Every Woman is a Manifestation of Shakti, Part 1



In the greater part of the Eastern traditions, both the energy-laws that animate the Macrocosm and the laws that determine the movement and the vibration of the smallest subatomic particles in our cells are both of divine essence and are included in the same evolution-current.

The physical body is worshiped by the Tantrics as being the expression of the cosmic consciousness.

Inside this body, regarded as microcosm, in which there is the Supreme and all its manifestations, the Tantric achieves the perfect union with the Divine Absolute.

The Tantric teachings recommend the practitioner to use the physical body and the energies that sustain it as an infallible method to obtain the spiritual realization.

“Find all that you do not know from your body,
The supreme Matter dwells here,
How could you find it elsewhere?”
says the mystic Gasain Chand.

A great myth of the creation, from the Hindu tradition, offers us an essential key in understanding the nature of the mysterious energy that gave birth to the universe and all its forms.

In the beginning, the universal consciousness (Paramashiva) separated in two complementary divinities. Shiva, representing the spirit or the consciousness, is the “masculine” divinity, and Shakti, is the “feminine” divinity, whom Shiva needs in order to act and use his energy.

The entire manifestation is originated in the union of these two principles, male and female, symbolized by the linga – the male sex organ – and yoni – the female sex organ.

On the level of the physical body, they become the two sacred liquids, the sperm and the blood. Shakti is much worshiped in the East because She represents the matrix-force of life.

Worshiped as the mother of the universe, Shakti appears in India under various aspects and names: Uma, Kali, Durga, Parvati, etc.

For the Tantrics, each woman is the incarnation of Shakti, through the mystery of life she carries within her. She is thus worshiped as the Great Goddess, The Absolute Woman, seen in every woman and worshiped in the hearts of all initiates.

Immanent in the universe, Shakti enlivens every human being. In our body, the most tangible and natural manifestation of Shakti is the sexual energy.

The fundamental energy Kundalini, energy both human and cosmic, is often symbolized by a snake.

In the case of people, this snake is envisaged as coiled three times and a half at the base of the sacrum, in the force center Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini represents Shakti’s force in the microcosm of the human being.

One of the goals of the Tantric practitioner is to awaken this “snake of feminine energy” and to make it ascend along the spine through the six chakras, to the crown of the head, to be united with the pure consciousness residing there. When this occurs, the person experiments the state of Samadhi – divine ecstasy.

“Oh, Mother Kundalini! Coiled in the center of Muladhara,
you awaken the universe to the existence,
when you rise
in a wreath of flames
up to Sahasrara
where you are united with Siva.”

The Tantric adept needs to follow perseveringly the teachings of a spiritual master (guru), who knows the secrets of the subtle bodies and of the matter, so that the practitioner may awaken and control this energy.

Every Woman is a Manifestation of Shakti, Part 2

One of the fundamental practices recommended by the Tantric masters in order to achieve the control of Kundalini is the practice of sexual continence followed by a sublimation and transmutation of the energy resulted from here.

This is one of the most direct ways of becoming aware of our inner Shakti. In this case, the sexuality must be understood as a genuine ascesis on the spiritual path.

The Hindu people have always respected the woman and considered the sexual union as the most sacred act, an act of worship. In this respect, the Tantric texts are categoric: “we cannot find God without love”.

During the famous Tantric ritual, Maithuna, the masters recommend the contemplation of one’s beloved as the incarnation of the divine Shakti.

The union between the man and the woman reproduces the primordial union of Shiva and Shakti, and therefore the two lovers approaching lovemaking from this point of view have a great chance to experience the cosmic ecstasy.

However, Shakti is the one who attracts the cosmic rhythms and who gives proper impulse, when needed.

This is why it is so important for the man to think and consider the woman’s energy, as this energy kindles the fire of his desire and awakens his inner Shakti.

He needs to be united with Shakti for a long interval of time, to be impregnated by her magnetic energy until he is invaded by the “divine vibration” of the spirit.

However, in order to allow Shakti to manifest completely the frenzy of her love, the Tantric man needs to know how to control the flow of his own energies.

The main ascesis consists in sublimating the sexual energy so that afterward he would be able to open up his being towards the liberating mystic ecstasy.

To accomplish this goal, the Tantric men learn how to control their energy using yogic techniques. During lovemaking, this capacity allows the retention of the sperm at one’s will, and its transmutation into energy.

While each ejaculation leads the body into decrepitude the inner ascension of the energy awakens the sleeping energy, Kundalini and attracts the union of the consciousness (Shiva) and energy (Shakti).

This transfiguration, when made consciously, surpasses by far the ephemeral pleasure of the ejaculation. Moreover, it purifies all the levels of the being, including the physical level, granting one’s body youth, brightness and serenity.

The final stage of the Tantric initiation consists in discovering one’s androginal nature that appears when the feminine and the masculine aspects are perfectly balances within.

The Tantric practitioner will be thus able to disperse himself of the physical lovemaking. His ecstasy no longer depends on his union with another human being, but it expresses a state of permanent love, a reflexion of the inner union of the consciousness and the energy.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 1



An ancient Chinese tradition mentions how the deity of a river that had the form of a shell incarnated as a very beautiful woman. The shell-goddess is famous to this day and is known as the Sincere Girl, one of the three famous masters who initiated the Yellow emperor in the art of love.

The Speech of the Sincere Girl enumerates the “Eight Main Benefits” of the special erotic rhythms when the two lovers make love with sexual continence.

These rhythms that start beneficial processes of resonance with the subtle energies from the universe are, in their great majority combinations of magical numbers inspired by number 9, the Yang number. The Yang, the solar, masculine force is always represented by the odd numbers, and the Yin, feminine, lunar force is always represented by the even numbers.

Therapeutic lovemaking, always performed with continence, attempts to control the rhythms and the positions in all situations and represents a very important subject in Eastern medical science.

According to the observations of Eastern doctors, the blood, the flesh, the marrow, and the seed (in the case of men), respectively the ovules (in the case of women) are the essential links of a mysterious chain that unravels according to the nature’s order and rhythm.

SUSHRUTA SAMHITA, a famous Ayurvedic treatise asserts: “the hidden essence of life produces the blood. From the blood is made the flesh, from the flesh is made the fat, and from the fat are made the bones. From the bones comes out the marrow, and afterwards comes out the sperm, or the ovules.” This generative chain of the seven corporal elements represents a natural process that may be easily disturbed by malefic or unhealthy habits.

Therapeutic lovemaking, performed only with sexual continence is inspired from certain secret erotic positions that trigger inside the beings of the two lovers processes of resonance with beneficial energies from the universe and channel the resulting energies so that it helps the psychic, the body and the mind to work on the imbalances existing within. As we all know, our bodies have the capacity of creating their own remedies and antidotes for any disease or disorder.

During lovemaking with sexual continence all we need to do is to direct the energy towards the places that need it. The respiratory techniques and Hatha Yoga positions have proved effective and curative even in the cases of the most serious diseases.

The intelligent, careful and constant practice of the Eastern erotic techniques performed always with sexual continence may determine a quick appearance of the results if both fundamental principles, Yin and Yang work together in harmony.

The practice of the Hatha Yoga system alone may prove a boring and hard to complete discipline, while if performed with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques they become more approachable.

The combination of the Hatha Yoga with the Tantric and Taoist sexual techniques generate naturally, without any effort a great vitality, inner balance, and a deep state of harmony, which reflects on the level of the whole body.

Both the Taoist therapeutic lovemaking and the Tantric therapeutic lovemaking underline sexual continence, rhythm, and the transfiguring approach of the erotic positions. The body of the man, as well as the body of the woman may benefit greatly because of these.

Lovemaking with sexual continence does not drain the body and the mind of energy, on the contrary they are toned. Moreover, lovemaking with sexual continence may even trigger spiritual enlightenment.

Although the sexual continence is basically quite simple, this technique requires especially from the man to perfect his power to retain the sperm in order to transmute and sublimate his potential into higher forms of energy.

The role of the woman in therapeutic lovemaking with sexual continence is that of an initiator, with a harmoniously structured body and full of vitality, invoking the forces of nature through her transfiguring force.

Thus her mental, emotional and vital energies as well as her sexual fluids prove essential in harmonizing her lover’s body, psychic and mind. In his turn, her lover focuses on retaining the sperm and on channeling correctly the energies resulted, helping her to sublimate the huge energy resulted from lovemaking with sexual continence.

The secret sexual traditions of the East state that if a woman truly succeeds in transmuting her sexual potential into higher forms of energy, her wonderful regenerative and rejuvenation capacities become boundless.

The following eight erotic positions requires certain exact rhythms. The benefits of these positions depend all on the man’s ability of controlling ejaculation and the woman’s desire to circulate her healing energies in a harmonious manner.

Therapeutic Virtues of Lovemaking with Continence, Part 2

The woman must lie on her side, with the thighs widely spread. The man comes next to her, in between her spread legs. Then he slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside his lover’s vagina.

After 18 deep penetrations, he has to stop moving completely, and stand absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method helps the focus of the energies and in the same time it heals any bleeding or wound of the woman’s vagina. This technique should be performed twice a day, for 15 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies back, with the legs stretched and paces a pillow under her bottom. The man knees in between her hips, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 27 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

This secret method relaxes the mind and heals any kind of cold that exists in the woman’s sexual area. This secret technique should be performed 3 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain these benefits the woman lies on one side, then bends or raises both her legs. The man comes behind her and introduces his love weapon inside her.

After 36 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method is beneficial for the internal organs of both the man and the woman. This secret technique should be performed 4 times a day, for 20 days, only with sexual continence.

In order to obtain this wonderful benefit the woman lies on one side, with her left knee up and the right leg stretched. The man comes over her, supporting his weight on his hands and knees, and slowly introduces his Love Weapon inside her.

After 45 deep and slow penetrations, the man has to stop and cease all movements, and he has to stay absolutely still for 7 minutes.

The constant practice of this secret method harmonizes and cures all diseases of the bones in both man and woman, and heals any congestion the woman might have in her body. This secret technique should be performed 5 times a day, for 10 days, only with sexual continence.

Lovemaking with Continence vs. Typical Lovemaking, 1

Intercourse, in case of lovemaking with sexual continence, becomes a blissful, great expansion in a couple of months. It gradually leads the two lovers to overcome a vulgar, instinctual biological act. Thus the loving couple tends to become an ideal, cosmic, divine one. Sensuality, amplified and refined to the extreme, due to the perfect sexual continence, appears in the Indian spiritual tradition as a simple and natural way of reaching the divine ecstasy (Samadhi).

Extremely intense erotic experience due to the sexual continence is enriched with transsensorial values and it leads to progressive state of bliss and autonomy for both lovers. This kind of erotic act also represents a mysterious way of knowledge, the perfectly controlled sensual pleasure being an instrument to an ecstatic state that frees the spirit and the mind.

Thanks to the perfect sexual continence the intense sexual tension is sublimated into high forms of energy and it is not consumed through ejaculation; the seminal emission is completely turned off during orgasm because of a powerful process of mental focusing. That allows a full self-control, both on ejaculation and on erotic pleasure. We will present comparatively the two ways of lovemaking: normal, with ejaculation and – the one with sexual continence. Thus you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of both of them.

We know that all of you who had realized the intercourse without sexual continence convinced yourselves about the obvious disadvantages and limitations of it. Any man who is in love wished to make love to his lover as much as possible, even 5 or 6 times a day, and not to feel exhausted in the end. On the contrary, he wished he felt filled with force and happiness. Sexual continence successfully realized gives you the liberty to do WHATEVER YOU WISH TO DO, EVEN IF IT SOUND IMPOSSIBLE BEFORE.

Now, let see the comparative analysis of the two types of orgasm: usual orgasm and total successive orgasm without ejaculation.

(without ejaculation)
Explosion. The erotic energy wastes inevitably in a short time. While the intensity of the feeling diminishes in comparison with the one had at the beginning of the sexual intercourse Implosion. The erotic potential is transmuted and the resulted erotic energy sublimates into energies more and more elevated and they accumulate into your profound being levels. They induce unique pleasure states and also extraordinary, reach and refined phenomena. The feeling intensity gets bigger constantly and does not diminish at the end of the experience
It happens in such a short time that you feel nostalgia about its burning out so quickly It happens out of the ordinary time (indefinite as duration) because of the endless sensation of bliss that is being induced through the entire being at both lovers, giving them happiness and joy of living
It’s only about body and nothing else It happens out of your physical body but in your subtle bodies (astral body, mental body, causal body)
It’s a game that you play with your partner It is a game played with (within) yourself but you feel the other emphatically as yourself
The idea “I depend on him/her” is being induced spontaneously The idea of “the other” vanishes because of the spontaneous transfiguration and thus you can feel a gigantic dilatation of your consciousness, connected with the one of the other, endlessly
The man is the one that takes action while the woman is in expectation The two lovers change the roles, being active and passive alternatively
The breathing is accelerating, chaotic even The breathing is gentle, calm, and rhythmical
It’s a reflex act that leads to loosing control (unconscious, an impression of animal, impetuous, uncontrolled feeling) It’s an entirely hyper-reflex, completely self-controlled act. It leads to an ecstatic abandon state, an ineffable erotic bliss that, once installed, makes itself heard deep down to the most intimate parts of your being, 2-3 days after the experience
Limited erotic availability due to the exhaustion caused by loosing energy through semen ejaculation on men and explosive discharge on women. It leads to a wear out, sleepy state and even to repulsion one to the other or to oneself Unlimited erotic availability that makes possible an erotic experience that lasts 8-10 hours in a row (IF BOTH LOVERS CONTROL THEIR SEXUAL ENERGY TOTALLY). Their erotic vitality, instead of diminishing, amplifies itself and an inner total power state and a complete sexual satisfaction appear
Motion Moments of immobility alternating with slow waves to which the other responds tenderly and greedy, in a harmonious atmosphere
Fear, sometimes unconscious, of unwanted pregnancy. This fear leads to using birth – control pills that cause frustration and hormonal disturbance in time Complete freedom of any restrictions or awkward tensions, making perfectly possible a healthy, exuberant erotic manifestation
Attachment for the other, selfish desire Detachment, desire turned into non – desire. They lead to a feeling of reconciliation with yourself and also to a state of happiness that you feel and give to the other through your gentility and gratitude
The descent of consciousness at the instinctual level of the human being during orgasm The awaking of your hidden mental potential, the sharpening of your lucidity, the amplifying of your concentration power, the intuition of your spirit
Unexpected, unavailing loosing of great quantities of sexual energy leads to a diminished mental and psychical potential and thus the affective feeling is a lot blurred and its intensity is diminished sensibly; plus you feel it somehow harder to think Because of the transmutation and of the total sublimation of lovers’ sexual force into other forms of energy the psycho – mental power is amplified a lot, during the sexual intercourse and a long time after it (2 – 3 days in a row). It determines the awakening of your latent para – psychological capacities (telepathy, premonition, clear-sightedness etc.); an overwhelming state of euphoria appears; your vitality is a lot increased and gets to the diminishing of your need to sleep; your intellectual power is bigger than normally; your thought is full of a creative and extremely lucid fantasy; there’s a special erotic availability without the smallest sign of exhaustion. After 8 – 10 hours of erotic experiences your strength is even more intense than it was at the beginning and your sexual appetite is unlimited and undiminished. The man’s virility and the woman’s femininity are amplified.

Of course that you will say: “OK. I understood the difference between usual orgasm and total successive orgasm without ejaculation but how can I learn to practice sexual continence?” Our answer is: “You will learn to practice sexual continence step by step through our site. We will give you all the information necessary for one to practice sexual continence. All that you have to do is to apply the techniques and to be patient in order to reap the fruits of practising”

12 Effects of Making Love With Continence

The intense, multiple and prolonged orgasm reached without man’s semen emission and also without woman’s explosive orgasm is the most efficient, the cheapest and at the same time the most accessible natural medicine.
Physical love made only with continence by a united and loving couple may naturally protect the human organism from diseases, psychical depressions or from pains. Nowadays some scientists agree that an intense and regular sexual activity, which is made only with continence, among other wonderful effects, may also defend us from stress and at the same time develops our individual creativity, intelligence and the good inner power. The constant experiencing of a multiple and deep orgasm without ejaculation also improves the activity of the immune system. At the same time those who practise sexual continence perseveringly are less anxious, have a greater confidence in their own forces and are much more optimistic.

Here they are 12 advantageous effects which physical lovemaking with sexual continence has upon both the male and the female body:

1. A regular sexual life which is carried on only with continence has as an effect the complete disappearance of stress. Many researchers consider that the appearance of stress is generally related to some disorders such as headaches, stomach-aches, pains in the nape, cardiac problems. Most of the anti-stress therapies are based especially on the relaxation of muscles. Physical love, which is made only with sexual continence, is one of the most relaxing activities for muscles, according to the statements made by specialists in physiology.
Headaches, which are most often caused by stress, will be without doubt forgotten one evening that ends in bed next to your lover states the American specialist in sexology, Dr. Ruth Wistheimer.

2. Prolonged orgasms with no semen emission postpone the effect of the negative emotional states for ever. The difficulties which appear on the emotional and sentimental level are often represented at physical level by pains. The psychosomatic manifestation of the different negative emotions is stronger when one tries to repress them at any price. Many cases of physical pain is gradually alleviated by sexual intercourses had with continence.

3. The orgasm with no semen emission really improves the individual creativity and the intelligence. Right from the oldest ages, poets often felt the need to write about love and happiness. Why didn’t they write poetry that talked about finances? The answer to this question could be that the spontaneous impulse to express our creativity in love could very easily turn into an artistic expression.
Recent research regarding the complex phenomena which take place in the human brain, have showed the fact that, generally, men tend to use the left hemisphere of the brain more, while women use the both hemisphere many times. Surprising is the fact that during the deep orgasm, with no semen emission, it has been ascertained a significant increase of the creativity. Also during profound orgasms both women and men use the both hemispheres of the brain. At the same time it has been ascertained that after 4-5 orgasms with no semen emission in the case of the man and no explosive orgasm in the case of the woman, the intelligence of both lovers is significantly stimulated.

4. Many women realized that if their sexual life is regular, their hair becomes shinier, their skin – bright and cleaner and their general appearance is more pleasant, magnetic and full of charm. This takes place both because of the fact that in their halo will be drawn subtle, positive energies and because the blood diffusion improves, thus irrigating the extremities of the body better. These results show up also because of an increase of the secretion of estrogens in the organism, which is directly related to the period of time during which the sexual intercourse take place, having positive effects upon the woman’s body, strengthening it. For instance, an evening spent actively in your lover’s arms is equal to a full session of gymnastics. The security and self-confidence, which are spontaneously displayed by a woman who is aware of the beauty of her body has the advantage of attracting men in an irresistible manner.

5. The sexuality made with continence is an excellent natural cure for insomnia. Even upon those who suffered from an obstinate insomnia, the sexual activity made with continence has a positive effect. The orgasm with no semen emission has a soporific effect upon those to whom the sadman comes later, balancing the quantity of blood and lymph in the organism. Those who experience such states weekly, know that the worries which cause insomnia don’t seem to be so important any longer, after 7-8 orgasms with no semen emission.

6. The bones of the body become stronger and are regenerated. Indifferent of age, the organism of the women who have at least a sexual intercourse with continence a week, produces a double quantity of estrogens, as compared to the ones less active from this point of view or who don’t practise sexual continence at all. The estrogens helps a lot to the strengthening and regeneration of the bony system and therefore, even young women who have deficiencies in the composition of the bones risk to suffer less from osteoporosis when getting the menopause. Winnifred Culter, a famous American researcher in the field of Biology and at the same time a founder member of the Athena Institute for Woman’s Health has presented an amazing conclusion: “the women who have a reduce quantity of estrogens are not necessarily the unmarried ones, but especially the ones who alternate the periods of sexual satiety with total abstinence” The richer the period of weekly “feast” is in sexual intercourses made with continence, the more favoured the endocrine system will be. A woman who makes love only with continence 2-3 times a week will thus regenerate and harmonize her body.

7. After sexual intercourse done with continence, permanent or occasional pains disappear as if by magic. Sexual intercourses made with continence between two lovers have as effects both the accumulation in the halo of some subtle positive energy that is collected through resonance from the Macrocosmos, and the giving off of some endorphin substances which annihilate the pain in a natural way. Three orgasms without discharge may offer around six hours which will lack any pain in the case of sick persons indifferent if the respective disease is arthritis or an ordinary headache, sustains Judith Sachs, the author of the book “The Beneficial Power of Physical Love”.
An evening spent in your lover’s arms (in the case in which both of them practise sexual continence with success) followed by a good sleep may reduce to zero even the pain in the back and its disappearance may be extended to even the third day. After this soothing happened once, sexual intercourse with continence will always have the effect of a “magic” medicine, without mentioning the fact that for everyone it’s more pleasant to make love than to take medicine.

8. The systematic practice of sexual continence has as natural effect the regulation of women’s menstruation. Experiencing a prolonged orgasm without discharging of the sexual energy makes the menstruation be reduced a lot and makes it appear at precise periods of time. Some researches show that with women who have sexual intercourses with continence every week, generally the menstruation repeats itself every 29 days. Most of the women who make love in ordinary way and more rarely than once a week have irregular cycle. Moreover, those couples that practise sexual continence are safe from an unwanted pregnancy. They can have a baby only when they wish this.

9. The orgasm without discharge makes the size of the breasts increase with those women who practise sexual continence systematically. During the orgasm without discharging of sexual energy it could be noticed that the breasts of the women aren’t “obedient” at all and increase their size with 25%. It also could be proved that at the same time the mammillas increase their diameter with over half of centimetre.

10. The deep orgasm with no semen emission (for the man) and without explosive orgasm (for the woman) makes the senses be sharpened. In the moments when sexual excitation is very deep but it is not followed by semen emission, the human senses start to be amplified because of the sublimation of the erotic energy, and most often they start to “buzz” like a secret force generator. Especially in the first stages the smell improves very much, this happening because a nerve that reaches the zone of the centre of pleasure makes the connection between the nose and the brain. The most stunning smells for us don’t always come from different perfumes or cosmetic products, but from the mysterious, amazingly inciting natural smell of our lover. It is not by accident at all that sometimes you may be attracted by somebody’s intelligence, financial power or beauty, but if beside this, that being’s natural smell gives you headaches, the possible erotic relationship is considered history before beginning. In some secret erotic practices, the aim of the sexual intercourse with sexual continence is to intensely stimulate the senses until a deep state of trance is induced. In certain conditions, the advanced probationers of Tantra Yoga system endlessly prolong the overwhelming euphoria of the preorgastic state, by synchronizing the rhythms of their breathing. Then when they make this synchronization as good as possible, the state of ecstatic wandering which is reached, allows the two to experience the loftiest state of orgasm with no semen emission, and then the lovers truly feel that they are a tiny part of the macrocosmos, and thus they can reach the samadhi (divine ecstasy).

11. The immunity system works much better in the case of those who love and practise sexual continence. The constant sexual intercourse carried out only with continence significantly stimulates the functioning of the immunity system.
A research made at Pittsburgh University from USA, over women who suffer from breast cancer, has showed that the body of the patients who had a normal sexual life, contained more cells of T type which fight against the infection from the human body, as compared to the women who had unfulfilled sexual contacts or to whom these didn’t exist. This means that the erotic pleasures in the case of sexual continence, could protect us from catching a cold or a flu.

12. Lovemaking with continence makes us be more self-confident. Without doubt a constant sexual activity with continence provides great physical pleasure, but have you ever thought how delighted with yourself you will be after 80-90 successes in this kind of lovemaking? Few other activities have such a positive effect upon your development as human being. Through the profound empathic feeling of the subtle boiling energy that comes from the lover, we dive in ecstasies in the God Eros’ ocean.

Principles of Sexual Continence, Part 1



The “multiple male orgasm expression might still be a utopia for many persons because they do not know enough about the profound resorts of sexuality and its significance to the human being.

Love is an art. It is something that you do and learn and often you do not give enough importance to learning, cultivating and fulfilling your being through this amazing gift of existence. Though modern sex specialists’ research have shown many times the deep truth of the Eastern

secret principles of eroticism, they are still not known enough and a lot less applied.

For the Taoist masters, as well as for the Eastern sages, making love is a sublime act that belongs to the natural course of life. It is more than just a physical union. It’s also a multidimensional communion that engages the entire being of the two lovers, generating amazing transformation on the conscience level.

The couple is placed in the centre of the Universe: the man and the woman are transfigured because of the two creative forces of manifestation YANG (+, male, solar, emissive) and YIN (-, female, lunar, receptive). Sexual intercourse is perfectly controlled, extremely pleasant and intense. They generate health, longevity and spiritual force.

Taoism is known in the West especially as an ancient philosophical system. But it was and it is more than that. It wasn’t only a theory, but it was a practice. It offered people principles and ideas and also techniques and proceedings of transformation and spiritual growth. Then they converted them into a philosophy of life where life is fully and completely consciously experienced.

The fundamental idea of Taoist philosophy is that the energy penetrates everything and it is the source of LIFE. In the universal organization of things and phenomena the human being is a tiny creature, almost insignificant and vulnerable, which cannot hope for a harmonious or happy life unless the human experiences fully the equilibrium with this subtle macrocosmic source of LIFE and POWER.

TAO is the infinite energy of nature. The one who wants to practice TAO needs to be really relaxed, open and natural in order to get in perfect resonance with this infinite energy. The mysterious science of Taoist eroticism has been structured on this simple, prudent, economical philosophy, full of force.

In order to amplify endlessly the erotic disposal of those who love each other there are some precise methods of ruling the sexual energy through sexual continence. This means mainly retaining the sperm inside the man’s body without eliminating it through ejaculation or nightly pollution. For a woman it implies the lack of specific explosive discharge during orgasm and reduction of menstrual secretion.

There are three essential principles, fruit of the experience built in million of years. They help us see the difference between the Taoist eroticism and all the other sexual theories:

1. The man has to suppress completely his tendency or desire to ejaculate, experiencing in frenzy the passion and erotic pleasure, but he is not dominated by it.

2. Ejaculation is exhausting and it isn’t, in any case, the man’s erotic ecstasy, being assimilated with a great loss of sexual potential, of subtle energy and of vital fluids, which sooner or later, lead to depression and exhaustion.

3. Female multiple, ample, cervix-uterus orgasm is extremely important too.

These principles find themselves in all modern sexual works (for example, the “five signs” that reveal the female orgasm, the way they are described in an ancient Taoist work are the same with the study of sex specialist A.C. Kinsey in “Sexual Behaviour of the Human Female”).

Principles of Sexual Continence, Part 2



Now, let’s treat together “The Three Principles of Taoist Love” at greater length:
1. The man has to completely suppress his tendency or desire to ejaculate, experiencing in frenzy the passion and erotic pleasure, but not letting himself be dominated by it.
As far as ejaculation control is concerned, ancient Taoist works recommend frequent interruptions during the sexual intercourse in order to prolong the duration of coitus indefinitely. It allows the woman to experience and to control her orgasm, and her lover to learn gradually how to control his ejaculation, even to suppress it.

According to Taoist philosophy the man represents the YANG force (+) and he has got all the male attributes. This principle is a lot more “volatile”, “fast” and “active” than the female principle, which represents the YIN (-) force.

Comparing man’s sexual vigour with the one of the woman, ancient works often use the fire and water metaphor: the fire is YANG predominant and, although it is usually fast and strong, it is often conquered by the water, which is YIN predominant.

Nowadays, in the West also, ejaculation control is a very important element of sexual intercourse. The most amazing conclusion of the modern sex specialists, Masters and Johnson, is that the man doesn’t need to ejaculate at all when he is making love, except for the moment when he wants to have babies. This is extremely important for men, especially when they are over 50.

So the Taoist masters say that, “The man needs to take his ability to delay indefinitely his ejaculation to the level of art, until his lover has got to a number of orgasms that is great enough for her. He mustn’t leave his seed (sperm) to waste foolishly through ejaculation.”

There is, in fact, a direct relationship between the sexual potential that exists in the body and the inner force of a human. All humans that have a special inner force have also a powerful sexual potential.

The phenomenon is known for a long time and it have been applied for many times in great secret by some kings and leaders who wanted to get power and glory by a strong influence over their servants. Many wise leaders have understood this power of sexuality as a valuable mystery that brings harmony and power in their lives.

2. Ejaculation is exhausting and it isn’t, in any case, the man’s erotic ecstasy, being assimilated with a great loss of sexual potential, of subtle energy and of vital fluids, which sooner or later, lead to depression and exhaustion.

Taoists show us that the male orgasm and ejaculation is not the same thing. Only the unfortunate ignorance makes us believe that ejaculation is the most important point of man’s pleasure.

After ejaculation the man is tired, sleepy, his ears tingle and his eyes feel heavy. There is an acute sensation of thirst and his members become rigid. During ejaculation he experiences a short, intense but incomplete state of happiness. Afterwards there are many days of exhaustion.

If, on the contrary, the man reduces his ejaculation to the minimum and becomes able to control it, then his body becomes stronger, his mind refreshed and his senses a lot more penetrating.

The scientific world proved the theory of biological transmutation of matter even in the human body (French scientist LOUIS KERVRAN has researched biological transmutation since 1959).

Biological transmutation is the process through which a live organism, in certain conditions, activates nuclear reactions that lead to the transformation of a chemical element in another chemical element. Biological transmutation releases slowly significant quantities of energy.

Sperm, in men’s case and sexual fluids in women’s case, can be transformed into energy. This takes place inside the body. So this energy is huge and it remains in our body on different levels, giving us multiple advantages.

3. Female multiple, ample, cervix-uterus orgasm is extremely important too.
All the things presented above are perfectly valid for women, too. The woman has to control the explosive sexual discharge that makes her tired, exhausted and led to losing her sexual potential substantially. Otherwise, she loses her erotic availability.

The practice has shown us that if a woman practices love in a controlled manner (through sexual continence), she becomes more attractive and her beauty and shine lasts incredibly longer.

This way there is the famous example of RAQUEL WELCH, who has practiced sexual continence in couple for a long time and has admitted that great part of her charm and her power of living her life harmoniously are due to these practices.

These three principles are the basis of the eroticism science at ancient Chinese people. Taoists think that completes sexual harmony lead the couple automatically to subtle, harmonious communion with the infinite nature’s beneficial energies.

Thus it opens unthinkable possibilities of access to the invisible, superior levels of existence. The communion between man and woman forms thus a blissful miniature WHOLE, which is in analogy with the MACROCOSMIC WHOLE or THE DIVINE SPIRIT.

Here is a significant passage of the Taoist erotic wisdom as a dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and SU NU, his famous sexual counsellor:

The Yellow Emperor: “My heart is sad, I have no mood and I miss harmony and peace. What should I do?”

SU NU:“Any weakness of a man should be attributed to his wrong way of feeling and of making love. The woman is a lot tougher than the man because of the way she is built and of her sex, just like the water is stronger than the fire is. The ones, who know how to make love without loosing control over their sexual potential, are like two cooks who know how to mix all the five aromas and make a delicious meal. The ones who know the YIN (-) and YANG (+) art in love can mix all the five pleasures into a blissful celestial beauty. The ones who ignore this art will die exhausted, locked into prejudices, without having to know the real value of endless love.”

Reasons to Make Love with Continence, 1



The amorous pleasure doesn’t reduce itself to a mere pleasant but very short sensation. It can be much more and this could happen only by understanding and constantly making love with sexual continence.

Implying a sexual intercourse with no semen emission, but reaching an unlimited number of orgasm s by the two lovers (at the same time or separately), sexual continence is based on a full and conscious control of the sexual function by the man and the woman. Therefore this way of experiencing the intercourse does not end up with the man’s semen emission or with an explosive discharge of the woman’s sexual energy. The woman loses her sexual energy during an explosive orgasm as same as man during an ejaculatory orgasm. So, even the women have to practice sexual continence for reaching more elevated type of orgasms.
As a superior form of erotism, sexual continence makes possible the biological turning of the sexual creative potential into superior forms of energy like mental and spiritual energy, through stimulating some ineffable processes of inner sublimation.
By successfully carrying out the sexual continence by the two, as a couple, the amorous experience gets plenary while the sensation of being exhausted and sleepy (which accompanies the man’s semen emission and the woman’s explosive orgasm) disappears; in time the woman can reach the orgasm every time she wishes to and the couple harmony and happiness grow. According to the Eastern view, this way of constantly making love with sexual continence turns into a gradual progressive dilatation of the human being’s subtle bodies that causes ecstasy.

1. It harmonizes the structure of the body naturally and quickly
An intercourse experienced with continence is not only extraordinarily pleasant but moreover, it is equivalent to one hour of playing tennis or to 45 minutes of jogging. Besides the anti-stress molecules (endorphins), which are produced by secretion through sexual prolonged pleasure, these molecules may alleviate the bulimic attack as if by magic. Thus one may give up jogging or the monotonous antifatness treatment in favour of the frenetic love games with sexual continence.

2. It regenerates the blood
From 15 breathing motions per minute, at rest, during the intercourse with continence, due to excitation, one can attain 30 breathing motions. Therefore both the male body and the female one are better irrigated, better oxygenated. Thus almost all the residua of dioxide carbon are quickly burnt and the blood is regenerated naturally.

3. It naturally and quickly stimulates digestion
According to some researches, the saliva which is spontaneously exchanged between the two lovers during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence facilitates digestion and has good and deep effects upon the strengthening of the immunity system.

4. It regulates the menstruation naturally and diminishes it very much reducing it up to one or two days
A reduced disorganised sexual life without sexual continence is often translated (for a woman) into an irregular, long-lasting (6-7 days) menstruation which appears to be or in a great quantity or even painful. On the contrary, the sexual intercourse always experienced with continence supports among others the hormonal equilibrium and it implicitly regulates the menstruation naturally. On the other hand, specialized investigations showed that the women who have tens of multiple and prolonged orgasms, without discharging of sexual energy produce a great quantity of endorphins by secretion and have a short-lasting, regular and painless menstruation. In the case of those women who have been practising this kind of love for a long time, the menstruation is stopped for 3-4 months consecutively and the respective women feel wonderful and they are full of energy.

5. In the case of women sexual continence leads to a natural growing of the breasts
Due to intense excitation and the growing of the sanguine flow, breasts may naturally increase their volume up to 25% during a sexual intercourse experienced with sexual continence. It has been proved that the breasts become more sensitive to sensuous caresses, which easily produces the woman delicious sensations.

6. It accelerates the intestinal transit
The deep and extensive contraction of the abdominal muscles, which takes place during the intercourse experienced with sexual continence, produces a complex and natural abdominal massage, which among others stimulates the intestinal transit.

7. It naturally tones up the abdominal muscles
Making love only with sexual continence, intensely and often for a long time, the abdominal muscles are pleasantly and naturally stimulated. The stimulator is the diaphragm. Placed between the abdominal belt and lungs, this important muscle contracts rhythmically and harmoniously due to the breath acceleration and thus it stimulates the abdominal muscles.

8. The sleep is improved and the hours which are earmarked for sleeping decrease naturally
It is known that, generally, the prolonged pleasure is an excellent sedative for the man. But it acts almost as for the woman. These extraordinary, tranquillising, calming effects are produced by endorphins.

9. It diminishes and in time it dissolves anxiety
Making love only with continence quickly endows us with qualities among which we should remember: the lack of stress, deep relaxation, high spirits, euphoria, and the sense of humour. At the origin of these effects there is the same massive secretion of the endorphins, which appears in the moment of the orgasms with no semen emission in the man’s case and with no discharge of sexual energy in the woman’s case. At the same time implying a physical activity, the experience of making love with sexual continence frenetically allows others the quick elimination of the muscular, nervous and psychic tensions.

10. It naturally stimulates the circulation of the blood
During the sexual excitation, the sanguine flow significantly grows both in the erogenous zones and in the whole body. Then the arteries relax easily. Also, the intense pleasure which is produced makes them gradually dilate, thus stimulating a good condition and immense happiness.

Meditation and Lovemaking, Part 2


The ordinary, common vision of life, as we were accustomed to embrace comprises a broad range of discursive attitudes we might consider “normal.” However, the Tantric eroticism proves that this kind of “inner discourse” has to be reduced at least to the level where it does not prevent, distort nor inhibit the emotional intimacy between the two lovers, as well as the access to the mystical experiences.

Nevertheless, it is a fact of common knowledge that verbal communication and even language can spring from a non-discursive state of mind. The acts of speech, listening, reading and writing, even the soliloquy can be spontaneous, in which case they do not cause any interference or disturbance to the proper experience.

The JNANA YOGA System, a cognitive form of meditation, which is the origin of the Zen System, introduces us to a method of spontaneous, natural use of language that we get into without a precise definite aim. For example, if we listen someone who’s talking, we will understand clearer what he/she tells us if we don’t use our discursive way of thinking, analyzing and labeling after each sentence we hear.

Owing to this silent attitude of the mind, called RESERVATUS MENTIS, the perceptions are highly accurate, and one may get to sense even the most insignificant trifles. In order to achieve this mental state, Yogis concentrate on different areas of the body, on certain mantric sounds, or perform different positions according to the specific path they follow (HATHA YOGA, LAYA YOGA, JNANA YOGA, KUNDALINI YOGA etc.).

The role of these exercises they practice is to calm and relax their mind. These exercises are also useful for tensed, stressed out people whose work implies the excessive use of the discursive, logical aspect of their minds, that is there occurs an overuse of the left part of the brain.
However, if we get to think about these exercises, we will soon find out that them may easily appear sort of boring compared to the joy, passion, effervescence and intensity of the erotic game.

And what wouldn’t be boring compared to that? This is the most beautiful and transfiguring part of life. Eroticism has often proved to be the quickest, easiest and most natural way to reach mystical experiences and great spiritual achievements by people aware of what they do and of what they want.

Mystical experiences occur because of a spontaneous and complete absorption of the consciousness and focus on each moment of the erotic fusion, casting away thoughts regarding future goals, sexual compatibility, or any other subjects which may come to your mind. Deliberate abandon in the erotic experience has as a direct effect mental stillness and the intense experience of the Yoga state.

Eastern traditions are very clear when they say that a complete experience of one or even several sensations induces a state of mental relaxation, state in which both lovers may easily perceive the blissful state of pure love.

Often this truth can be translated in different ways. Like Henri Maspero said, “For Taoists the place of the wisdom and the spirit is the heart and not the brain.” Symbolically, the brain is the organ of language, theories and faith, and its use is obvious and beyond question, but at the same time, it does not have the qualities of the heart which is the organ of intuition and direct perception.

The Taoists knew then, as we know now, that this distinction does not actually refer to the actual brain and heart, the organs, so to speak, but to two different ways of “thinking”, conceiving and acting.

The main feature of the Tantric approach to life and experience is, according to Eliade, the anti-ascetic and anti- speculative attitude, the full implication of senses without analyzing and labeling our feelings. This does not mean, however, that if we are to practice a Tantric exercise, or engage in a Tantric act of love, we will not know what we feel. Quite the opposite! Tantra has been called “the one who sets us free from Maya” and it is rightfully so!

In this case, Maya is the illusion and the magic of words, language, concepts and speculations. Generally there is confusion between reality and the way it is described, between an area and its map, between food and menu etc. The menu has its value, but still it is not nourishing.

When we make love, when we stop thinking, there is always something very interesting: we are capable to perfectly concentrate on the present and on what is going on. This is when the past and the future do not interfere with us any more and yet they are apart of each other, in a superior way, like two drops of rain that come together in an unique, transparent drop.

The same way, the two lovers experience the ecstasy and there is union, a real communication issue, not symbolic or incomplete, but capable of going further to the superior fusion with the ultimate reality, to the state of Yoga.