiritual discipline, and not with theoretical speculations.

From this last standpoint, it is possible to distinguish two main directions of use of the sexual energy: the evolutionary one, and the “magic” one.
The first involves that the Tantric techniques, and the resulting energy are used for self-knowledge, for spiritual evolution, for attaining the condition of Self-Realization, or Divine Consciousness. This may be done either by an individual practitioner in the search of the Truth, or by a couple of Seekers of the Transcendent, case in which the accomplishment takes the further dimension of making their love-relationship tangent to the Eternity. This latter ideal, though very cherished by the human soul, and tantalizing, involves however a great deal of spiritual commitment, and abnegation from both partners, and is a rare, and exceptional accomplishment.

The second direction allows the use of the controlled energy for attaining all kind of mundane goals (health, success, wealth, power, seduction, influence, supernormal capacities, etc.) in almost a “magic” manner (the word is maybe not the best, for it often evokes an occult, sinister and choking environment, or stand, but has been used in absence of a better one). Here it is also often difficult to find a clear limit between the two directions, since there are schools, and practitioners who follow them both at the same time. However, from the standpoint of the “magical” use of the energy, there have been settled three main possible sub-directions. They are conventionally called:

“White TANTRA”, in which the energy is used exclusively for beneficial, superior, spiritual purposes, as healing, psychic supporting, easing of the spiritual evolution, etc.

“Red TANTRA”, dedicated entirely to the obtaining of as much as possible pleasure, and personal satisfaction, in a somehow selfish manner, and without any spiritual horizon, but however without involving any evil, demonic, or satanic actions, or the harming of any sentient being. This direction, or deviation is quite typical for the Western practitioners.

“Black TANTRA”, directed towards obscure accomplishments, that are related with the dark worlds of a demonic and often even satanic nature, and whose results are harmful for the sentient beings, for the spiritual evolution, and for the entire universal balance generally.

It must be obvious for anybody, that in our site there will be exposed only those elements from TANTRA that are concerning the spiritual evolution, the personal development (or of a couple), and the obtaining and beneficial use of the paranormal capacities, since for the YOGIN-s it is a very well known fact that the egoism, and the evil create the endless chain of the human suffering, and that the ineluctable law of KARMA (or of the reaction that fits perfectly to the done action) pays back – sooner or later – all the misdeeds of anybody, till the last dime. Therefore, if we want to preserve ourselves in the spirit of the above-classification, we might say that we are going to study elements of the TANTRA of the Left Hand, connected where necessary with elements belonging to HATHA YOGA and TANTRA of the Right Hand, and directed towards the spiritual evolution of the individual or of the couple, and – when possibly – towards the “white” use of the energy. Whenever it will be deemed necessary, elements from other parallel spiritual paths will also be added, such as: sexual TAO, IMSAK, other branches of the YOGA system, and so on. Also, elements from modern sexology, and latest research in medicine, physiology, physics, and chemistry, will be used for improving the understanding of these topics.

You Are What You Think

The physical body, along with the psychic is the servant of the mind. Just as the psychic, the physical body obeys the commands and operations of the mind, regardless of the fact that they may be conscious or unconscious.

Predominantly negative thinking will lead to sickness, misery, sadness, egotism. Under the influence of predominantly positive, intense, divine and beneficial thinking the body becomes youthful, radiating beauty and happiness.

Your specific way of thinking, be it pessimistic or optimistic is responsible for either good health or disease. Powerful, divine, elevating, uplifting thoughts, offering love, happiness and joy fortify your body and gives it vigor, charisma, youthful appearance, harmony, and grace.

The physical body is a delicate and complex instrument, which responds promptly to the predominant thoughts with which it is “impregnated”. The habits of thinking will produce, sooner or later corresponding and proportional effects on your physical body.

A kind, loving, compassionate, good heart will always result in a pure, happy, harmonious life, and a healthy, beautiful and pure physical body. A tainted heart triggers along a tainted life, and a sickened body.

Psychology teaches us that every type of conscious behavior is motivated by well-defined unconscious processes, whose cause we sometimes ignore, but which always acts. Any idea that appears in the sphere of our inner consciousness is caused by resonances determined by our conscious or unconscious, past or present actions.

Any person aware of the action on his or her evolution should draw mentally the ideal portrait of the person he or she desires to be, and to influence the subconscious in this direction. Thus, slowly, the oppositions between one’s aspirations and actions will disappear.

This “work” with one’s own person is not easy. It always involves time, perseverance, and patience, but the results are certain to make a visible difference. Moreover, we should mention that investing in yourself is the best investment you could possibly make.

In the following we offer you the capital with which you may start your investment, in the form of some beneficial suggestions that may be helpful in different circumstances.

1. FOR SUCCESS: “I am united with the Divine Source of all that is good and pure. The superior inspiration manifests plenary through my being. All beneficial actions I start are successful because I always rely on the Sublime and Infinite Cosmic Power.”

2. FOR HARMONY AND ABUNDANCE: “The harmony manifests plenary through my being and around me, and my happiness grows with each day. I feel I am walking the divine path of success and abundance. The Divine Infinite Power protects me all the time.”

3. FOR STRENGTH DURING A NEW DAY: “I thank with all my heart to the divine forces for this new day that I start under an auspicious sign. I am totally convinced that success will flow in my direction during this day.”

4. FOR DEEP SLEEP: “This wonderful day passed on smoothly, and offered me exactly what I needed. I thank with gratitude the divine spirit for wisely ordering my life. I give thanks for this night of sublime inspirations, which accelerates my access to wisdom.”

5. FOR EFFECTIVE PROTECTION: “The pure, beneficial white light of the divine consciousness surrounds and protects me from all that is impure. Its blissful presence inside of my being neutralizes all evil, as I have become invulnerable and invincible because of her help.”

6. FOR GREATER CAPACITY OF DIVINE LOVE: “Lord Almighty, I aspire full of humility and confidence to you, and I ask you to increase my capacity to love in a divine manner. Give me strength to love your work and creation with all my soul. I am within you, and please help me to be always aware of your divine presence inside of my soul.”

7. FOR PERFECT HEALTH: “The beneficial energies manifested in the whole universe impregnate me. They operate within me, giving me back my perfect health.”

Whenever you use one of these ideas, repeat it for a number of times, so that your subconscious becomes impregnated with a firm belief in it. After repeating it for several times, conclude the session with a clear visualization of yourself in the particular situation you want to be in.

For example, if you ask for perfect health, visualize yourself enjoying perfect health. Your visualization should be clear, with as many details as possible, and also bright.

Final recommendations:
To achieve certain success, repeat the idea you chose 21 times a day, for minimum two months.

Eliminate any passing doubt that may come your way.

Keep in mind a clear image of your success, even long before it happens.

These ideas (as well as others that you may compose for yourself in the same manner, filled with beneficial suggestions and designed for your particular purpose) are a fountain of happiness, success and joy in the measure in which you believe in them.

Keep a light-hearted, detached and relaxed attitude, and even though things will not fall into place from the very beginning, remember that victory comes to those who know how to wait. Therefore, patience and exercise are the keys to your success.

The Main Qualities of the Zodiac Signs In Relational Astrology

The astrology lets us know how the human psychic is modelled throughout the astral energies that are mainly generated by the zodiacal constellations, Sun, Moon and the other planets of our solar system.

Thus, you will become more aware of your qualities and lacks, you will know from what signs you have to learn and you will know better how to bring harmony in your relationships.

Now, let’s get to the point. The main qualities that we can assimilate from our relations with a native from a certain zodiacal sign, according to the specificity of the respective sign are:

ARIES: dynamism, intensity, passion, enthusiasm, childish purity, courage, efficiency, great capacity to begin actions, to seize the moment and fully live it (‘Carpe diem’)

TAURUS: voluptuousness, vitality, stability, tenaciousness, persistence, capacity of fully enjoying sensual pleasure and offer a vital support, sense of beauty (especially physical beauty), calmness, patience, hedonism

GEMINI: adaptability, flexibility, ingeniousness, intelligence, agility (especially mental agility), eloquence, vivacity, playfulness, swiftness, fluency in writing and speaking, persuasion, good sense of correlation and communication

CANCER: sensitivity, tenderness, gentleness, delicacy, protection (motherly protective), sentimentality, great profusion of feelings, and sensibility to emotional nuances

LEO: autonomy, self-determination, sovereignty, (paternal) authority, will, self-confidence, creativity, protective affectivity, generosity, radiance, elegance, leadership

VIRGO: preciseness, accuracy, modesty, prudence, discretion, sense of order and moderation, great capacity of analysis and planning, sense of detail, vivid critical sense, aspiration for purity, fidelity

LIBRA: harmony, refinement, affection, soul-to-soul communication, good taste, grace, sympathy, sense of human relationship, diplomacy, courtesy, tactfulness, coquetry, sense of human justice

SCORPIO: mystery, sensuality, magnetism, passion, power of transformation and regeneration, magical power, seduction, profoundness of feelings and emotions, aspiration

SAGITTARIUS: joviality, savoury optimism, frankness, sense of humour, sense of adventure, bon-viveur, sense of Divine Law, nobility, spiritually focused, morality, capacity to guide and protect, philosophically oriented

CAPRICORN: endurance, perseverance, responsibility, seriousness, earnestness, self-restriction, asceticism, sense of duty, detachment, impartiality, strictness, reserve

AQUARIUS: independence, originality, liberty, open minded, altruism, human fraternity (regards the whole humanity as an immense brotherhood), inventiveness, intuition, idealism, detached love, global knowledge

PISCES: compassion, kindness, religious oriented, devotion, spirit of sacrifice, transcending individuality, mystical states

A Perspective on Venus’s Position in the Zodiac, 1

The study of Venus’s position into the Zodiac gives us very important information about the way a human being manifests her feelings and preferences, what she likes most, what she is attracted of, the type of eroticism she presents, who she express herself into a relationship and what she expect from it.

When speaking about a man’s natal chart, Venus’s position gives us also important information about the woman he prefers as a lover.

Let’s now proceed studying the twelve position of Venus into the Zodiac:

The natives who have this astrological position tend to have many experiences in the sentimental and erotic field, falling in love unexpectedly and sometimes even at the first sight.

The person can seem very unstable and unfaithful but in fact she/he only wants to live the relationship to a high intensity and, as by the time passing the intensity usually diminishes, they prefer to fall in love again than to fight for an old relationship.

The persons who don’t have the courage to throw themselves in an adventure annoy them and they don’t like to elaborate plans.

They have a fiery and passionate disposition and a very direct way of expressing their feelings.

This position predisposes them to be heart-brokers and for enjoying love-fights. They also have the tendency to resume old love affaires.

Their lives are very adventurous and they don’t like the idea of marriage, or if they get married they do it unexpectedly.

They can be impressed if they meet a person more passionate than they are, and in this case they can surprise us by their unexpected faithfulness.

This position gives a very strong predisposition to enjoy life, to taste the carnal pleasures, and makes them very sensitive to the physical attraction and physical contact, to the smell, to the tone of the voice and generally to whatever detail might rise their hyper-sensuous senses.

Their feelings take time to grow and each time a person attracts them, their desire increase up to one point when they turn into a passion.

When their hearts are trapped in this net of the attraction, they generally go on till they fulfill their desires and if the physical relationship is not possible they can become very frustrated.

If they are satisfied they prove to be very good lovers, offering much pleasure and attention to the persons they are with, taking care of their lovers’ needs and fulfilling their desires.

When they are in a relationship they tend to attach themselves, they often become possessive and tend to ask for exclusivity but in their turn they tend to be faithful to their relationships.

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